Has Civil War II Started?

1023px-Battle_of_Gettysburg.jpg?h=a0c35706&itok=RfIgYaJ4&profile=RESIZE_400x1200px-Lake_Street_%2849957255132%29.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xCivil War was started by the Southern Democrats over the rights of a State to secede from the union. Today many politicans are saying: “armor up” because “there’s a war out there.

During the course of the conflict, the North spent approximately 3.36 billion dollars and the South spent 3.28 billion dollars, for a total of approximately 6.64 billion dollars (or the equivalent to 90 billion today).



             THEN                                                   NOW

South spent 3.28 billion dollars, for a total of approximately 6.64 billion dollars (or the equivalent to 90 billion today).

The Civil War was the deadliest of all American wars. No one disagrees with that.

 But how many died has long been a matter of debate.

For more than a century, the most-accepted estimate was about 620,000 dead. A specific figure of 618,222 is often cited, with 360,222 Union deaths and 258,000 Confederate deaths.                          

1c6b98ad-1c50-434f-9afd-00e763510269_w408_r1_s.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xSlavery was a secondary issue but did play into the final  victory for the north. 

But what do you think?





                   Has Civil War II started and who will win? 

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    • ADMIN

      Unfortunatly that could add fuel to the fire

  • We are in a war it's going on ever since Obama took the office of the president and still going on 

    • Jeff, the war against We the People started when John F. Kennedy was murdered and the globalist, racist scumbag lbj seized poower!!!!!!!!!!


  • This war is more than just troops fighting for control of the US, but, is a war between God and Satan.  and will be between Luciferians (Satanists) and Christians.  This war has been in the making for decades but is on the way to becoming combatant aggressive and violent.  and the more the need to choose ye this day, whom you will serve, for me and my household we will serve God.  That is the winning team.

    • Agree!!!!


    • R S, I agree and am serving God to the best of my ability now!!!!!!!!!!


    • nice way to put it and you nail it right on the spot.

    1. @steve  yes it has started, and will only escalate from here.
  • Regretably, it is very much needed but not among each other, but against the satanic entities that are causing all the problems of our nation and the world.

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