To Go or Not?


I have spent many an agonizing moment pondering what I would do if by some quirk of fate, Texas decides to become an independent republic and quits the United States of America. How can I seriously consider forever shunning the country of my birth? How could I condone Texas abandoning the US?


And then it occurred to me that Texas is not abandoning the US; the US abandoned the State of Texas and all the other 49 free and sovereign States. The federal government moves farther and farther away from the true meaning of the Constitution with each new “proclamation”.


Then the old saying, “American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God” really began to have meaning. In spite of the influx of “furriners” and illegals, Texans still have a very strong sense of identity and pride in all things Texas. People born in Texas are first and foremost Texans. There is a movement afoot to have Texas proclaim its independence as a free republic. A republic with the 6th largest economy in the world. Could we really make it as a free nation? Possibly. Probably. There are many things that would have to be ironed out first.


First of all, we have to decide what form of government we want. I for one, believe it must be a constitutional republic. So what do we do about setting up a government. We can’t just expand the state government. Many of the “legitimate” tasks the US government is charged with would now have to be taken care of by the Republic of Texas. We have no standing army or navy or air force. We have no ambassadors or treaties with foreign governments. We have no trade agreements. We would have no currency of our own at first. And the thought of a President Rick Perry scares the hell out of me. We would forever have to wean ourselves of what little money comes to Texas from the federal government. However, we would not be sending Texas money and wealth to the big black hole in Washington D.C. Maybe it would all even out in the long run. We would be on our own. Are we up to the task? I like to think that the real Texans would step up and handle the job. Texans are notorious for doing what needs to be done. Just ask Col. Travis or Gen Sam Houston. We do what we must to keep Texas strong and prosperous. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


But what about those Texans on Social Security? Is Texas ready to take over a bankrupt system? What do we tell our retired seniors who depend on their SSI payments to live? Sorry, move to another state? Entitlement programs are what has sunk the US. It’s not the programs themselves, it’s the rape of the trust funds for other things. Had congress kept their greedy little paws off the trust, it probably wouldn’t be out of money today. And the government IOUs congress stuck in the box are obviously worthless and becoming more so by the day. What about income taxes? Do we make the same mistake and tax those who drive the economy, or do we find a better way to support and do business?


So could I support Texas declaring its independence? Yes, providing we don’t allow liberal socialist ideas to corrupt the new republic and turn it into a clone of what we just left. This means a serious look at those we choose to represent us. Simply moving politicians from the US Congress to the state-house seems like a foolish thing to do.  I personally am in favor of giving all the politicians their walking papers and starting from scratch.   Where do we find the James Bonhams, or Stephen Austins, or Samuel Houstons or Col. Juan Nepemucene Seguins  of our day? Do they even exist? We had best make sure we have such people ready to take the next step BEFORE we jump into that divine state of independence.

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  • Yeah, you're probably right about Bush II. Actually, I would like to see Debbie Medina as the first El Presidente.  As for the border ....  we can send a dozen or so Texas Rangers down there to handle the problem. They seem to get things done quickly and efficiently. Of course, their methods might not endear them to Mr Calderone and Obamugabe.
  • President Rick Perry are you kidding Bush 2 will come out of retirement for that position.  Your sports teams would be treated like Canadian teams when they play non Texas teams. 2 anthems played.  You can lower taxes and make Texas the business and vacation spot of North America.  You also can choose your rules when guarding the borders.
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