My Position On The Israeli War......What Is Yours?

12281955483?profile=RESIZE_400xSetting the record straight! My position and I believe the position of all true Patriots who believe in freedom and self-defense are standing together, united for Israel. We the People must uphold the Divine Mandate in a world plagued by rising threats and constant turmoil, it is imperative  we stand firmly behind the State of Israel in its unwavering pursuit of self-defense.

As a beacon of democracy and stability in the Middle East, Israel has not only the right but also the divine purpose to protect its citizens from the ever-present dangers surrounding it. The history of Israel is intertwined with a divine covenant, and that covenant is our basis of self-defense as well.

In a rapidly changing world, it is imperative to recognize and uphold Israel's inherent right to self-defense as an indisputable cornerstone of its very existence.

The establishment of the Jewish state stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to providing a homeland for the Jewish people, the cornerstone of Christianity rooted in a rich historical and moral legacy.

Our great nation and the nation of Israel are not just a mere entity, but both a sacred blessing bestowed upon us by a higher power, entrusted with a profound and noble mission.

Israel's unquestionable right to exist as a Jewish state is deeply ingrained in the rich tapestry of history, marked by centuries of resilience, unwavering determination, and the indomitable spirit of its people.

These fundamental principles are beyond dispute; it is an inviolable right. However, it is imperative to acknowledge  along with this fundamental right, there exists an equally important duty to safeguard and protect the well-being and security of its people.

Israel's adversaries, in their relentless pursuit of their own interests, have consistently shown a stubborn refusal to engage in peaceful negotiations and diplomacy.

For far too many individuals, the only language that resonates with them is the language of force. Amidst the relentless onslaught of threats and vicious attacks, it is imperative to acknowledge and uphold Israel's undeniable right and unwavering obligation to safeguard its citizens and preserve its sovereignty.

Israel must never depend on the fickle sympathies or approval of others when it comes to safeguarding its own security. Israel must take decisive action to confront and eradicate the grave threats posed by organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The idea of a two-state solution, which has been a topic of extensive discussion and global coercion, is far from an inviolable principle. Israel, as a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, has the inherent right to determine its own destiny. If it recognizes the impracticality or unsustainability of a two-state solution, it is entitled to forge an alternative path.

The Arab world must face the harsh reality  they cannot turn a blind eye to the violence perpetrated against Jews while hypocritically disavowing the Palestinians.

These crucial decisions demand careful deliberation, and they ultimately lie within the purview of Israel, a nation  bears the weight of responsibility.

As the leader of the free world, it is imperative  the United States and all its citizens must prioritizes the unwavering support for our steadfast ally, Israel. We must remain committed to fostering a robust partnership, one that upholds the principles of sovereignty and bolsters Israel's inherent right to defend itself and brightly displays freedom from their shores.

In these critical times, as Israel rightfully reclaims its founding principles, it is imperative for the United States to steadfastly uphold its own cherished values and principles as well and stand with Israel.

The unbreakable bond between these two great nations is firmly grounded in the timeless principles of democracy, freedom, and the unwavering pursuit of self-determination. It is imperative  we, as Patriotic Americans, recommit ourselves to the timeless principles that has Made America Great and those same principles will Make America Great Again!

Now more than ever, we must steadfastly support our steadfast ally in their unwavering pursuit of security and peace.

12281955867?profile=RESIZE_584xFinal Word: It is imperative to recognize and uphold Israel's inherent right to exist and safeguard its sovereignty. This is not merely a slight issue, but one deeply rooted in principles, historical context, and moral imperatives.

Despite the numerous challenges faced by our world, the unwavering Divine Purpose of Israel continues to stand strong and We The People must stand strong with Israel.

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    • BS... If neutron bombs were being used there would be so many leaks screaming to stop it would not be used....  Neutron Bombs are biological weapons as they attack living material ... the DNA... 

      Once more sourcing one's reports and information is very important especially if you are going to suggest WAR CRIMES are being used.  Virginia, your sources are anti-Israel and Marxist in their orientation.  Try getting one or two respected news agencies to report such abuses and when you can't ... don't defecate.. all over the internet by spreading such garbage around.

