• In as few words as possible... No. Two wrongs do not make a right.  We must not resort to illegal conduct.  Exposing, prosecuting, and correcting illicit elections is the proper way to deal with election fraud.

    • HI Ronald, not sure about 2 wrongs. If your reference is about how the Dems are using the law to register and collect votes legally then we must obey the law. I'm not talking about cheating only using existing laws in the election process. Did I interpret this right? 

    • Exposing, prosecuting, and correcting illicit elections is the proper way to deal with election fraud. IMPOSSIBLE!  They control everything from the LOCAL, COUNTY, STATE and FEDERAL levels... As we've seen "they" haven't and will not in the future prosecute "their" own!  

  • The Border crisis is not about IMMIGRATION, nor is it about asylum or refugees... It is about a covert invasion of the US using illegal mass migration and border policies to support the invasion. 

    Our problems are much larger than the open Border or immigration issues...  Treason is at work in the halls of government.  One doesn't simply legislate treason out of business.  The laws needed are in place, we simply must enforce them... Passing new or more laws will not correct the core problem... treason is afoot in high places. 

    The People and sound leadership must resource and focus the Patriot's efforts on removing treason from our ranks… holding those in high office accountable for capital crimes.  Until we do nothing will change.  There are several courses of action that can be used to solve these problems directly… starting with the states mobilizing to defend their border. In addition, the states need to petition Congress for an Article 5 Convention to pass a Constitutional RECALL and Term Limits Amendment… Recall all sitting elected and appointed offices subject to new elections… Limit all future terms of service to ONE TERM… 6yrs in length with 1/3rd of the government standing for election and appointment every 2 years. Break the back of incumbency, the political spoils system, and party politics. Return the government to citizen politicians.

    • A Convention of States and Constitution Recall are viable actions but in case you haven't noticed "they" are rapidly converting the remaining Red State Governments to all Blue and with the election fraud... permanently! So, this action needs to happen very quickly!


    All we have to do is have the vote counting done at gun point. I'm sure they will get it right the first time! 

    • The Democrats will insist that they furnish all the ammo for such a count...  However, they will need to higher conservatives to load their weapons... and point out features such as safeties and the muzzle end of the weapon...

  • I've been listening to RAV.  Seems AZ is leaning towards a new vote.  I know mine wasn't counted.

    • It will only work if the vote is: One day only, in person, and with a valid AZ State issued "ID". 

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