Co-host blames 'Christian nationalism' for mass shootings! The View co-host Tara Setmayer linked the Uvalde shooting with ‘Christian nationalism’ (By Joe Silverstein | Fox News)

‘The View’ host: Republican Party isn’t ‘in line with American values’

On Tuesday, ABC’s "The View" co-host Tara Setmayer blamed the Uvalde school shooting on a "rise in violent Christian nationalism."

"It’s part of the Christian nationalism, this rise in violent Christian nationalism, that we have seen, which is also disturbing. They use biblical principles, they pervert them to justify this," Setmayer said.

"Particularly in Texas, this is a growing movement," she continued."It’s God, guns and Trump". Or God, guns and whatever. It’s a part of their ethos."

Setmayer, who serves as a senior advisor for the anti-Republican group the Lincoln Project, was filling in as the guest host in the lone conservative spot on the show.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg added on to Setmayer's point, appearing to blame Christians for slavery and racism.

"It’s always been this. This was the way it was down south. They used to use the Bible and say you’re not people, God doesn’t see you as people, so we don’t see you as people," Goldberg said.

Goldberg went on to call for the banning of AR-15s...........

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"I don’t care NRA. You got to give that gun up. You can have your other ‘ye-ha guns’, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It is not a gun where you are going to go out and shoot your dinner," Goldberg said. "This gun is meant to kill people. That’s what it’s for. And you can’t have it anymore."

The conversation was sparked when co-host Sunny Hostin criticized Daniel Defense, a gun manufacturer, for a since deleted tweet that featured a child holding an unloaded gun with a biblical verse attached.

The View’s comments reflect a pattern by some in the media to label Christianity as a vehicle for violence and white supremacy. Last month, TIME published an article titled "It’s Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy and Violence."

Similarly, a LA Times columnist slammed Christians who turned to faith in response to the Uvalde shooting, accusing them of supporting a "​​return to the kind of faith that allowed brutal enslavement to be the law of the land for centuries."

President Biden has faced criticism for repeating a false and debunked narrative that the 2nd Amendment did not allow people to own cannons at the time of the United States’ founding.

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  • I sent this letter, yesterday, and, since we do not seem to have another solution, to the debt Bankrupcy, it seems, that we should consider the offer our Savior provides us, for saving our land of America from destruction. The QFS is just a devil system of spirit machine control over all religion, politics and land, to enslave all under him, thus it is a beast system like Ezekiel 28:18-19.   

    You  might consider messaging Kevin McCarthy in his work to try to save our land and people, and, all people everywhere, by messaging him, soon, before June 1, 2023, our doom day for our people and land of America, I understand. Thank you!

