Massive Illegal Army Attack And Over Run Border

Invasion Of America Goes Into High Gear! Massive attacking Illegal Armies are flooding America and are deluging our borders and now threating the very fabric of our society with no end in sight! Massive Illegal Alien Armies Surge across U.S. Border and massive rates, while Washington claims this is nothing more than healthy immigration of loving people who only come here to work! Balderdash!

A massive army of armed Illegal Aliens forcefully entered the U.S. border in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday, causing guards to be knocked down. This occurred during a legal dispute on the state's legislation against illegal immigration. A tumultuous situation ensued as Texas law enforcement dealt with an influx of untold throngs, with innumerable military age adult males aggressively advancing towards the border wall, dismantling razor wire obstacles obstructing their route.

 A New York Post recorded video footage  depicted the heated scene of adult males forcefully breaching security procedures, attacking Texas National Guardsmen, and advancing towards the border wall. In the midst of the disorder, security personnel were toppled, and one person has been apprehended for attacking a soldier, with other arrests anticipated for vandalism and physical assault.

Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, confirmed  all aliens involved in the incident have been captured, and law enforcement officials are carefully reviewing surveillance footage to determine the individuals guilty for assaulting the guards. These individuals are at risk of being deported and may even face criminal charges, although they still have the opportunity to seek refuge.


The increase in border activity coincides with a broader invasion emergency, as evidenced by the startling number of 7.3 million Illegal Aliens documented in fiscal year 2023 alone. Although there has been a minor decline in numbers since the peak in December, there are still fears about the possibility of a resurgence as summer approaches.

Texas has been leading the way in tackling the Illegal Alien invasion by establishing multiple security measures, despite facing criticism from the Biden administration. The state's legislation targeting unauthorized invasion, which enables police the authority to apprehend anyone lacking legal documentation, was temporarily implemented following a decision by the Supreme Court, but subsequently halted once more by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.


The Biden administration has expressed disapproval of Texas' strategy, contending  it infringes upon federal jurisdiction on immigration enforcement. Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary of the White House, criticized the measure, asserting  it will worsen border difficulties and hinder law enforcement endeavors.

Nevertheless, Texas Governor Greg Abbott justified the state's actions by blaming the Biden administration of neglecting border security and failing to uphold immigration rules. Texas asserts its jurisdiction to counter unlawful border crossings by utilizing trespass laws, intending to apprehend any those engaged in criminal acts along the border.

The tumultuous images at the border have rekindled the discussion in Washington, D.C., on immigration reform. The Biden administration has asked for more money and implementing changes to tackle systemic invasion problems, while Republicans support the reinstatement of Trump-era policies such as "Remain-in-Mexico" and strengthening border security measures.

 Final Word: What type of people will allow and even applaud such horrific action at the US border? Using desperate people and restrained Border Patrol to flood America is unconscionable. Saying it must stop are worthless words. Making the invasion stop will take armed force stationed at the border, but who in Washington has the intestinal fortitude to do such a noble action………..

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  • Ukraine needs 500,000 fighters, let's load these monsters on planes in Tucson for a one way trip to Kiev.

    • ADMIN

      Thats a Damn good idea! I'll pay for the barf bags! 

  • Do we still consider them "immigrants" while they are physically braking in, gressivelygoing against the military? How much more before we declare it to be an invasion of foreigners? When do we place the military on the border and start shootoing? 


    West Warned It’s “One Step Away From The Unthinkable”
    Sorcha Faal,
  • Is it time to use DEADLY FORCE in the defense of America...  Time to put the world on notice... that sponsoring or aiding the ongoing migrant invasion of America is an act of war and the US reserves its right to neutralize the agents of this action... wherever they are found. 

    The illegal migrants entering the U.S. comprise an irregular military force... they are engaged in a form of asymmetrical warfare. These foreign nationals are hell-bent on pillaging our nation of its wealth and when finished they will leave behind a mere smoldering hulk of what was once our great nation.

    We are at war... it is time to act like it.  The use of Deadly force will be necessary to convince the invaiders America has had enough of their abuse... This invasion needs to be repelled NOW... not tomorrow. Because of past support by our government, it will take the use of Deadly Force to convince the invaiders that America has had it with their lawless conduct. Failure to use deadly force will only slow down the invasion... it will not stop it.

    Where is the outrage from the members of our government? Our flag is being walked on, our borders are ignored... Our Treasury is being looted, our youth poisoned. Marxist cultural doctrines are destroying our institutions of culture and civic power, and our wives and daughters are being subjected to rape and violence... Is there yet anyone left in Congress to stop this outrage?  Where are the Patriots in our government... ARE THERE ANY?

    I say again... We are at War whether we acknowledge it or not... and the enemy has established a stronghold in our government.  We must act now not later.  Congress, our civic and commercial leaders. need to engage whatever means are necessary to restore our government. America is going down for the count. 

  • Washington "power brokers" don't know it but though Not consciously nor voluntarily They Were Recruited Into SATAN'S Army. MEHISTO Awaits them at commander's call.

    • Don't be fooled... most of DC is sold out... capitulated to the New World Order... Bartered a better deal... with the blood of our youth... They believe they can dance with the Devil and win... come out with new titles and lands in the coming New World Order.

      They were not duped or misled... they knowingly sold out... PERIOD.  We need to begin to treat them as the traitors they are.

    • That, Colonel, is the sensible viewpoint; they are gambling with every citizens future. The DISGUSTING Characteristic of their stance is THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN THE CHILDREN.

    • Yup, all hell could break loose. 'Lock and Load' 

  • And every one of these invaders has been processed into the country. 

    Walk in Faith. 

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