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Breaking News - Controversy Erupts within the NSA: Questions Arise about Possible False Flag Attack.

An unnamed source just leaked very concerning information about a possible  clandestine and illegal operation by the Biden administration!  

Patriots have been put on alert about a possible false flag attack allegedly being orchestrated by certain factions within the Biden administration.

Reportedly, President Biden has directed the National Security Agency (NSA) to gather and retain facial recognition data of individuals along the border with Mexico, citing concerns about potential threats to migrants and Border Patrol agents by White Supremacist Trump Supporters.

As of early this morning, administrators within the NSA have reportedly refused to comply with these orders, demonstrating strong conviction in their opposition to what they believe is an unlawful spying initiative targeting citizens. This strong position has ignited tensions, leading to a very intense meeting within the NSA this morning, starting at 7:30 am EST.

Border Patrol Agents, working closely with Texas law enforcement, was sent intelligence indicating a potential false terrorist event set to occur this weekend. Agents are diligently working to address what they perceive as a potential criminal act carried out by certain individuals within the Biden administration.

Also, anonymous persons associated with liberal non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have allegedly been apprehended, posing as Trump supporters. The arrest came after a comprehensive investigation which utilized license plate tracking and identification. The anonymous persons were discovered with ammunition, machine guns and other armament while posing as Trump supporters, which has raised concerns regarding their potential connection to the alleged false flag operation.

Friday, Texas law enforcement received a tip from a reliable source, which prompted them to heighten their vigilance in the state. Law enforcement officials were informed of a leaked FBI memo yesterday in the late afternoon, detailing a planned assault by citizen combatants with extremist views. The memo hinted at the possibility anonymous persons in question might be receiving psychiatric treatment from the government and taking psychotropic medication, but those claims have not been substantiated.  

Texas authorities are closely monitoring the situation and are fully dedicated to safeguarding the well-being and protection of their residents in the days ahead. The situation is developing quickly, and it is important for the public to stay updated through official sources.

Disclosure: The information supplied to the Patriot Command Center Reconnaissance Team has not been verified but did come from a reliable source. You must decide if what is being reported is False Flag, Fake News or Fact. We will do our due-diligence to verify fact, review claims and examine proof of reported content.

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    Hey Steve, if this is only half true America is in trouble! I never found any fake news of this site, so I will keep an eye open for any development. 

  • If this is true, they are looking for another January 6th! 

This reply was deleted.