Every day in every way it is exceedingly obvious that the people behind the Left Liberal Democrats and RINO gun grabbers in Congress, have decided to play all their cards so they can simply disarm the law abiding American people regardless of what the Constitution and the Supreme Court says. They have already passed legislation that then Supreme Court listed as unconstitutional. They are intent on circumventing everything the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional. If this isn't a government out of control acting as a defacto dictatorship, I don't know what is. One Democrat, the governor of California, has started proceedings for an Article-V amendment convention where he is trying to remove the 2nd Amendment.
The writing is on the wall. If the American people do not actively move to counteract this gun grabbing mess, we will be disarmed. This is not conspiracy theory, nor is it alarmism. It's a fact of modern life. The WEF and NWO can't thrive if the public is armed, because the public would take drastic action against them when they pushed as far as they want to push right now.
The American people by and large still believe it can't happen here, and will continue to bury their heads in the sand until t's too late. It has become necessary to put together groups who will convince the state legislatures to petition Congress to initiate an Article-V States called Convention. Why an Article-V States Convention? Because when the State Legislatures are controlling the convention, Congress has no say in what is proposed, and has no say in the wording of proposed amendments. All Congress can do is send the proposals out to all 50 States for ratification. Many people believe that a so called Convention of States can do the same thing if 38 States propose an amendment. Unfortunately the Constitution is clear on the procedure. Read Article-V.
If we can get the State Legislatures of 34 States to petition Congress we can choose our delegates and propose Amendments that Congress would never propose. 
1. Term Limits.
2. end all the perks Congress has granted themselves like separate pension funds, lifetime salaries, regular raises, separate and better medical insurances, ect.
3. To stop gun grabbers cold propose that government is forbidden from making any new Laws, rules, regulations and from enforcing any current Laws, Rules or Regulations until the legal American voters give their approval of each individual Law, Rule or Regulation with a 3/4 vote of approval. 
Many in Congress state the American people want more restrictions and control. Let Congress put their money where their mouths are, and actually find out what Americans want, and what they don't want.
4. Do away with income tax and end the IRS and Federal Reserve, going back to apportioned taxation.
5. End the Department of Education which is promoting the perverse curriculum pushing sexualization of our children.
6. Put the Senators back under the control of their State Legislatures like was originally intended so they again represent their States and not their political parties.
The Hard Left Liberal/NWO controlled ATF, has once again proposed a new rule that will have a massive effect on how commerce is managed. This rule will basically ban "private sales" and create an expanded registry through paperwork. It ignores Constitutional rights, and the Democrats and RINO's don't care 
ATF Just Dropped "New Rule" And Its Bad. https://youtube.com/watch?v=fQxe0ifqWvY The gun grabbers are trying to initiate a law that will make law abiding citizens criminals for legally buying or selling guns without jumping through convoluted hoops. By the way, that proposed new rule has the force of legislated law without and citizen oversight and no actual legislation for accountability. Maybe we should push for an amendment that disbands the ATF?
White House Makes 3 Moves To Strangle US Civilian Ammo Supply! 
These cited instances are only a minute portion of the Constitution and Supreme Court ruling excesses the Liberals in Congress and their shadow controllers have heaped on us.
The Tradesman
Unless you want to give up your Freedoms and Destroy the Constitution, Unite and fight back with every legal method including a States petitioned for Article-V Amendment Proposal Convention. When it's States called, Congress has no say in what is proposed, and must send it to all 50 States for Ratification.
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