Co-host blames 'Christian nationalism' for mass shootings! The View co-host Tara Setmayer linked the Uvalde shooting with ‘Christian nationalism’ (By Joe Silverstein | Fox News)

‘The View’ host: Republican Party isn’t ‘in line with American values’

On Tuesday, ABC’s "The View" co-host Tara Setmayer blamed the Uvalde school shooting on a "rise in violent Christian nationalism."

"It’s part of the Christian nationalism, this rise in violent Christian nationalism, that we have seen, which is also disturbing. They use biblical principles, they pervert them to justify this," Setmayer said.

"Particularly in Texas, this is a growing movement," she continued."It’s God, guns and Trump". Or God, guns and whatever. It’s a part of their ethos."

Setmayer, who serves as a senior advisor for the anti-Republican group the Lincoln Project, was filling in as the guest host in the lone conservative spot on the show.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg added on to Setmayer's point, appearing to blame Christians for slavery and racism.

"It’s always been this. This was the way it was down south. They used to use the Bible and say you’re not people, God doesn’t see you as people, so we don’t see you as people," Goldberg said.

Goldberg went on to call for the banning of AR-15s...........

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"I don’t care NRA. You got to give that gun up. You can have your other ‘ye-ha guns’, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It is not a gun where you are going to go out and shoot your dinner," Goldberg said. "This gun is meant to kill people. That’s what it’s for. And you can’t have it anymore."

The conversation was sparked when co-host Sunny Hostin criticized Daniel Defense, a gun manufacturer, for a since deleted tweet that featured a child holding an unloaded gun with a biblical verse attached.

The View’s comments reflect a pattern by some in the media to label Christianity as a vehicle for violence and white supremacy. Last month, TIME published an article titled "It’s Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy and Violence."

Similarly, a LA Times columnist slammed Christians who turned to faith in response to the Uvalde shooting, accusing them of supporting a "​​return to the kind of faith that allowed brutal enslavement to be the law of the land for centuries."

President Biden has faced criticism for repeating a false and debunked narrative that the 2nd Amendment did not allow people to own cannons at the time of the United States’ founding.

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  • It's not just Christians but anyone who believes in the teachings of the Torah/Bible. 

    • ADMIN

      Yup, and of course if you refuse to drink the libtard coolaid. 

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    • Pastor McGee is one of my favorite ministers... I have listened to his sermons for years and each time I hear him the Spirit leaps within my soul... to know such power and to have such vision is surely the work of God. His ministry remains one of the greatest in the Presbyterian denomination... I recommend his work without reservation.

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      Yup, he is an old time preacher who get it right! 

  • Question: If I'm a criminal because I follow the teachings of Jesus, then who are these people? 


  • that should show you how screwed up our Government is! 

    • Satan has his army of insurrectionists and treason... standing on the US Flag our nation's standard and emblem of soverignty says it all.  At one time these individuals would be tarred and feathered or worse for denigrating our nation's flag. 

    • Well said Virginia ... thank you for posting this information...

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    • In all things we are directed to give thanks to the Lord for He alone is in control ... Know this all things work for the good of those who love the Lord.  Our God is all-sufficient. He is more than enough to preserve us in the times of testing; too, make a way where there seems to be none... in a world of tribulation we shall be at peace.  

      Remember and cherish this: We are the heirs of salvation, JOINT HEIRS with Christ, and no weapon formed may hurt us... God is our rock, our shield and buckler... our salvation.  He teaches our hands to war and stands between us and the enemies of our soul... Therefore, know this:  If God be for us, nothing can stand against us.   God is our Father, the deliverer of our body and soul from this uncertain world. 

      O.grave where is thy victory, O' Death where is thy sting... for God hath delivered us from thy hand, by thy power of His Word... Jesus Christ.  Comfort one another with these words and fear not. For, the coming judgment upon this world is not meant for us...  We are not o this world... We are the Children of the Most High, and our Kingdom is eternal.  Amen

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