    Dear Kevin McCarthy,

    That 1948 decision was not scripturally correct for U.S. and Great Britain. The land with that name is for a people of Faith in The Creator and His HaMashiach, while these people that want to lay claim to the land have NO faith in The Creator in that Zionist movement. They do not even call on His Holy Hebrew Name of Sanctuary. “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”. They call on Adoni, lord, for another god, of Baal, of the Canaanites and Philistines at Joshua 11:17, as does the Roman Great Britain kingship, and the Roman popes, all idolatry, that I have found in talking to their Rabbi, not a Hebrew word, either, biblically, but more Assyrian.
    Abraham had Faith in The Creator. Everything depends on Faith in Him, The Creator.  All trouble has happened to the earth since then. Look around. Dispensationalism and their Schofield Bible at early 20th century is not scriptural, it is propaganda, and name changing, that got into the churches in America. Corporation of churches has made them subject to the corporate state and the Khazars Zionist control. They of the empire of the Khazars empire had historically been name stealers, in China, and where they did business in Eastern Europe, and Now it is here all over the earth, I understand. The wall of Gog and Magog around 800 A.D. was built above the country of Georgia to keep them away from the rest of the earth, I understand. Parts of that wall is still there, I understand. I understand, from a Readers Encyclopedia of English literature, and old book, that over the Guildhall in the City of London, since Henry VII, you can find a wooden carving representing Gog and Magog that are subjects of the devil, over the main front door.
    Our Savior totally finished the Mount Sinai covenant of their ceremonial system. Josephus, historians like Alexander Kieth’s book, Evidence of The Christian Faith, 1781-1880, wrote about it, and many others said that it was the end of their world age. Our Savior, is now King, Priest, in heaven on the right hand of The Father, over all the earth, by scriptural text but it is being hidden by even church groups because of politics and banking, I would assume. Acts 17:30-31, Zach. 6:10-15, the Branch, foretold, Son of Man, even foretold by Enoch, great grandfather of Noah, chapter 46, of his Book of Enoch.  Our King over all the earth,sent His Holy Spirit at Acts 2 on Pentacost to give evidence of that kingship. 
    Look at America this last over 100 years since Federal Reserve Act of fiat banking of unjust weights and measures. Look at the earth and it’s trouble since then. Look at morals since then. 
    Send me to the Mount Moriah at the court king David purchased at 2 Samual 24, and resulted in the temple site of king Solomon, at I king 8, 2 Chron 6. Mercy and appeal can be made to The Creator at that holy Place, where The Creator Places His Holy Hebrew Name forever. Declaration of Independence, 1776, last paragraph, The Creator is our “Supreme Judge to Judge the Rectitude of our Intensions”. Isaiah 66, and Revelation 11, indicates that His Court Place will be used to settle hard matters of the nations. Please send me to appeal for mankind to be Redeemed to find Redemption, by their Maker. Please call the nations to all come peacefully. I do not use legalism, so, just bring me to that spot, peacefully.
    In the Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”,
    Virginia ulrich

    Sent from my iPad
    On May 25, 2023, at 3:32 AM, Kevin McCarthy <> wrote:
    Our King “YaHosha”, and high priest, who reigns today as Acts 17:30-31, Zachariah 6:10-15  told  us, and also at Luke 17: 20-21, etc., he would send His Holy Spirit kingdom within His people of Faith. He came as the Son of Man.  He came as our future king, Priest, and Prophet from His Father, to be our Savior for those who would in Faith love Him. He said if He went away, He would  send the Holy Spirit to them, by baptism and laying on of hands, but, at Pentecost of Acts 2, it was by flames of Spirit fire of life coming on the spiritually dead, as like the valley of dead being resurrected.  The kingdom of His Holy Spirit in dwelling, would be without physical sight of this physical earth, though there was much spiritual fruit on that day of Pentecost.
    He told us at various places in scripture as like Matt. 24. 16, Luke 17, that  all will be coming to an end on this world,  of the Sinai covenant age, for that  generation of people then living.  All would be fulfilled. The old covenant would be ending and a new covenant would be beginning. At Galatians 3, Romans 4, Hebrews 11,  we find, all depends on our FAITH in Him.  It is the promise made to Abraham by promise by Faith, that came over 400 years before the law at mount Sinai covenant.  The gentile would also be blessed in Abraham, at genesis 18, etc., by Promise, not by covenant works.

     A mankind of Judah, “YaHoodah”, is one of the heart, In Faith, of our Savior. Abraham saw our Savior, but, he had faith before he was circumcised in the flesh, before he came to the land, that he would later be promised.  In his heart, he was already circumcised by faith.


    The thief on the cross had faith that our Savior was going to His Kingdom and asked to be with Him.  Galatians 3, Romans 4, Hebrews 11, addresses Faith. Abraham covenant was made by promise, a gift, not of works.  Promise is a gift, not of works.  Faith requires a circumcision of the heart.   It all is determined by Faith in The Creator, in the heart.  


