Congratulations! We Are Now A Toxic Cult!  

s-l1200.webp?profile=RESIZE_584xDear Fellow Cult Members, the old labels of Smelly Walmart Shoppers, Racists, White Nationalists and Extremists has worn thin, now the left issues a new brand on the MAGA movement: Toxic Cult, but it doesn’t stop there! Big shot sportscaster Bob Costas triggers controversy by branding the MAGA Movement as a "toxic cult."

OBTW – we now represent over 50% of voting Americans!

During a recent appearance on a show called "Smerconish," big shot sportscaster Bob Costas sparked intense debate by labeling followers of former President Donald Trump as part of a "toxic cult." Costas, recognized for his astute analysis of sports, ventured into political commentary, sparking criticism from different sources.

During the segment, Costas was very direct, labeling Trump as the "most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history." The speaker strongly criticized Trump supporters, declaring  believing Donald Trump was fit to be President required being in a toxic delusion and cult.

These comments caught the attention of many, sparking responses from political analysts and members of the media. A radio host and Fox News contributor, Guy Benson, promptly voiced his disapproval, raising doubts about the decision to criticize millions of Americans who supported Trump. Tens of millions individuals in America supported Donald Trump might not be the best image for Costas," Benson commented during a panel talk on "The Big Weekend Show."

Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor, also shared Benson's views, criticizing Costas for moving from sports to making broad political statements. "From sports to suggesting  Trump supporters are part of a cult… According to Pavlich, it was a regrettable moment for him.

Lisa Boothe, a contributor on Fox News, also added her perspective, pointing out  Costas' criticism wasn't just aimed at Trump but would apply to any well-known figure in the Republican Party. "Imagine if Nikki Haley were to receive the nomination, but  scenario is highly unlikely." He would be directing his criticism towards her," Boothe argued, pointing out what she sees as a general bias against Republicans in the media.

Costas didn't hold back in his criticism, targeting both Trump and his followers, as well as President Biden, cautioning about the consequences of his potential re-election campaign. Costas warned  Biden's candidacy could result in "four more years of ongoing insanity" under a Trump presidency or a situation where Biden may not be able to finish his second term due to age.

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of these intense discussions, the ongoing Republican primary race continues, with former President Trump winning another victory in Nikki Haley's home state of South Carolina. With every primary and caucus victory, Trump solidifies his lead as the top contender, paving the way for a possible showdown with President Biden in November.

As the political landscape heats up, Costas' remarks serve as a reminder of the deep ideological divisions within American society. Describing Trump supporters as part of a "toxic cult" highlights the ongoing division  shapes political conversations in the United States. As Super Tuesday approaches, tensions are high as the competition for the White House heats up.

Final Word: Sign me up! If you think these terms are demeaning just think what the British, Nazis and Communists labelled Patriots like us! We are in good company.

Carry on fellow Toxic Cult members!

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    • The rest of us are with you all the way! 

  • If the left thinks you are toxic, then that means you are probably a America Loving Patiot.

  • What a joke these demonrats are. We the people support President Donald J. Trump no matter how many times they indict him, no matter how many times they attack him, in short, we the people support President Trump no matter what. That just reflects the love every American feels for his country, that is not a cult.

  • i am waiting for a candidate to say that they don't want the white vote. how soon until democratic loyalists call any politician who seeks the white vote - A SELL OUT

  • "OBTW – we now represent over 50% of voting Americans!"

    This is a beautiful thing!

  • The true Toxic Cult is of the Living Dead with its leader the Zombie in the White House and his horde of demons. Their stench of death and deception is destroying this great nation. Costas is one of them. 

    • Good point, however, I am toxic to the Globalists! 

  • costas is just another marxist jackass spouting off because President Trump is the solution to the communism not infesting the government, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists (of which he is a part), and the gop establishment TRAITORS hate him because he isn't part of their globalist cabal, can't be bribed, can't be intimidated, and hate him because he opposes their global dictatorship plans!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'd rather be toxic than demoncrat

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