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The ny times, of all things, had this recent quite revealing story about who’s getting murdered, and who isn’t, in a city, Chicago, with a prominent left-wing mayor and an activist left-wing prosecutor, stating: "35 people were killed in mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde and Tulsa over the past few weeks, focusing national attention on America’s unique gun problem. In that same time, around 1,800 people were killed and almost 500 wounded in nearly 1,600 other shootings in the U.S., including at a Los Angeles warehouse party over the weekend. Mass shootings account for less than 4% of gun homicides in a typical year..."

the left-wing media has covered — and covered and covered — the mass shootings in recent weeks as if they were the country’s bloodiest problem. THEY ARE NOT!  Even the left-wing NYT is telling us this in direct language" Chicago, where shootings are a daily occurrence in some areas...typical gun violence murder rate for Black people is higher than it was from the 1980s through the 1990s — a violent period that drove a nationwide push for mass incarceration...Black Chicagoans are nearly 40 times more likely to be shot to death than their white peers, according to an analysis by the University of Chicago Crime Lab."

LOL, "mass incareration" is what the left-wing describes, after a 3-decade long crime spree, in which the murder rate approximately doubled, law enforcement got serious, as any sane country would. And although incarceration certainly increased over the 20 years starting in the early Nineties — as it needed to — at no point has the US been the prison camp implied by the corrosive and intentionally deceitful phrase, “mass incarceration.” In fact, only 1 in every 200 people in this country, or one-half of one percent of the population, is in prison. 0.5% isn’t “mass” anything!

The reality the ny times depicted is a disgrace and a scandal. If Alabama or South Carolina or some other “Trump” jurisdiction had a murder rate of black people 40 times what it is for whites, do you think that might get, say, at least a smidgen of the anguished publicity the left-wing media gave the recent mass shootings, grotesque as they were? Do you think merrick garland might be able find his way to the microphone? Or joe biden?

Still, the gross imbalance in the left-wing's well-hyped outrage, revealing as it is, is not the main problem. The main problem is murder, and specifically the out-of-control murder of black people. Although the problem is particularly awful in Chicago, it exists to a lesser but still appalling extent in the country as a whole. Overall in the US, blacks are 12.5% of the population but 53% of the murder victims.

So if we thought — to pick a phrase out of the air, oh, say,— that black lives matter, what would we do?  We wouldn’t knock down statues or re-name streets or hold long-faced academic symposia lying about 1619. We would reduce the murder rate. We would do what we know works to accomplish this: (1) hire more police rather than defund them,
(2) do more aggressive policing rather than less,
(3) focus on the specific neighborhoods where crime is concentrated, and
(4) lengthen prison sentences for those convicted of violent crime before rather than after it escalates into murder.

Those are exactly the 4 steps to save black lives that the left-wing and their misnamed “criminal justice reform” movement have spent years furiously opposing, on the grounds that — ready now? — they’re racist. In fact, as the title of this entry implies, the Klan was never as effective as the left-wing has been, and continues to be, at putting black lives at risk. Chicago is the worst of it but, tragically, only the tip of the liberals/democrats’ bloody iceberg.

"Whiteness is terrorism. All self-identified white people no exceptions are invested in and collude with systemic White racism."-- Johnny E. Williams, racist prof @Trinity College

"The view that it is appropriate for the government to play racial favorites has proved to be toxic. It is based on the premise that all groups are equal in ways that shape economic, social, and political outcomes.. and that therefore all differences in group outcomes are artificial and indefensible. That premise is factually wrong...races have significant group differences...for example in cognitive ability, crime.... Allegations of systemic racism cannot be assessed without dealing with the reality of group differences.”-- Charles Murray

“Blacks' success in a post-civil-rights America was a question of initiative and responsibility…individual self-awareness is not so much the irremediable fact of one’s racial heritage as what one makes of it; of the insights into the human condition it provides or the maturity and amplification it offers one’s talent. By striving to come into conscious possession of as much of the world’s culture as one has the energy, intellect, and talent to command. America is neither a story of straightforward progress nor narrative or power and victimization. It is a drama that moves slowly and crookedly toward the fulfillment of the democratic faith.”--Ralph Ellison

It is crucial to distinguish between individual and systemic racism because they call for vastly different responses. Wilfred Riley, among others, have cited studies casting considerable doubt on the assumption that America is systemically racist. Systemic narratives and their so-called solutions and the sense of victimhood they foster, distract from the personal choices and actions that would improve individual lives. In particular, hard work, education, and refraining from irresponsible and anti-family practices.

The term segregation implies enforced legal separation of people rather than a voluntary choice. Enforced separation has been illegal in the US since 1968. It is prejudicial and a lie to act as if actual segregation still exists. It is prejudicial and a lie to insist that the abstraction of systemic racism is favored over the actions of individuals, and correlation and cause are the same.

How does segregation, a system that ended 70 years ago, let alone slavery, a system that ended 160 years ago, affect Black people today, especially as some important things, like the dramatic decrease in the proportion of black kids born into two parent families since 1950? It is simply wrong to assume that any-and-all black/white disparity is evidence of systemic racism!

Concerns about the grave negative consequences of current woke efforts, which flow from the dubious assumption that racism is systemic in America, should not be ignored, silenced or arrogantly and ignorantly demonized. Don’t tell us how you feel, who cares. What’s important is when a conclusion is reached, what is the evidence and what stages of reasoning led to that conclusion.

It has been cogently argued and extensively documented that the primary underlying factor in racial disparities regarding social outcomes is not white on black racism, nor the system of white supremacy. Instead, it is the increasing breakdown of the black family which is closely correlated with a high rate of crime among blacks, the primary victims of which are other blacks. The breakdown has been grievously exacerbated by the very welfare programs presumably designed to help disadvantage blacks. It’s a liberal lie of systemic racism continues.

To believe in systemic racism is to treat minorities like a badly maintained herd of domestic animals, rather than a community of responsible, behaving individuals. Systemic racism is flawed opinion dressed up as science. Its facts are fragmentary, uncertain, and in many cases ambiguous at best.

“The oppression of black people is over with… We blacks, today, are a free people.”—Shelby Steele

“The truth is that the only systemic racism that exist today is in the form of affirmative action measures favoring blacks, among other presumably disadvantage groups.”— Michelle Marder Kamhi

“What shall we do with the Negro? I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us. You are doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us!... And if the Negro can’t stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”— Frederick Douglass

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