12144675088?profile=RESIZE_400xYou are not going to believe this, but unfortunately it is true and soon to become the norm!

Get a load of this. Globalist Bill Gates has teamed up with the Chinese to genetically modify mosquitoes, also known as genetically modified flying syringes, for vaccine distribution. These mosquitoes have been experimented with to deliver vaccines through mosquito bites primarily in animals.

Todays follow-up story, 02/25/2024:

However, the implications for humans are worrisome.

If the government mandates vaccines, the proposed solution is to make them airborne and undetectable, carried by these genetically modified mosquitoes. This raises concerns among those who advocate for personal bodily autonomy and believe in the freedom to choose vaccines.

The plan involves releasing genetically engineered mosquitoes into the wild to enhance animals' immune response against viral illnesses like Zika. However, there are fears that this approach could have unintended consequences, as the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a known Zika vector, is found worldwide, including in the United States.

Advocates argue that releasing these mosquitoes would protect the unborn and prevent Zika-related birth abnormalities and miscarriages. However, critics argue that this reasoning could be used to justify abortion as a choice rather than a necessity.

Chinese scientists have created a Zika-like virus in the Wuhan labortory by combining it with another virus called Chaoyang, which affects mosquitoes but not larger animals. This engineered virus stimulates animals' immune systems to produce Zika-specific antibodies without causing actual infection.

In experiments, mosquitoes fed with blood tainted by the inert CYV-Zika hybrid transmitted the virus to laboratory mice through their saliva. The mice developed antibodies that protected them from Zika for an extended period. Mosquitoes that had previously bitten infected mice did not contract Zika when they subsequently bit other mice. The exposure level in the experiment was comparable to that experienced by a person playing tennis in Florida for 30 minutes on a hot July afternoon.

The Chinese researchers envision various applications for their mosquito injection method, such as preventing zoonotic diseases in animals and humans and preserving endangered wildlife. However, providing evidence for these claims remains challenging, and there are differing opinions among Chinese scientists regarding the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea of releasing virus-laden mosquitoes from insecure laboratories raises concerns both within and outside China, particularly due to the mosquitoes' biting habits. Disadvantaged communities in Beijing, already skeptical of the Chinese medical establishment due to past scandals, have shown resistance to vaccines.

While the concept of using insects like mosquitoes as mobile vaccine delivery systems has been explored, many scientists are cautious about applying this approach to humans. Clinical trials involving genetically engineered mosquitoes injecting live malarial parasites into human skin were conducted, but the mosquitoes were contained within a box, and participants had to interact with the mesh to receive mosquito bites.

Final Word: The use of Chinese genetically modified flying syringes developed in Wuhan Laboratories raises concerns about potential risks, infringements on personal autonomy, and implications for public health.

But don’t worry! The government is taking good care of you! (not)

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