    • You are correct. This is why we are the resistance!

    • I have been aware of such weapons for decades... they represent some of the worst sort of soial engagement mankind has ever creted.  With these weapons ethnic cleansing is possible as is the total elimination of the human species... These weapons destroy biologicals and leave the infrastructure intact... houses, factories, bridges, commercial centers, etc... making them a highly tempting weapon for the warped mind.

    • ADMIN

      Yup! But until then we got to deal with all the horse $hit the government throws our way! 

    • ADMIN

      I trust the Lord, but everyone else sucks! 

  • Another reason why some people hate Israel....


    • Virginia

      Originally, the Jewish historical record of the Talmud was oral and was transferred from one generation to the next through oral recitation. Rabbis expounded and debated the Talmuc and discussed the Tanakh without the benefit of written works,  It must also be noted that the Talmud was more about MAN"S LAWS than God's Word.  The Talmud is an oral history of Jewish law.., more than God's Word.

      Some ancient scholars of the Talmud made private notes of court decisions based on the oral traditions of the Talmud. The Roman destruction of the Jewish commonwealth in the year 7AD created a break in the Jewish social and oral traditions. The ancient rabbis were required to face a new reality— Judaism without a Temple to serve as the repository for the ORAL RECORD... and as a center of teaching and study The old system of oral scholarship could not be maintained. It was during this period that rabbinic discourse began to be recorded in writing.  The oldest full manuscript of the Talmud... the Munich Talmud...., dates from 1342 and is available online.All other works are in dispute and without hard evidence to document the scholarship of such works any oral record is flimsy at best.

      The point is that we can not use a single source to examine or judge the scholarship used to interpret or transcribe the Talmud's 'oral history' and its limited documents of antiquity... This is especially true where the majority of the written record is and was transcribed from the tre ORAL RECORD... with limited and debatable written examples to guide the scholar in their transcription of fragmented oral dicta.

      Oral tradition
      Oral tradition, or oral lore, is a form of human communication wherein knowledge, art, ideas and cultural material is received, preserved, and transm…
    • The Talmud is an ORAL HISTORY... of Jewish Law... Because its foundation is supported a cannon of ancient oral tradition it is highly disputed. The canonical law for the Talmud is rooted in an oral history passed down from Rabbi to Rabbi, over thousands of years... with only a few isolated written comments. 

    • He has many names----Inumerable names.You are deceived if you believe He is such a shallow, legalistic tyrant.

      His characteristic above all is LOVE.

      HE WOOS US, calls us into the desert to teach us to lean on Him during trials and tribulations, during blessings and overcoming--there is NO chastising about paleo anything.

      Other names like Savior, Redeemer, Father, Spirit, Friend, Savior, Sanctifier, Blessed Redeemer, Provider, Rock, Foundation Stone, Uncut stone, Healer, Shield, Truth, Creator, Banner and many more. Those are His names. He runs to us when we call with those names. 

      And He knows all of those names and all the rest in Greek, Italian, German, English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czechoslavakian, Canadian, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Egyptian, Peruvian, Mexican, French, Ugandan, Irish, South African, Cherokee, Choctaw, Navajo and any other nation, tribe and tongue. 

      How do you not know that? We are to seek to know His beating heart, His will for each of us, His voice, His desire for the nations. His desire for the harvest to come, for the prodigals to come HOME into His FAMILY.

      Gen.1. Have you missed that message? In His Image and Likeness---He laid down in that rich tilth on day 3 under cover of mist------and made an image and likeness of Himself------then buried it and 3 days later returned and breathed LIFE into that first man IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. The greatest SECRET from Heaven and hell ever held. Then revealed.

      The Latter day rains are coming and you are going to miss that train completely because you are caught in a world of your own making-----deceived by -----?-----when His desire is to bring people to Him, not have us lecture someone on 5 syllable names from whenever and wherever, or have any of us do that. It is legalism. He condemns legalism

      Ask any person on here who knows the Lord----if he or she has ever been chewed out for not using Paleo-Hebrew names.The answer will be no. I am sure of that. 

    • Amen Jea9...

      Well said.  Let us pray for Virginia that the Lord would reveal His true essence and will to communicate with man.

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