What's on the video is just another prime reason we need to get an amendment passed, specifically worded to prevent the Government from making or enforcing gun/weapons laws without a 3/4 vote of approval from legal American Citizens. Otherwise this will be constantly batted back and forth, and American Freedoms will be lost;

Moms Demand Action search history of gun laws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7vUueGMnwE 


A simply worded Amendment like this; "The Government is specifically forbidden from enacting or enforcing any law, rule or regulation, including enforcing those already on the books, without a 3/4 vote of approval for each individual Law, Rule or Regulation, by American Citizens who can legally vote in Federal Elections."


The quickest and safest way to do that is to order the State Legislatures to petition Congress for an Article-V Amendment Proposal Convention as allowed in the U.S. Constitution. Every safeguard is in place for a States convention that is in place for a Congress called convention. It would not be like some of the detractors say a "Constitutional Convention" like the one which gave us our Constitution. It could nor open the main body of the Constitution and change anything in it's wording or content. There are other persons who want to have a "Convention of States", some believe if 38 states presented an amendment to Congress it would automatically become law. That is not true. If 38 States delivered an amendment to Congress then Congress would be legally required to pass it on to all 50 States for Ratification. Congress could also change the wording of the delivered amendment proposal because when the 34 States petition Congress for a Convention under Article-V, Congress must call it and step back to allow the States to propose amendments without any input from Congress on the final proposals.

Nowhere in the Constitution is there a reference to a convention of states. Only the format for the Article-V exists.


The Tradesman 

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