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One common denominator that explains why previously successful societies implode is their descent into fantasies, lies if you will. Such a collective denial prevents even discussion of existential threats and their solutions.

Something like that is happening in the United States. Eight million illegal immigrants have entered the United States by the deliberate erasure of the southern border. Apparently, biden sees some unstated advantage in destroying U.S. immigration law and welcoming in would-be new constituents. Yet, the more the millions arrive, the more biden and his Homeland Security director mayorkas flat out lie that “the border is secure.” And the more the Americans are lied to that the border is secure, the more they poll — currently 77% — that it is not.

Biden praises this 3-year effort to borrow $6-7 trillion, and spike interest rates threefold to 7% on home mortgages — even as prices on essentials like food and fuel have spiked 25-30% since he entered office. In terms of total returns, this is the biggest bond market rout in 150 years. Last year was in fact US bond investors’ worst year since 1871, with a total return of minus 15.7%, even worse than the annus horribilis of 2009. For 2023, the year-to-date return has been almost minus 10%; annualized, that’s minus 17.3% — even worse than 2022. We are looking at bond investors’ two worst years in a century and a half. The more that biden brags about what he did to the economy, the more people poll — over 60% — dissatisfaction with his alternate reality of “bidenomics.”

Remember August 2021 in Afghanistan? The more retired Gen. Mark Milley, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Biden assured that the American military presence was stable, the more swiftly it crumbled and descended into the worst mass flight of an American army since Vietnam.

Consider natural gas and oil, biden waged war on both by canceling pipelines, drilling on federal lands, and entire oil fields. When the price soared and the 2022 midterms neared, biden suddenly begged formerly shunned illiberal regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela to pump all the hated oil they could to lower the price. A desperate biden drained much of the strategic petroleum reserve — he has yet to refill it — simply to lower the price of gasoline and thus win voters back to the left-wing/democratic Party. When the midterms passed, biden resumed his attack on once bad, then good, and now bad again fossil fuels — at least until the 2024 election.

Stranger still is the denial of the current crime wave in our major cities. Predators and thugs have turned once iconic downtowns into either war zones or ghost towns or both. Smash-and-grab swarming of stores and matter-of-fact shoplifting are destroying commerce in our major cities. Stores either leave or shut down. Communities who vote for politicians who defund the police blame the stores for leaving — but not the criminals whose brazen thefts made it impossible to do business in the inner city. Now modern-day pirates with impunity storm, sink, and rob boats of all kinds in Oakland. leftwing/democrats, who all supported defunding the police, now cannot escape the resulting street violence and unleashed murderous predations.

Everyone knows the culprit is the biden regime's complicity — to defund the police, end cash bail, institutionalize catch-and-release of criminals, and show more sympathy toward victimizers than victims. Yet neither state nor local officials nor biden himself even admits to a crime wave. The more the public is attacked and avoids major downtowns, the more it polls furor over the crime wave. The more liberals/democrats in gaslighting style, claim such alarm is all in our collective heads, the more they themselves are attacked by the very criminals their policies empowered.

Sometimes the lies extend to the trivial. Sen. fetterman, unable to cognitively function, for months had dressed like an utter slob while on the Senate floor. As a gesture of approval, libs/dems junked the dress code so he could wear his sloppy cut-offs and hoodie. Americans were to assume his slovenly costume was normal apparel — and they were hypercritical for thinking otherwise.

left-wing/dem Rep. jamaal bowman pulled a Senate fire alarm to disrupt and delay a vote on continuing the funding of the government. But he got caught on a Capitol surveillance video committing the crime. bowman whined that he got confused. He preposterously claimed by pulling the alarm he thought he was opening a door to go vote. All of that was a lie. The alarm was clearly marked. A sign in front of the door warned not to enter. And the door itself was placarded with cautions that any attempt to open it would set off emergency alarms. bowman assumed by calling his critics nazis and using the race card, he could invent a virtual reality.

People who have never seemed to notice crime and immigration are suddenly noticing crime and immigration. Grocery prices are through the roof, same with gas. liberals’ next Big Idea is to ban gas stoves — after the huge success of their demand that we ban gas cars! To make blindingly clear how crazy they are, left-wing democrats absolutely will not stop pushing transgenders. Republicans ought to be looking at a 1984 landslide. But if it’s Trump, the idiots who don't think will claim because of his mean tweets, and those addicted to liberal ideology won't vote to save our country and for sane political leaders. Despite the left-wing/democrats' epidemic of lies, there remains reality. And we will soon rediscover it all too soon.

"Should the people of America once become capable of that deep simulation towards one another, and towards foreign nations, which assumes the language of justice and moderation while it is practising iniquity and extravagance, and displays in the most captivating manner the charming pictures of candor, frankness, and sincerity, while it is rioting in rapine and insolence, this country will be the most miserable habitation in the world; because we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."--John Adams

There are those who believe in moral relativism, as well as cultural relativism. This is a rather untoward notion that any culture is a good culture simply because it’s a different culture. No culture can be any better than any other culture, therefore any culture that oppressed or usurped culture is a bad one. Any culture that insists it is a better one is the very devil itself. Hence America is a wicked and evil place, because it is a “colonizing” culture, insisting the way we live is better. Which it is, hence millions of people still try to get here every year. Moreover, the notion that one culture cannot be greater than another culture is also ridiculous, and one in which they do not believe anyway. How many times have people from the left criticized a culture of traditionalism rising on the right? A return to a culture that is more traditional where the Wife is a homemaker. Yet to them, this is an oppressive culture that is bad, or the leftist-atheists are often seen criticizing Christianity. A culture with which they disagree, some atheists believe that those who must believe in a God suffer some form of Mental handicap. This is of course another example of asserting that one style of living (a.k.a. a culture) is better than another.

There is the ridiculous notion of the 1619 project preaching false history, that America was rooted in racism. There is the false notion that the colonists in America would wantonly murder the Native Americans. A false notion that we were oppressive with enforcing our cultures and traditions onto the natives. I do not deny that there was some abuse, however, the degree can be debated. There can also be a debate on the exchange of abuses, the Natives by no means, were innocent of bloodshed.

The delusion of the modern culture is one of wanton ignorance, a refusal to assess and reflect. They have a false belief that America is not what she says she is, but rather that it is a dystopic land rooted in evil and false beliefs. I call it a delusion because not only is this false, but the founders were very clear about what the revolution was about and what values would be instilled in this country. Moreover, it is a psychotic belief, meaning that it is uprooted from reality, they are entrenched in this belief to the forsaking and negation of the real. Thereby making their beliefs about this country, about America, a delusion

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