    The Promise to Abraham was made before Mount Sinai covenant OR the New Testament covenant or His Will covenant, New Testament, by His death on the tree, and, then, Resurrection.  He and His Father are seeking Faith, in Themselves from their people of the earth. It all goes back to Faith in The Creator, in the heart, which is manifest in deeds, and fruit.  Search, seek, prove, what is good, righteous, by The Creator. See Romans 12:2.  You should want to please Him. Do you want a personal relationship with Him? It is Not your group relationship on earth,  that you should place your Faith in.  The Creator is seeking you!


    It is a race, where you never give up, until He comes, in your Faith, in Him, like a Bride who loves Him, BUT,  according to His rules, commands.  There  is No chosen people without Faith individually, in The Creator, to please Him. The Gentile was blessed in Abraham by Faith in The Creator, at Genesis 18.  Dispensationalism is not according to scripture, and, has cursed America for over 100 years, in the churches and politics, and the land, and over all the earth. We have King “YaHosha”, as our ruler over all the earth. Forget idols of imitation rulers/gods.  We stand alone at death, so, we alone are judged by The Creator who knows all things.  It is not our group membership.  The question is do we really love Him? Do we know Him by studying His Word? Do our actions show that love? Do we address Him humbly with reverence, by calling on His Name holy, by Hebrew tongue, as the sanctuary He offers, that covers many sins, trespasses? See Isaiah 8:14-15,,etc. He is Not a respect of your earthly honors, he knows His own people by His measure.


    The Day of “YaHooVaH”, which is 1000 years, for His people of Faith down through all the ages, will be fulfilled according to all the prophecies, over all the earth land, according to the holy scripture Word.  The Day of “YaHooVaH”, was fulfilled when He actually sent His Holy Son into the fallen world-kosmos, to fulfill the world-age of the old covenant, for that shorter time of His visitation, on that land.  However, at Hosea 6:2, we find that in 2 thousand years He will revive us again. And, on the third day, thousand years, will raise us up, and we will live in His sight.  Death will be swallowed up. He has many prophecies for “ Yisrael” tribes,  as well as tribes of “YaHoodah”, and David’s family, that He will fulfill according to all His Word, according to Faith requirements found in old and new Testaments.


    The devil will be locked up and then thrown into the lake of fire along with those who wanted the devil liege. Study The Book of Revelation of our King.  Those who truly sought The Creator in Faith of the Heart, with fruit of The Spirit,  will live with The Creator, forever. Some of that time will be on the present earth. Then, there will be a new heaven and earth, with no death, with joy, and the Father and Son will dwell with us on the new earth. Come, our Savior!

     Will our Savior find Faith on the earth when He comes again, As He asks at Luke 18:8?

    He is a rewarder of fruit of service to those who are already His own by Faith.

     In the Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”,

    Virginia ulrich 

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    • 4062589696?profile=RESIZE_180x180&width=96&height=96&crop=1%3A1
      Yes, Ezekiel 37 chapter has been fulfilled, and our King "YaHosha",      Reigns, Today in Heaven!

      King “YaHosha”,  the Kingdom is here, He actually established His Kingdom when He ascended to sit with His Father in heaven, to send His Holy Spirit at the time of Acts 2, Pentecost of early A.D, fulfilling Ezekiel 37 valley of dry bones living, a spiritual message from heaven to “Yisrael”. Read John 3 chapter slowly.
      It is written in His Scripture Words, in scripture Matthew chapter 24, and chapter 16, etc. saying that generation would see it, and other places in scripture writing the world as an old covenant "age" would be passing away.  And, The Gates of Hell will Not prevail against His church, Matt. 16:18, His assembly, His Bride. If they did these thing to , ME, says our King, they will do it, at John 15: 21, His assembly, at this time of the church age of The New Testament of His Will, at His death, and resurrection, established as like Hebrews 9, for Wills. The HaMashiach came at the appoint time revealed in Daniel, chapter 9, at a time now past.
      We need to witness the King ”YaHosha”, Words , must be establish on the earth, forever, His Commands, Laws.  The Holy Spirit speaks through His Scripture Word to reveal His Kingdom message Truth! Early America like Mayflower Compact, and Pilgrims were trying to abide in those Words, and, even The Hebrew Holy Names of The Creator, King “YaHosha” , written on tombstone of pilgrim gov. William Bradford, 1657 in Hebrew.

