Featured-Pages-Graphics-3-2-767x1024.png?profile=RESIZE_400x(PatriotHQ) Weaponization in it’s purest form! But what you were not told is that journalist was testifying in front of Congress about the weaponization of the IRS! OMG! But it gets dozier from here! The IRS began pouring-over his 2018 tax return on Christmas Eve 2022, which is a Saturday night!! Nothing to see here!

A journalist named Matt Taibbi, known for his involvement in the Twitter Files, criticized the IRS after they conducted an investigation into him and visited his home, only to find out  they actually owed him money.

Taibbi expressed his concerns about the IRS investigation, suggesting  it may have been politically motivated. He pointed out  the investigation started as he was preparing to testify before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Government Weaponization. During the hearing, Taibbi had clashed with Ranking Member Stacey Plaskett over his role in the Twitter Files and faced threats of jail time.

In an interview, Taibbi confirmed the timeline presented in a letter from Committee Chairman Jim Jordan to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. The IRS began examining his 2018 tax return on Christmas Eve 2022, which happened to fall on a Saturday. Taibbi also noted  the launch of the investigation coincided with the appointment of Commissioner Werfel by President Biden.

Taibbi found it unusual the IRS conducted business on weekends and holidays. He mentioned  he had recently published a report about connections between the FBI and Big Tech, which added to the strange circumstances surrounding the investigation.

The IRS assigned an agent to meet Taibbi in person on January 27, 2023, the same day he testified before Jordan and Plaskett's panel. Surprisingly, instead of finding Taibbi owing money, the investigation concluded the government owed him a significant refund.

Just a coincidence!

Taibbi initially hesitated to comment on the matter, hoping it was just an oversight or coincidence. However, he now believes there is evidence of political motivation behind the investigation. He called for the IRS to provide answers regarding their decision.

Reflecting on his experience with the Twitter Files, Taibbi admitted his initial naivety about federal agencies' willingness to target journalists. The fact  IRS agents visited his home on the day of his congressional testimony demonstrated a lack of concern for optics, according to Taibbi.

Drawing parallels to the scandal involving Lois Lerner, a former IRS director who unfairly scrutinized conservative groups and the Tea Party, Taibbi argued  there is a history of political pressure influencing federal agencies. He viewed his case as potential retaliation or intimidation, not just against himself but also as a warning to future reporters working on similar topics.

IMHO – Something smells like a rat! The Dems are quick on weaponizing the IRS, public school system, ballot harvesting and of course their all time favorite the Alphabet Agencies. But this time they got caught! How oblivious!

  1. Decide to audit a journalist on Christmas eve on a Saturday night
  2. Raid the journalist home when he was working with Congress to testify against the weaponization of the IRS
  3. Upon review the IRS actually owed the Journalist a very large refund!

But don’t worry, if armed IRS Audit Agents raid your home (kicking in the front door) only to find out they owed you money you will realize it was just one big coincidence! Relax!!!

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  • He said the wrong thing........this is what tyranny looks Ike at first, then it gets to be like the KBG or Hitler's thugs. 

  • They are all demonic!

  • Nothing new here, I have personal experience dating back to the early 1990s.  It was so bad you wouldn't believe it if I told you!!!  The only difference now is that they don't care if everyone knows it, the NWO wants you to know what will happen to you if you stand up!!!  You have to admit, the NWO is doing a great job destroying this once great nation.

  • Get ready brothers it all going to come to a head. One of two things are about to happen,  Congress is going to find a back bone stand up to all this Crap. Don't hold your breath. Or the People are going to show up in D.C.  and show Crazy Nancy what a real coup is.  God help us all!!

    • Always ready Brother, Its gone on long enough!

  • Wow! This is so wrong in so many ways! 

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