Breaking: Dem Trapping Cheese Hungry Republicans

Shutterstock_68499115-1-600x343.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xDoes anyone see the trap Democrats are setting?..... not the Republicans, all they smell is the cheese! Some Patriots fully comprehends the calculated maneuverings of the Democratic Party, as they strategically position the Republicans to remove Joe Biden from the 2024 presidential ticket, so the Dems don’t have to!

This political chess game, orchestrated by the left, aims to undermine the legitimacy of the Republican Party, and thwart the aspirations of their potential candidate.  The Democrats' nasty tactics must not go unnoticed, for they seek to manipulate the electoral landscape and consolidate their own power.

The Democrats, in a stunning move, are conveniently relinquishing their power to allow the Republicans to proceed with the impeachment process and effectively thwart the ambitions of the lackluster Joe Biden from vying for the presidency, this is the cheese!  

However, it would be remiss to dismiss this calculated maneuver as a mere political ploy. When the Republicans courageously stand up against the agenda of the lackluster Biden administration, the mainstream media predictably portrays Biden as a victim, while the Democrats shamelessly shower him with unwarranted praise, painting him as a paragon of virtue. The so-called "leader of the free world" and grand statesman is nothing more than a facade, a charade the liberal media is all too eager to perpetuate. This is the trap!

Despite the grandiose image projected, the reality is far from it. But alas, this is the narrative that will be spun and accepted by the masses. The Democrats, in their relentless pursuit of power, are poised to usher in Joe Biden's successor, who they will undoubtedly hail as the savior to fill the void left by the victimhood narrative Biden has perpetuated is nothing more than the trap snapping shut!

The spin will sound something like this: “The relentless and merciless assault by the Republicans on one of the most esteemed statesmen of our era is truly disheartening.” The Democrats strategically exploit a vulnerable Biden to shamelessly manipulate and provoke the Republicans, thereby portraying them as morally bankrupt! The Republicans are squealing in pain as the trap snaps shut!

The LameStream media will shamelessly dismisses all allegations against the Biden Crime Family as baseless. Any incriminating evidence they cannot outright deny, the Dems cunningly manipulate the media into burying it, hoping to avoid accountability. The media is the cleanup man, cleaning up the mess after the trap is sprung!

The spin gets deeper! Democrats, cunningly waiting for exactly the right time to spring the trap to expose the Republicans wholeheartedly engage in their mission to oust that "innocent elderly gentleman and dismantle his vulnerable family," and then will finally unveil the candidate they handpicked months ago! The Democratic Party will portray themselves as “scrambling to find a replacement for the void left by the departure of the mighty Joe”. Who will be their chosen one? ….guess who!! Republicans took the cheese, trap was sprung, cleanup crew got to work and now the savior of America has emerged to rid America of all those filthy rodents! (Republicans, Conservatives, Patriot, MAGA, and Tea Party)  

Republicans, on the other hand, find themselves trapped in a no-win situation. The imperative to impeach, remove, or simply stand idly by is a stark reminder of the impending defeat that could await them. The Republicans are licking their lips waiting in great anticipation for the sweet taste of all that wonderful cheese ‘just setting there, in plain sight, waiting to be eaten in the trap’ and they think they can get the cheese and avoid being killed at the polls!

But don’t worry! There is only one person can spring the trap, eat the cheese, and not get killed at the polls and that is President Trump! He has tasted the cheese before, beat the trap and emerged unscathed and stronger!  

Trump fearlessly takes on the daunting task of exposing the rampant corruption plaguing our political system, while eating the Dems cheese! 😊  


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  • Yep, leave it up to Trump


    Hey Steve thats a bit cheesy (lol) no one ever described it this way! I like it! 

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