My Position On The Israeli War......What Is Yours?

12281955483?profile=RESIZE_400xSetting the record straight! My position and I believe the position of all true Patriots who believe in freedom and self-defense are standing together, united for Israel. We the People must uphold the Divine Mandate in a world plagued by rising threats and constant turmoil, it is imperative  we stand firmly behind the State of Israel in its unwavering pursuit of self-defense.

As a beacon of democracy and stability in the Middle East, Israel has not only the right but also the divine purpose to protect its citizens from the ever-present dangers  surround it. The history of Israel is intertwined with a divine covenant, and that covenant is our basis of self-defense as well.

In a rapidly changing world, it is imperative to recognize and uphold Israel's inherent right to self-defense as an indisputable cornerstone of its very existence.

The establishment of the Jewish state stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to providing a homeland for the Jewish people, the cornerstone of Christianity rooted in a rich historical and moral legacy.

Our great nation and the nation of Israel are not just a mere entity, but both a sacred blessing bestowed upon us by a higher power, entrusted with a profound and noble mission.

Israel's unquestionable right to exist as a Jewish state is deeply ingrained in the rich tapestry of history, marked by centuries of resilience, unwavering determination, and the indomitable spirit of its people.

These fundamental principles are beyond dispute; it is an inviolable right. However, it is imperative to acknowledge  along with this fundamental right, there exists an equally important duty to safeguard and protect the well-being and security of its people.

Israel's adversaries, in their relentless pursuit of their own interests, have consistently shown a stubborn refusal to engage in peaceful negotiations and diplomacy.

For far too many individuals, the only language that resonates with them is the language of force. Amidst the relentless onslaught of threats and vicious attacks, it is imperative to acknowledge and uphold Israel's undeniable right and unwavering obligation to safeguard its citizens and preserve its sovereignty.

Israel must never depend on the fickle sympathies or approval of others when it comes to safeguarding its own security. Israel must take decisive action to confront and eradicate the grave threats posed by organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The idea of a two-state solution, which has been a topic of extensive discussion and global coercion, is far from an inviolable principle. Israel, as a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, has the inherent right to determine its own destiny. If it recognizes the impracticality or unsustainability of a two-state solution, it is entitled to forge an alternative path.

The Arab world must face the harsh reality  they cannot turn a blind eye to the violence perpetrated against Jews while hypocritically disavowing the Palestinians.

These crucial decisions demand careful deliberation, and they ultimately lie within the purview of Israel, a nation  bears the weight of responsibility.

As the leader of the free world, it is imperative  the United States and all its citizens must prioritizes the unwavering support for our steadfast ally, Israel. We must remain committed to fostering a robust partnership, one that upholds the principles of sovereignty and bolsters Israel's inherent right to defend itself and brightly displays freedom from their shores.

In these critical times, as Israel rightfully reclaims its founding principles, it is imperative for the United States to steadfastly uphold its own cherished values and principles as well and stand with Israel.

The unbreakable bond between these two great nations is firmly grounded in the timeless principles of democracy, freedom, and the unwavering pursuit of self-determination. It is imperative  we, as Patriotic Americans, recommit ourselves to the timeless principles that has Made America Great and those same principles will Make America Great Again!

Now more than ever, we must steadfastly support our steadfast ally in their unwavering pursuit of security and peace.

12281955867?profile=RESIZE_584xFinal Word: It is imperative to recognize and uphold Israel's inherent right to exist and safeguard its sovereignty. This is not merely a slight issue, but one deeply rooted in principles, historical context, and moral imperatives.

Despite the numerous challenges faced by our world, the unwavering Divine Purpose of Israel continues to stand strong and We The People must stand strong with Israel.

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  • Thank you and my friends thank you! 


  • Abraham's SEED is our Savior, the Sovereign. No one inherits without FAITH in The Savior! Do you understand? You seem to be mistaken!

    Would you have the fallen flesh of mankind overrule The Savior of mankind?  Would you have physical temporary life of mankind overrule eternal Life? Read Genesis 13:15 again. It was Abraham and his SEED, single,  who inherited the Promise  by FAITH in the Father Most High! Galatians 3:15-19 explains it. Ephesians 2 and 4 tells us what matter is that Faith! Abraham saw in his dream during the sacrifice, what price The Savior would pay on the cross, with His Holy Life, to die, for mankind, for their sins, and then by the holy Divine power of The Father Creator, to raise up again His Holy Son to Life Eternal. Thus, HE, is our our High Priest eternal, our Savior, our Sovereign, our King of Kings, coming again, soon, to make intercession for our sins, to save us, the saved by Faith, eternally in eternal Life! Abraham, the father of nations, by this Great Faith, is our father of nations, because, he first believed!

    The SEED is Soverign, since HE the Holy Son, of His Most High Father,  Savior eternal,  to make the Promise made to Abraham sure! Trust in Him, call on His paleo Hebrew Name, HE will never leave you! HE is Caption of the hosts of heaven and earth, His Army! Read Psalms 110.

    In the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",


  • Thanks, Steve for a very powerful and cogent post on our need to support Israel in her time of need...  I am 100% behind aid to Israel including the dispatching of US troops if needed to ensure her continued soverignty.  

