asian-tiger-aedes-aegypti-combined-mosquito-map-safety-first-aid-01.png?profile=RESIZE_584xFollow-up story. July 12, 2023, One of our members posted an article so extreme it was dismissed as a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory but now it is proven to be true and is coming our way! Yes, this could be a life and death struggle for America!

Think this is a bunch of malarky?

Read this first:  this is the follow-up story and it is not a nice one!

Dengue fever rises in Brazil amid gene-edited mosquito controversy but was foretold by a few brave journalists. Last year, the UN's World Mosquito Program released billions of gene-edited mosquitoes to fight dengue illness in Brazil. Dengue incidence rose 400% in 2024, leaving health experts and the public confused.

  • 400% increase in Dengue! Dengue is a viral infection. It can be caused by other related viruses. You can get it if an infected mosquito bites you. It is common in warm, wet areas of the world. It can be found in some parts of the United States.

The secret only whispered behind closed doors is the mosquito mutating and if so into what? Will cargo ships coming from Brazil be carrying an unsuspected cargo of a few mosquitoes ready to breed and make America their home?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation financed gene-edited Aedes aegypti mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria to prevent dengue transmission. Brazil is facing an unparalleled dengue crisis, which contradicts this. Looks like this is nothing less than a Frankenstein experiment gone horribly wrong, but can it be stopped?

Brazil reported over 364,000 dengue cases in the first five weeks of 2024, a fourfold rise from the previous year. The country's health ministry reported 40 deaths and 265 cases under investigation, causing worry.

Were the Brazilian people the ‘crash dummies’ in a Genetically Modified Mosquito Trial? Yes, but who will report on it?

The repercussions of this rise go beyond statistics. Three Brazilian states, including densely populated Minas Gerais and the Federal District, have declared emergencies due to the outbreak. Urgent vaccination efforts targeting youngsters aged 10-14 have been launched in Brasília due to an alarming increase in illnesses.

The irony is  gene-edited mosquitoes, meant to stop dengue, seem to have made the situation worse. The World Mosquito Program's lofty ambitions and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding were intended to usher in a new era in mosquito-borne illness control.

Critics say the hurry to adopt large-scale initiatives without careful consideration may have exacerbated the issue. Additionally, the interconnected interests of charitable organizations, research institutions, and pharmaceutical businesses create problems about public health openness and accountability.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a major mosquito program and dengue fever vaccine funder, is under review. The foundation's influence and connection with public health priorities have been questioned due to its investments in gene-edited mosquitoes and dengue vaccinations.

Brazil must take immediate action to reduce the dengue crisis's impact and address its causes. This involves a thorough mosquito control evaluation, improved surveillance, and better public health program transparency.

Read this and see if this is tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory or  truth.

Final Word: We have some very great researchers and posting Patriots and Bob did a great job, but unfortunately he was right and it wasn’t a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory but a real-life unfolding story of genocide. I wonder if Lamestream media will publish this story……?

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