You Your Debt Your Government

You, Your Debt , Government

Hey Buddy, Can you spare a Half- Million $$$$$ ?

It’s not funny. If you are a taxpaying family of 4, your Government already has you saddled with $400,000  of debt. And by 2016 it’s headed for $500,000.

Every year the Government is loading you up with more debt, $27,516 per year.

They are spending your money, taxes and borrowings, at $7643 each month; and borrowing $2292.

If you are trying to fill your retirement chest with a 401k, forget about it, The Government is digging faster than you are filling. Will YOUR 401k grow by $100,000 in the next four years.  I didn’t think so. But your Government “supplied” debt WILL!.

Are you tired of it? Do You Want to STOP the Digging, and START filling in our Canyon of Debt?

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Debt Reduction Initiative

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