      That is the lawful rule of a holy assembly, a congress  on the land of America, That King “YaHosha”, created by His Word. Go to Matthew 5-7, beatitudes, for believers, of the free woman, assembly, under Grace, and The Holy Spirit.  Otherwise, the mosaic law of Mount Sinai for the people of bondage, is the rule, because at Exodus around chapter 32,  they broke the covenant between The Creator and themselves, which required they die,  or The Creator die for that violation of the mount Sinai covenant.   Listen at, to Tim Brown.
      Tim Brown preaches on his, that is on the internet on to hear. His message is full of Holy Spirit, and this woman is just learning from his message and studying the scriptures. It is quite a new message for this generation, I am very sorry to say. 
      At Zachariah 6:10-15, we learned about our Savior, the BRANCH, that He would be called, “YaHosha”, and that He would be a Priest and wear many crowns, and rule as a King. That is what happened in heaven, in the first century. Our Savior is King and Priest today in His Spirit world, Over, this whole physical world down here on our present Kosmos-world, fallen. We are under judgment and we need to pray the Holy Spirit quicken our understanding of our situation and turn, and REPENT, and ask for Mercy to heal us. Be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit, Please study this message with me as Tim Brown continues with it, come Monday.
      In the Holy Name of “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”,
      Virginia ulrich


  • It's not just Christians but anyone who believes in the teachings of the Torah/Bible. 

    • ADMIN

      Yup, and of course if you refuse to drink the libtard coolaid. 

  • So, how is a Believer in our Hebrew Savior, to plan, to expose Satan, to those People of The Creator, who are blinded by this fallen world? First, be Wise as a servant, and harmless as a dove. Look for the signs of the devil at work so as to cast him into the open light of day, to reveal to  The People, the devil’s LIE!

                               The Devil would do the following, right?
    1. Be contrary to Scriptural WORD Principals of Right Living, and, thus be a great liar, a great name changer. So, look for the fruit says scripture.
    2. Take Romans 13 governance of The Creator away by going to pagan names rather than Holy Hebrew Names of The Creator.  Even replace the name of the original nation, under allegiance to The Creator, with another name, vaguely different, and foreign.  Replace national oaths, of officers, with foreign oaths, or no oaths of officers  required  for service. Thus, Officers would be an imitation, and prone to all foreign influence of bribe, foreign allegiance, and any and all efforts of overturning of good organic governance of organic law of the land. Scribes of law of administration would instead be for the business of foreign service of the organized plan of the devil.  Those business practices would be  most holy, sacred to the devil allegiance principals, and secrets, of the symbols of his creed, of license, against The Creator and His Holy Word of His Land.  
    All officers of any title of men, would be bribed to surrender to the devil’s imitation of true holiness.  Even corporate churches of spirit,   and health,  and schooling, services would be trained in the devil’s organizations, corporate under the worldly kingdom of Roman, today, ruled by Men, and their pagan god!-What name was that?, Druid?, Canaanite? of their coronation? Did you see the pageantry?
    Question: will The Creator and His Holy Spirit be powerful enough to Free by FAITH to Salvation, the slumbering sheep who believe they are saved by The Creator-The Savior?   Our Savior is free from from all authority of the devil and corporate men, and calls His people out for freedom and service to Him!!!  The lukewarm believers of so-called FAITH in The Creator, will they really answer the Call of Holiness to The Creator to even call by their own physical Tongue, on His Holy Hebrew Name of sanctuary, rather than Blasphemy His Holy Hebrew Name?  Will they instead Stand, in The Creator’s Grace of Deliverance from Evil? Think!

