To the People of the Republic of Texas:

April 30, 2011 in the Year of Our Lord

It is with little hope of publication that I sit to record these, my thoughts on the current state of affairs affecting our Republic of Texas. Many are the ills confronting us as a people of this proud state, indeed, too many to commiserate here in a limited missive.

I have been awakened on occasion the last few years by a loud thumping noise. The noise vexed me greatly for I could discern no ready source of the chaotic din. After long hours of intense contemplation, and some investigation, I have discovered the source. It is the sound of the past patriots of the Texas soul spinning in their graves. Sam Houston, Stephen Austin, William Travis, Jim Bowie, Ben Milam, and a host of others have indeed polished the insides of their coffins. The despicable levels we have allowed this once great and noble example of liberty to descend to are unconscionable. The Lone Star no longer waves proudly for all to see. Instead it hangs limply in shame for want of a patriotic spirit in its peoples.

There is no question, at least in my admittedly limited intellect, that we are in the closing stages of a long, protracted agenda intended to strip the peoples of the United States of all that freedom and liberty once meant. We are being morphed from free citizens with rights reserved to subjects with no such rights as are not allowed to us by our masters. The usurpations and transgressions are too many to list, yet a few of the most onerous must indeed  be addressed.

The problem as I see it is we are being attacked from so many directions that we lose focus on what is important to us as citizens of Texas. To be sure, the national issues must be confronted; however, it is apparent to my poor cognizance that we should perhaps get our own house in order before cleaning up the neighborhood. Perchance, if the citizens of the greatest state in the union can stand up and loudly proclaim “Cease!  No More!”  then the other more timid will find their wits and courage and follow the example. Texas and Texicans have a moral imperative to be leaders in the defense of our rights and liberties. The spirit of Goliad, the Alamo and San Jacinto courses hotly through our veins. The honor and sacrifice of those Texicans who rose and defended the union in World Wars one and two deserve no less. The countless brave souls who have spent their lives and honor to protect us in undeclared “wars” and “police actions” deserve no less. And finally, we who have been graced by the almighty to have been born in this great state must rise to our rightful height of dignity and honor and lead where no other will advance. If our current state leadership is not up to the task, we must cast them aside and find those who will lead. We can no longer sit and listen to the mindless drivel being spewed by our leaders. Mediocrity and compliance are no longer possible or desired. We need leaders who will protect and defend most vigorously our rights and interests as Texicans.

Much is being said about the process of State nullification. Many brush it aside as wishful thinking and others merely shrug out of ignorance of the process. Rest assured fellow Texicans, nullification is a real, viable reply to the transgressions of the mighty. It is a remedy that we should be pursuing with boldness and intent. Alas, the only alternatives are secession or, worse, submission.  Dissolution of the union is not an option in my opinion.  Forcefully returning it to its enumerated scope of powers is an option and in these times, a vital necessity.

The uncertainty of will would seem to me to be a serious lack of education. Our children are no longer taught to be citizens. They are instead taught to do whatever makes them feel good. It would appear that self-esteem is thought to be more important than intellect and integrity.  There is no right or wrong, only that which pleases us. Our churches, schools and most definitely our parents have instilled no sense of patriotism or civic mindedness in our youngsters. How then are they to defend themselves against those who would harm them? Would you have them become a herd of mindless, obedient slaves to the moneyed elite? Would you condemn them to an eternity of abject servitude to a powerful nanny state that forbids individuality and independent thought?  Is this really what you and we wish for our children and their children? God Forbid! I would rather they grow up with the chance to be anything they desire. I would wish them the success that all should be free to attain.

So, who will take up the burden? Who will lead and who will follow? Do we Texicans no longer have the will and honor to lead? I wonder… and I fear.

Upon this missive rests the likelihood of others. I feel the need to address the nullification issue. And I should like to point out how I see it as a deterrent to the various usurpations cast upon us. Perhaps I shall offer my thoughts in a future letter. It all depends.

American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God.

An Old Texican

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