by: Trent Derr - American Exceptionalism

You can tell that someone feels threatened by you when they publicly degrade and poke fun at you.    Given that standard, the Tea Party has been under the skin of Democrats from the day that it sprung to life a little more than 2 years ago.  As recent as the current budget battle, Harry Reid blames the Tea Party for not allowing Republicans to compromise on the Federal budget and perpetuate the excessive government spending.   Thanks Harry.  That’s the nicest thing you’ve said about the Tea Party in recent memory.


But why does the Democratic leadership actually fear the impact of the Tea Party?  Yes the Tea Party is on the other side of the ideological spectrum from the Far Left wing of the Democratic Party.  Clearly the Tea Party is fiscally conservative, believes in constitutionally limited government, and favors free market solutions.   However those positions are an accurate description of most conservative voters’ beliefs so that isn’t what is under the Democratic leaders’ skin.


The average Tea Party member is over 35 years old.    That fact aligns with the  typical  conservative voting demographic that  includes individuals over 35 years of age with a skewing of the population to those 55 and older.   So the Left’s concern isn’t caused by the fact that the Tea Party is a threat to the Left’s hold on older voters.   The older voting population has always been split between the left and the conservatives.   The older Americans with a taker mentality are liberal, and those with a builder mentality are conservative.


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  • Whatt scares me is that if we are funding a Cowboy Poetry Festival are we also funding a Rap Lyrics Festival, a Muslim Chant Festival. A Salsa Music Festival, etc.
  •  I don't know about everyone else however I'm a God faring, Constitutional packing ,

    Viet-Vet Federalist. 


                                                                     Tea Party Veteran

  • That is true of America as a whole-"older Americans with a taker mentality are liberal, and those with a builder mentality are conservative."  The same can be said of the younger, 25-35 generation.  The male brain doesn't actually mature until around the age of 25.  Females do it a little quicker, generally around 21-22 (couldn't prove that by me...that's just what the studies say .)  But your point is well-made, Trent.  The main problem with the Democratic Party is that it's been over-run and taken over by Marxists, Communists, Socialists of all stripes, and Jihadists.  It no longer is a party of ideas, or ideals, but of extreme ideologies.  And I say, along with you, that God Bless Harry Reid and his ilk for slamming us and in the process, make themselves out to be the extremist nut-cases that they really are.  For crying out loud---starving the elderly and babies will die, while at the same time worrying about a "Cowboy Poetry Festival" being de-funded?  If you bought that one, you don't have a measurable IQ.
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