Manufactured Disaster Bankrupting Cities

hiNf-h.gifThe problem of the Illegal Alien Invasion is completely manufactured by the progressive agenda of the swamp and the fallout is bankrupting deep blue sanctuary cities. Progressive run cities are vastly reducing workers' hours and slashing homeowner services while cutting Police budgets in order to allocate funds for the benefit of the Illegal Aliens occupying their cities.

The malignant border situation in the United States has ignited widespread discussions and is now directly affecting the lives of American citizens as sanctuary cities deal with the gigantic increase of Illegal Aliens. Denver, Colorado, amount of a host of other cities are considering reducing workers' hours and cutting essential services to allocate funds for housing, food, welfare, medical, spending money, child education and a host of other human service aimed exclusively to benefit the Illegal Alien inhabitants.  

In Denver, officials are exploring potential solutions to address the strain on city resources caused by the vast increase in Illegal Aliens hordes. The city administration, under the leadership of Mayor Mike Johnston, has put forth a proposal to reduce the working hours of city employees, specifically those in the Department of Parks and Recreation, reduced and stopped services to citizen homeowners and drastically reduced the city police budget in order to redirect funds towards addressing the alien crisis.

The proposed cuts would primarily impact on-call employees, including positions such as lifeguards, patrol police, neighbor services, High school coaches, and front desk police staff, potentially resulting in a complete elimination of their hours. This decision, although presented as a redistribution of resources, clearly places a higher emphasis on assisting Illegal Aliens rather than prioritizing the well-being of American citizens who actively contribute to society.

Denver Parks and Recreation Director Jolon Clark recognized the potential consequences for employees, noting that the decrease in hours could result in some workers having no hours at all. The department is working to reduce its budget by $4.3 million in order to address the increase in illegal immigrants. The city is currently facing a whopping shortfall of over $180,000,000 just to cover the expenses related to the care and welfare of the Illegal Alien horde settled in the Denver area.

Mayor Mike Johnston stood by the proposed cuts, highlighting they are ‘not layoffs’ just a ‘decrease in working hours’. He pointed out the need for such measures arose due to the lack of effective action taken by the federal government to address the alien crisis.

However, there are those who argue the focus on providing benefits to illegal aliens instead of prioritizing essential services for citizens shows a misguided sense of responsibility and highlights the larger issues presented by sanctuary city policies. By reallocating resources from essential services like the Department of Motor Vehicles and Parks and Recreation, Denver may be jeopardizing the welfare of its residents in order to accommodate individuals who are residing in the country unlawfully.

The decision-making process regarding the extent of the cuts is still ongoing, as the city faces the challenge of prioritizing amidst increasing financial pressures. Although officials like Mayor Johnston claim to prioritize citizen sacrifice and working together to address the alien crisis, the impact of these measures on workers and residents raises concerns about the effectiveness and fairness of sanctuary city policies.

Final Word: Do I have this right: ‘strip the hard-earned money and service from citizens who earned and deserve the benefits they voted for and give them to hordes of undeserving aliens who broke the law coming here and continue to break the law by stay here.”

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to give all those aliens a free plane ticket back to their country of origin and then to refuse to let anymore Illegal Aliens into their city? If this is not done then a new dependent class of non-citizens will emerge and that would cost billions and billions per city!

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  • Will America make it to November 5th and the Election?   It is beginning to become clear we will not make it before a pandemic, war, riots, and an active government working to dismantle our National Security and Legal System... openly rigs cancels, or postpones the elections indefinitely.  Huge shifts in our markets are beginning to take their toll on our ability to feed the nation, and maintain law and order and our public's health.

    Without immediate action to reverse course AMERICA IS DONE... when its leaders are openly committing TREASON and NONE OF THE LEADERSHIP Is willing to expose it... too, call TREASON ... TREASON... we can only end up homeless and powerless to save our Republic and the American Dream.

    it's that simple folks.... we either REMOVE the TREASON or lose the nation.  We won't make it through the coming summer to see a ligitimate election... then what?  Civil War is not the answer. The answer lies in using the Public's KEY STRENGTHS... too, go on strike... stay at home until the government resigns subject to new elections... The people in office today WILL NOT provide the type and kind of leadership and support the public needs to save America.

    The total dissolution of the USA is no longer a possibility it is happening now!  Those who think the coming election will be our salvation ... WAKE UP... we are witnessing an invasion and a TREASONOUS leadership working to destroy our elections either through voter fraud or canceling them due to war, civil unrest, a pandemic, or a host of other manufactured crisis... resulting in Martial Law and the postponement of elections indefinitely.


    • ADMIN

      How are the Dems cooking elections? What would happen if a Congressional district that normally has 80k votes recived 800K votes from both sides? IN other words more votes than 3 times the people in that district! 

    • what would happen... nothing... as the courts have already faced similar challenges and did nothing ... refusing to hear the evidence based on standing and other administrative judicial process.  In

    • The media will blame Trump, arrest him and charge him with Russian collusion. 

    • They already have!....but I understand your POV. 

  • They are determined to wipe out the middle class so it's just THEM and the poor, dependent, desperate, those looking for the government handout to live. Pride, dignity, self respect, independence, self reliance all gone, they want to force people to live as they say. It's been done's called communism.

    They issue heating materials just enough you don't freeze, just enough food you don't starve. Your guns are gone, everything is controlled, what you see, what you hear all is determined by them, you work for them because all is owned by them, they decide if you live or die when you get sick.........while they live in mansions, have servants, vacation in exotic places, fly to Paris to shop and get haircuts, living a life they haven't earned, nor deserve. That's what all the democrats have been working on to create. The commies called it a workers paradise! All equally poor! 

    • I remember the wise words of Sir Winston Churchill, many decades ago: "Socialism (communism) is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery!"

    • Equal sharing of misery is only for the working class, the upper class still enjoyed the finer things in life!

    • I like that definition... the equal sharing of misery.

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