    • 10/4






    Yes, if we are talking about pleasing our Creator, who is first, Spirit, but gave us flesh bodies for a time, as HE pleases, concerning His children who will submit to His loving authority of all His Scripture word, as even the last few sentences of scripture explained at Revelation 22:18-19, then of course, we love the Brethren! We submit to ALL HIS Word Authority, by The Most High Father Creator, first as eternal King over all, by the Grace of His only Son.  We lovingly submit to  HiS Holy Son, the Prince of Peace, Savior who loved mankind, enough to Create us, and even die for sins against us, in  The Covenant with His Father, which was death for us, to cover our sins with His precious Blood.  We are the Holy Son’s creation by His spoken Word, as Saint John explains at chapter 1, etc of all scripture, and HE is our High Priest, Savior, our Peace, and our Defender and Judge.
    All who love The Father and His Son, then, yes, we as Their fellow servants, love the “The Jew, the YaHooDaH”. We with great joy and love welcome the Unity of the Family together again! HalleluYaH! 
    Please proclaim His Holy Name, Honor, Glory, Word, and His Love for mankind to the ends of the earth. Please save the holy harvest of mankind who will listen to The Father’s and Son’s witness in all His Creation, made so beautifully before we messed it up. The Spirit calls to all mankind to be saved. HE offers Redemption for our sins, before His return.
    In the Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal”,


    • Can you imagine, IF, the people of land that call themselves, Jews, would call on the Creator's Holy Paleo Hebrew Name of old, in Faith, and Stand against the whole world, in that Name, steadfast, peacefully, They would be Saved from the invading armies! They would stand just like king Hezekiah, did at Isaiah 36-37, and king YaHoshaphet at his encounter with three armies, at 2 Chronicles 20. Then, they should have a national celebration of praise and Thanksgiving to their Savior, Most Holy! The angels will sing HalleluYaH, to welcome  "YaHooDaH", returned to the fold of their Savior.

      In the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal".


    • 12189854499?profile=RESIZE_180x180&width=96&height=96&crop=1%3A1

      Oh, how great is our God... let us sing How Great Is Our God... He makes the mountains bow low, He divides the seas and causes the wind to blow... Oh, how great is our God?  He turns and the heavens move, at His command the sun gives light and the solar winds touch the ends of time.

      Our God is the ancient of days, He made the Stars and calls them by name... Oh, how great is our God... whose name is forever, whose Hand moves the seas and carries the voice of salvation to the lost... Oh, how great thou art O'Lord of Heaven... Let the People sing How great the art... Is there a man to stand before thee? Who can fathom the depths of the oceans or number the stars... who among us is greater?

      Oh, how great thou art Lord of lords ... the night gives way to the Son ... and thy hand of salvation reaches into the depths of Hell to save the lost.. The mountains bow low and the plains rise at thy command... Rivers run to the sea and return never to empty at thy behest. Who is greater in all creation ... not one, for our God is greater than the whole... and the sum of it all.

      Rejoice O' ye saints for death is conquered and the grave no more robs man of his inheritance in Christ... Oh, How great is our God who has resurrected me... whose spirit and glory are one in us... praise the Faher and Son ... the Holy Spirit all three in one. Let the Saints rejoice in Him who has made us all ONE... one in the Father and son... one in the Spirit of life ... in Jesus Christ. Amen, and again I sing Amen dear Lord.  ( A  Psalm of Praise)

      How often I sit in the presence and glory of the Lord... too, reach out and touch His face, to feed upon His grace... No place in creation is greater than under the wings of our Lord... to be in His presence.

      It is in His Spirit that I am most fulfilled... O' that the world would but embrace Jesus Christ's calling... to be saved.  There is nothing like living in God's Grace... in that place, His mercy and grace overcome every doubt and fear Satan brings to plague mankind.

      For our God comes with an Army... An Army to make His enemies His footstool and His Children shine as the stars in heaven. There, night gives way to an Eternal Day, with the Morning Star. For God will send out an Army to find you, to rescue us in the middle of the night... God will rescue us... Take hope in these words and know God is more than enough.  Know His Word is eternal... His promises are certain.


    The Khazarian Mafia wants to surrender, asks for amnesty
    • Yes, Colonel, you are right it is Isaiah 54:17, it was a typo, sorry. But, the scapegoat is needed. Nothing of scripture is not needed. Isaiah 51: 17-22, she, Zion, bears the fury of The Father for what happened to His holy city, Zion.  Isaiah 52:9, Zion must be Redeemed.  It is a waste land where there is no justice or holiness. This is the place where The Father sends the scapegoat of Lev. 16:21-22.  It is a waste land, now.  For the Restoration of the holy land and the people of Jacob, the prophecy of Jeremiah 30-31, all of these things to be fulfilled, all Scriptures must be accomplished. And, At Jeremiah 31:22, a new thing, on the earth is created by The Creator, a woman shall compass a man. The scapegoat blood is not needed, it is a live goat.  It is the fury of The Creator that must be borne by Zion, by  the woman, for the sins and the trespass of His people, at the desolate holy city.  Even as she blesses The Father Creator, Matt. 23:37-39, this is needed.   But, she is not left alone, since her Savior is with her, "a woman will encompass a man", jer, 31:22.

      In the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",




  • Winning is the only option! 

    Appearance of victory is no longer enough. Israel has forgotten how to win'  – <a href=

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