    2.  Money, the love of is the root of all evil, would be given control of by aliens, by the devil over that nation, rather than duly oath officers of the nation.  The so called money would be changed to debt rather than substance, real service, or money metals. Wars planned by the devil’s warmongers, for men to die and shed blood, rather CALL on the Grace of our Savior’s sacrifice on the cross as king YaHoshaphat did at 2 Chron. 20,  TO BE DELIVERED without physical fight!  Remember  Joel chapter 3 promise, from The Creator!  WHY, be used to debtor the land, by sin and trespass, and murder to be destroyed?

    Otherwise, The alien would  FINISH  the process of selling the nation to others, by war, drugs, trafficking of mankind, lies of name changing-etc., and all matter of thefts,  to even, poison the life of all on the earth by their dark powers of Greek sorceries they named pharmakia.  The devil would use his shadows of death, and dead spirits via their so called magic replacement of The Truth for nothing truthful, under heaven.  The devil would FINISH to destroy the earth, itself.  Thus, the people would be replaced by others that were once called alien, and the people killed, or driven away by The Creator’s own Word’s of Deuteronomy 28 curse, and by Gog and Magog who comes as willing to serve the devil.

    Remember, The Creator controversy with the devil, His Love of His Word is all important. SO,  find a way to live, oh mankind, by The Creator’s WORD!  Go to the Creator’s sanctuary. Call on His Holy Hebrew Name, in Faith, and LIVE! Read Isaiah 8:14-15, ps. 91, etc.

    Look to your border, America. Look to your so called money stores. Look to your food stores. Look to you working places. Look to everything you hold dear. You are spoiled in a matter of days, and even now! You are rendered sterilized by your trespass. Stand in the holy Hebrew name of The Creator in faith against the devil in humble prayer to The Creator, for deliverance.

    In the Holy Hebrew Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”
    Virginia ulrich




    As a man, woman or child, that The Creator, created to be here at this time in history, please be saved! Do not be afraid!

    There are mankind without number, who, as said at Revelation chapter 7, will be saved during the great tribulation of the rule of Antichrist, because of Faith and Repentance, in love for our Savior. Also, the 144,000 sons of our Savior as Witnesses, are Sealed, to Not, die,  but, to stand with our Savior on Mount of Olives when He returns, physically to the earth. The 144,000 sons of our Savior, will be fellow heirs of  the land of “Yisrael”, and, will do servant rule during the millinium with our Savior. They will go through the tribulation, the wrath against evil, where our Savior rules with a rod of iron.

    Pastor J. Vernon McGee well explains from scripture, that the church, “The Bride”, the called out assembly of our Savior, who trusts only in Him, and His Words, has personal relationship with Him, and His Holy Spirit, will NOT go through the great tribulation time, of the wrath of our Savior against evil, on the earth.  At Romans 5:9, we are told His “Bride”, the church, is Not, appointed for “Wrath”, But, will go through child birth of the sealing of the 144,000 sons of The Son of Man.

    Please, call on His Holy Hebrew Name. Read Matt.5:7, and Ps. 91, Lev. 24:16.  Do not disobey His commandments, even perhaps the least. At Ezekiel. 39:7, He tells us that He will Not let,  “Yisrael”, blasphemy His Name anymore. You might well go to the grave, rather than be raptured alive when the call comes, if you break that even perhaps least commandment, though, I believe it to be The First Command, of addressing, even your enemy! It is common politeness; An imperative, for those who want THEIR Name, written in the Book of Life, Right?

    The great j. Vernon McGee sermons are on the internet, being  broadcast, today, teaching the scripture message through all the Bible,  all over the earth, though he has been with our Savior since 1988. Look him up. Go to Bible Bus,

    In The Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael”,

    Virginia ulrich


  • This is the Wonderful sermon, ARMEGEDDON, by pastor J. Vernon McGee, on YouTube

    Please note, that in the sermon, Gog and Magog, is NOT Russia, BUT, the empire on the north side of the Wall of Gog and Magog, built around 800 A.D., north of the country of Georgia, built to keep the wicked name changers our of the West.

    in the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Elohim of Yisrael"

    virginia ulrich

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