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I found this information in an article by Ron Ewert the President of N.A.R.L.O.National Association of Rural Landowners on the post at;
The Royal Connecticut legislature, gun control nuts all, just passed the National Popular Vote Compact.  The Compact, by Democrat controlled states, is blatantly designed to circumvent the Electoral College and return America to the popular vote.  They may just succeed.  

From an article in the Daily Signal they describe Connecticut's conspiratorial end run around the Constitution.   

"Most Americans have never heard of the National Popular Vote compact, but it is shockingly close to causing a major political and legal firestorm. 
It is a clever scheme to change how we elect the president without the bother of having to pass a constitutional amendment."
"States that approve this legislation enter a simple compact with one another.  Each participating state agrees to allocate its electors to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of how its own citizens voted.  The compact goes into effect when states holding 270 electoral votes (enough to win the presidency) have agreed to the plan."
"With Connecticut’s vote, 11 states and the District of Columbia have now approved the measure, giving the compact a total of 172 electors. It needs only 98 more to reach the 270 mark.".
and the election can be stolen from the people of America just that easy. Talk about dirty corrupt Politics.
Frankly I don't have a clue on how to stop and reverse this. I do know it will lead to another Revolution, and that is probably what the criminal originators are hoping for as their "End Game To Enslave or Kill off Americans who are not Elites or their Cronys."
"Most Americans have never heard of the National Popular Vote compact, but it is shockingly close to causing a major political and legal firestorm.The end result if we allow this to go on will not end well for loyal Americans who believe in Liberty and Freedom
This information needs to be distributed far and wide to educate the public what is going on behind their backs by the Criminally Oriented Democrats, who will not allow themselves to lose no matter what they have to do, or what laws and trust they have to break, to steal the elections.
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  • Important information links; 

    Connecticut Subverts the Electoral College, Rejecting Its Own History
    Roger Sherman, a Founding Father from Connecticut, surely wouldn’t understand the decision made by his own state last weekend.
  • Addendum to post;

    This Wikipedia article is more informative and yes I don’t consider Wikipedia a particularly trustworthy source but it does have more specific information than the other article, including the count as of May 2018 and which states passed it. You guessed right- all deep blue states. 
    This must be challenged in at least one state. I’d start with California or New York since they carry the most electoral votes among those which have passed this interstate compact. 
    Well, let’s get onto this people - talking and wailing over email isn’t enough. We need to get active right now. Eventually it will need to be challenged in the Supreme Court on Constitutionality Grounds since the end run around the Constitution depends on the autonomy of the electors and not on what the states can impose on them as I see it.
    This is the same, exact thing that happened with the 17th Amendment.   Control of the Senate was removed from State Legislatures and given to national Party Leadership, thus undermining the Original Intent of the Founders and the Constitution.
    If this National Popular Vote compact succeeds, we conservatives would be relegated to the House of Representatives ONLY.   Even though conservatives are still the majority of the country, we would be cast as "fringe".
    This, like the 17th Amendment, is one of those things that sounds good on paper but has massive evil intent behind the curtain.
    The Tradesman
    National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
    The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their ele…
  • No. Jurisdiction Current
    votes (EV)
    Date adopted
    1 Maryland 10 April 10, 2007
    2 New Jersey 14 January 13, 2008
    3 Illinois 20 April 7, 2008
    4 Hawaii 4 May 1, 2008
    5 Washington 12 April 28, 2009
    6 Massachusetts 11 August 4, 2010
    7 District of Columbia 3 December 7, 2010
    8 Vermont 3 April 22, 2011
    9 California 55 August 8, 2011
    10 Rhode Island 4 July 12, 2013
    11 New York 29 April 15, 2014
    12 Connecticut 7 May 24, 2018
    Total 172 (63.7% of the 270 EVs needed)
    Maryland (US: (listen) MERR-ə-lənd) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the eastern United States, bordering Virginia, West Virginia, and the D…
  • Bonnie,

    We still must energize our voters and amass extremely large numbers get to the polls, to overcome the expected massive Democrat turn out they have been planning on, since losing control of Congress.
    We must UNITE and vote AGAINST every Democrat Running to Restore the Republic. Unless we unite against the Soros Controlled Cultural Marxist Democrats. We will be figuratively/literally speaking,Conservative Blood Spilled on the Ground & America will disappear. Our Liberty Destroyed. Our children enslaved to Godless Evil personified by Progressive Monsters. We must find a way to energize our voting blocs to get up and get to the polls for the remaining Primaries and especially the election in November.If we don't get enough of us out to vote the Neo-Marxist Democrats will prevail and repeal all of what Trump has done for us so far!
    Hopefully,  Americans will always resist the "Progressive" influence to abandon our tried and true traditions for something that is actually the antithesis of what it purports itself to be. In actuality everything the "Progressive Cultural Marxists"propose is a return to Subservience&Slavery that was manifest in the old Monarchies and Oligarchies.
    True Americans who have matured in Freedom and Liberty bestowed on us by our Forefathers and the Blood of Americans defending those twin and inseparable blessings know; Stability is rooted in integrity. Honor, virtue, courage and faith are eternal virtues, and without them your life will be a compromise. I believe the current Progressive/Democratic/Socialist Party, seemingly either controlled or secretly influenced by the likes of George Soros, is hopelessly compromised.
    I say this because of the constant reprehensible methods thrown at any voice of reason disagreeing with the Progressive slant. The Two Faced,Iniquitous,Vicious&Contemptible methods the Democrats Publicly Vilify as HATE & BIGOTRY,are the Same Methods they Quietly Indoctrinate and Implant in their foot soldiers minds,to encourage conducting of vicious attacks like those shown to anyone designated as Enemy. That is their biggest weakness but no one seems to publicly stand up and confront them to their faces about it effectively.
    Is America finally compromised because of these churlish misbegotten souls? NO!  It's NOT the Nation, It's the Corrupt Faction controlled by the NWO Elites who I believe G. Soros is their attack Lap Dog. They are Dedicated to ending the grand experiment of Liberty and Freedom through Self Rule as a Constitutional Republic because it denied them total power. Remember this about them; Consider Proverbs; 17:15, Amos 5:7,Habakkuk 1:4,These are clarified in Isaiah 5:20 which warns;Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!That IMHO = Liberal Democrats.
  • no doubt

    they are determined to make this nation a country like communist whatever they do not care

    it is thru all of this the illegals and refugees the brainwashing of our kids.

    we cannot loose the mid terms Dems will be out in droves so must we

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