They STILL Don't Get It ...

I have been waiting for the report from Obamugabe's special commission on the deficit. It is interesting that they finally recognize the fact that we can't go on spending ourselves into oblivion. The horror story is that all their "solutions" hit us, the taxpayers, like a load of runny outhouse leavings.

ALL of the suggestions for reform involve the taxpayer digging deeper to pay for the spending. Only in one(or two) cases do they get it right and advocate reducing the size and cost of government.

The New Republicans advocate rolling back government spending to the levels of 2008. 2008? GIVE ME A BREAK! For starters, let's roll back every executive departments budget by 10%, right now. Then for the next five years, reduce their budgets by 2% per year. That gives us a 20% reduction in SPENDING in the next five years.

Next, let's insist that congress place a moritorium on automatic pay raises for themselves and all government employees raises for that same five year period. That will save another bundle.

Next, make the so-called Bush tax cuts permanent. More money in the taxpayers hands equals more revenue for the big spenders.

Reduce our energy costs by dropping the federal tax on fuels. Let the states take care of the highways and decide on the appropriate tax level for maintenance.

And finally, let's do away with government slush funds and off-budget sources of income at all levels of government. Government has no business running a surplus, hidden or otherwise. A surplus indicates that they raped the taxpayer for more than needed to operate the government. Any surplus should be required to be refunded to the taxpayers the next tax cycle. Notice I said "taxpayers". There should be no refund to those who pay no taxes. They get a good handout via the negative income tax boondoggle. Also kill the totalization agreement with Mexico. It irks me that Mexicans in Mexico can draw against the Social Security account that is nearly or actually bankrupt. Talk about stupid.

The problem IS NOT lack of funding. It is SPENDING MORE THAN YOU MAKE! We taxpayers understand the principle very well. It is far past time for our so-called leaders to get the message.
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