The Redefining of Domestic Terrorism & Terrorists

Approximately a week ago I caught this blip on Fox News, don't know if anyone else did. Apparently our president is worried that people who disagree or say things about him or the government might be latent terrorists. This mindset to say the least is paranoid & at worst very dangerous to our freedoms & liberties. He has asked the DOJ to start looking into places where they might find people who take exception to his policies or might not like him. Redefinition such as this would restrict or totally eliminate free speech, not only for the average citizen, but also political opponents & news outlets. Janet Napolitano said they would have to start looking into possibly broadening the definitions of what might constitute domestic terrorism & where to look for it. Implying that the redefinition could be pretty broad. Knowing our preident's penchant for end runs around the congress, total disregard for the constitution, gotta pass it now & totally transparent government ( add sarcastic tone to the last ) you can bet that this is a bill probably in the making as I write. For sure if it is, it won't sit on Sen. Reid's desk because he has already stated he doesn't understand how any politician would want to give up the power they have. Anyway it would bypass the congress because it would be a NOW bill & once it was passed we would get the big surprise of finding out what's in it. ( More sarcasm, coming right up ) That's how all legislation should be passed. I don't know if Fox News or anyone else is following this up, but I hope it's not off the radar. If anyone else might have caught this little nugget I'd be interested in knowing, especially if it came from another source. It's a shame we have a president & other government officials that hold their country & citizens in such contempt.    

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  • Now the Defense Budget of 2013 increase to cybersecurity is explained. Congress might normally not pass such a bill, but the internet social outrage over SOPA and PIPA showed to Congress they need to take absolute control of the internet social media to let them pass whatever bill they want for give. Like to allow them to collect their paycheck from MPAA  after passing SOPA or a different SOPA type bill.

    I think Obama planned to do something like that later, but the slamming the SOPA\PIPA got over the internet perfectly set it up to pass it now, since most likely many congress members are upset about the US people getting the the way of legistration they think is entirely their own plaything.

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