They Fear Us.

In the wild an animal may attack because of fear. Fear of hunger, fear of losing their young, even fear of losing status in a pack. I noticed the libs attack Christians, Patriots, Gun Ownwers, veterans, and Sarah Palin. What else could it be but fear? Any one of those types of catagories, a short time ago used to be admiable traits. Now Christians are at the top of the terrorist list. I have yet to see a Christian threaten anyone.

   In the case of Pailin, she has left no one dying and has not refused to help anyone. She does not lie or hide the truth. She is intelligent with a mind that is nimble. I could never imagine her saying "What does it matter?" when questioned about the Benghazi heros and their deaths. The libs fear her. She is a Christian  with morals. Now if you were not, I suppose you would also fear her. If you were going to run for president you would fear her.

   In the case of Obama it is more than fear. It is an illness called narcissism. He lies and believes himself. He lies and does not see it as wrong., He lies to hide incompetence. He wants to change America. For what? We do not want to be changed. There is a way to change that is correct that does not include lies and deceit. God bless America and MOLON LABE.


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