The "Party of No"

I was told that we can't be the "Party of NO."

So, I guess the alternative is we the Republicans should be the Party of "Sure, go ahead."

Democrats: "We're going to increase our national debt to $25 Trillion."

Us: "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We're going to expand the welfare state until we obtain a permanent majority through government dependency"
Us: "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We are going to assume law making powers in the executive branch, making Congress irrelevant."

Us" "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We're going to double down on Obamacare, change the law as we go so it best suits us, lie about it and then hand your family the bill."

Us: "Sure, go ahead."

Them: "We're going to grant amnesty and citizenship to 20 million illegal aliens, get them on the government dole so they always vote Democrat"

Us: "Sure, go ahead.

This is the bipartisanship we need in Washington? How do you feel?

Do you want a true opposition party? Do you want someone in Washington to fight the Liberal agenda?

Or, do you want us to go along to get along and always be too fearful to take a strong stand?
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  • James Frankin , did you happen to read this ?

  • La Raza and, MB already control you.  The dems are basking in their tequila and while wearing a burkha. Ah the genious of foreign intervention.  Not one American citizen who doe's not understand this blitzkrieg.  Who is leading all party's and why.  The body politic is more corrupt than ever before.  The purse strings are controlled by the global community.  The flushing of the American toilet is complete.  The internment camps are ready. 

  • I would like you to think of POTUS job aspects he was good in before he was chosen to be elected to the toughest and most powerful job in the world our POTUS!   Was he innovate, a good worker, on time and always a team player, honest, has moral integrity, has always a good attitude about his work, did he work well with his supervisor, does he understand the customers of the manufacturer is the ones you must please with the products  did he compliment co-workers, and build esprit-de-cour where he worked at?  Did he do these things that all of the rest of us learned to do early in life so we could get the support of our companies so we could move up in job and life or was he just handed all of this, plus a cloak or new identity by George Soras and alas Barack Obama was invented as a brand new person with no way we can check his record, his grades or anything else about him!

  • Perhaps it's time, like at other times in American history, that the parties in power become one and the same and need to either be abolished or challenged by a viable 3rd party and the Tea Party, in uniting Libertarians, patriots, veterans and others interested in America being that once great nation were and can still be, but we need to change the parameters under which our government operates and to assume the status quo will handle it is like believing that Obama has a clue about running a government; he still is in the punish white America mode under the guse of lawlessness, handled to him on a silver platter by that charlatan Eric Holder,  you know, the black guy who looks a hell of a lot more Caucasian, but with a great tan.  The only way to force Washington politicians to reign in an over-reaching federal government is to replace existing politicians found wanting and to replace them with fiscal conservatives.  Welfare needs reform as does our immigration policies, but under NO circumstances do we grant amnesty.  They want to be here?  Make them follow the same route of our ancestors to legal citizenship.  American needs to pay for its sins in that we need to take a great deal of pain for three to four years in bringing the debt down, just like Canada did many years back.  She cleaned up her act and they are once again a solvent nation.  We need to stop abandoning our allies and throwing them under the bus for political expediency, or in other words, tell Kerry to back the fuck on Israel and stop bending over backwards to appease the Arabs. Israel is a solid ally, so quit undermining their security to appease the Muslim occupying the people's house.  We all need to focus on winning the senate and solidifying our hold in the House.  Obama becomes a lame duck; and if he chooses to make end runs around Congress, impeach him, arrest him and try him for treason. In order for we the people to regain control politically through the electorate, we have to win at all costs, meaning we counter what the liberals do with the same tactics, except we try to use truth over their propaganda.

  • We aren't the party of "No".  We are the party of "KNOW". The problem has always been not being able to COMMUNICATE WHAT WE KNOW! Idiots like Boehner play the game of subterfuge in politics SO WELL, I think they lose sight of the original goal - the Prime Directive of Government being to SECURE OUR RIGHTS.  If they framed ALL of their political arguments in that context, it would shine the light of truth on everything they do and inform them naturally what the correct path should be.

  • Yikes, No WAY, they Obama is STEALING Trillions from All of us and he is in bed with our ENEMY the Muslim Brotherhood!! Obama Pockets a lot of their and OUR money for his VACATIONS and other WASTE of Money!!

    In Fact Obama-Care is Obama-SCAM!!

  • I just thank God that the Democrats don't still control Both Houses of Congress, and we can still say Heck No!

  • Democrats are the party of lets make America a Godless, muslim, immoral socialist nation. Then the muslims can kill all that will not adhere to their religious leanings.

  • We'll said. I hope the rhinos read this. But screwing the people seems to be one of their core "values".

    Corruption? You bet!
  • What is bothering is if you question a policy you're a racist. A true Obama believer unquestionly accepts proclamations as gospel. In their mind , YOU must obey..... 

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