Left-Wing Racism Blocks Medical Care To Whites

depositphotos_380175480-stock-illustration-all-lives-matter-concept-template.jpg?profile=RESIZE_180x180(PatriotHQ) Progressive Enlightened Wokes are blocking Whites from receiving much needed therapy is only the next step to blocking life saving medical care. Will organ transplants be blocked? Needed heart surgery or cancer treatment be denied to a vast segment of America’s population simply because the suffering patient is White? Maybe so!

Get this. Because he is white, a student at the University of South Florida was told he couldn't go to a therapy session.

WHAT! A report from Campus Reform found a white student at the University of South Florida (USF) was not given mental health care simply because he is white.

A new superior class of citizens are emerging, and they are privileged and preferred in every way including medical and mental treatment. The super class is called BIPOC. If you are a BIPOC then the world opens to you and full treatment is available.

Emails show Andrew Davis was not given mental health care because he is not a "BIPOC," which stands for "black, indigenous, people of color."

Davis called the counseling center at USF on October 3, 2022, to see if he could attend a group therapy session for BIPOC called "Understanding Self and Others." None of the other times worked for him.

He wrote in his email, "After I finish the pre-group meeting, I'd like to go to a USO group meeting, but the only day and time works for me is Wednesday, when the BIPOC students-only group meets."

I am not a BIPOC student, but I wanted to know if I could still go, and unfortunately, we do need to keep this space for BIPOC people only. Denied and BIPOC Blocked!

When Davis got the answer, he went to the university's Office of Compliance and Ethics on October 5 to file a complaint. He said during an information-gathering meeting on October 18, Equal Opportunity Officer Kenneth Thomas "was accusatory" and "asked me if I even knew what BIPOC meant and if I knew how important it was for those groups to have their own discussion."

Davis also said Thomas "didn't seem to care about my complaint and seemed to be more worried about whether or not the University could keep these groups going."

The office then got back to Davis on February 8. In their decision, they said, "The Counseling Center will not stop any group of students from joining specialized counseling groups unless there is a specific reason to do so or a medical need to do so."

Critical Race Theory has been pushed by USF, which has created the "Vast Diversity Bureau” this bureaucracy has "made left-wing racism the new norm and put in place a policy of racial preferences and discrimination."

In conclusion. The new VDB (Vast Diversity Bureau) is enforcing left-wing racism and imposing this new standard as a ‘new norm’! This has the disgusting stench of rancid unconstitutional action! Will White College students be labeled as ‘unclean’ and treated like lepers being forced to live outside of town in leper colonies, denied medical and psychological help?   What if this new norm escapes the College campuses and infects the business communities and even go so far as to infect neighborhoods. Is White the new 21st century plague? Can there be a cure? Or are White people destined to be outcasts and scorned for eternity?

What do you think?

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  • Again, I say, stop the anger and firger pointing.  A united population is the answer.  Why do you think they are trying so hard to divide us.

  • Let us join together and defeat evil you know who they are, they are the ones who keep talking about racist hate and anything else that is wrong for our country 

  • Don't get caught up in the hate.  We need to stand as one nation indivisible!!!!

  • Of course, the left will block medical care for whites, conservatives and non-sheeples. What did we expect!? ...a helping hand for fellow citizens and humane treatment? 

  • The left is certainly promoting racism.  Mental health is a universal problem..Diversity of any type should be banned because it also seems to me that this aleged idea of diversity should be classed as a mental health issue. 

  • The only thing that will stop this insanity is loss of money, so sue the hell out of them!!!

  • What about a lawsuit against the college for discrimmitory practices. It was like the time years ago I went to a community college and they had a black peoples only group before it was


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