***VERY IMPORTANT TEACHABLE MOMENT FOR THE GRASSROOTS, PLZ READ!*** I want you to understand how the elite media/political establishment is USING you: Exibit 1:  Media outlets have been teasing that Donal Trump would endorse Newt Gingrich for the past 24 hours. ... Method:  Gingrich has massive grassroots/social media support, far outdoing Romney. Spinning this fairytale endorsement put the spotlight on Trump using the power of the grassroots. Outcome: Global spotlight on a Mitt Romney endorsement, of the type Romney couldn't even buy with money, with promise of continued exposure as the protest/complaint chatter lingers on & on. This same, exact tool was used to put the "birther" issue to rest. Even using the SAME protagonist! Trump got the grassroots behind him in a fake quest to expose the birther issue. Trump framed the issue falsely from the very beginning; making it about a piece of paper instead of the ACTUAL issue of Natural Born Citizen. A piece of paper was produced, burying the issue altogether & completely impugning legitimacy of every group associated with questioning: the TEA Party, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. The effects of that little scheme are seen large-scale today as the media, en masse, ignore the court case happening at this very moment. This is a very effective means as using you as idiot tools to your own demise. I'm not trying to criticize anyone here, we're all guilty of falling into this trap, but be warned & take it to heart. These people are crafty & you must be on guard for them using you against yourself!

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  • Natural Born Citizen is indisputable.  Obama does not meet the requirement and the courts have largely been co-conspirators by not addressing it.  Thank God the Judge in Georgia has conviction to hear and rule on the issue.

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