Who’s Law Prevails?

Numerous states have passed or are passing laws to prevent judges from considering Sharia in cases before them. This is as it should be. But now the Executive Council of the American Bar Association and a do good federal judge have decided to block such legislation. It seems we are to allow Sharia to be considered in cases at law.


Sharia is counter to everything we stand for in this country. It is diametrically opposed to our very way of life and the Constitution. Muslims migrating (invading) our country should be forced to adhere to American Law. We should in no way be obligated to even pay lip service to a seventh century barbaric code of behavior. The ABA should immediately disband the Executive Council with extreme prejudice. The federal judge should be impeached for bad behavior and malfeasance in office-immediately.

We cannot allow such anti-American acts to go unpunished. The Republican representatives should immediately push for Articles of Impeachment for the judge who ordered this travesty. Call your congressperson NOW. Flood the ABA offices in your area with letters and phone calls. Let them know we will NOT tolerate this sort of behavior.
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  • It looks as if the Administration is turning a deaf ear to the Sharia law implementation by disturbed Judge's.  This should not surprise you. The Administration seems to have little concern over the revolts in the Middle East ,as if Muslim extremist are a viable alternative to a true FREE DEMOCRACY. Freedom is not a word ,It's an Idea that while inclusive, is also something to be guarded. We the people does not mean they the few. Judaic-Christian beliefs founded this magnificent Country. If Sharia Law is the preference for and individual there are plenty of counties that will allow them to practice their laws as they feel fit.
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