Patriots Clobber Target Stores

11148637865?profile=RESIZE_584x(PatriotHQ) Patriot across America have united and are saying: NO MORE!! Bud Light heard the outcry to late and now is doing too little. But Target probably thought they were better than the right-wingers but to their chagrin they are getting hammered and the beating will not stop until all the LGBTQIA+ shit is gone!

Target's stock has been on a downward trend, experiencing its worst six-day period since the six days ending on May 25, 2022. This decline has raised concerns about comparing Walmart and Target. Shareholders are facing losses as the controversy surrounding Target's Pride merchandising plans continues to generate controversy.

The stock has dropped over 12.6% since the controversy erupted a week ago, resulting in a $9.3 billion decrease in market value. Thursday saw another 1.6% slip in shares.

This six-day stretch of declining shares is the longest losing streak since December 2022 and the most severe period since the six days ending on May 25, 2022, when shares fell by 27.34%. In contrast, the S&P 500 remained relatively stable during the same timeframe. Target has not responded immediately to inquiries from FOX Business regarding the stock selloff.

The situation has been exacerbated by the association of Target's Gay Pride collection with a controversial designer named Erik Carnell, who is known for his outspoken Satanic beliefs and occult-themed apparel.

The controversy surrounding the collection and designer has further fueled negative sentiment. In response to the volatile circumstances and threats impacting their employees' well-being, Target has announced adjustments to their plans and the removal of contentious items.

🤢 They emphasize their commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and their intention to celebrate Pride Month 🤮

Additionally, Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, is experiencing a similar trend. The Bud Light brand faced significant backlash due to a campaign involving transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

As a result, the company has lost $18.8 billion in market value since March 30, with shares declining over 14%. The company's attempts at damage control include a new promotion called the US Budweiser Family Memorial Day Rebate, which aims to alleviate the financial impact by offering rebates for eligible customers.

Several executives involved in the campaign have been placed on leave in response to the fallout.

IMHO – Enough is enough NO MORE! Stop perverting America! We have only just got started. Wait for a few months and the retail world will realize who their customers really are!

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  • They will be like Bud Light  Go Woke Go Broke LoL!!!!

  • I stopped buying at Target when they started integrating women’s bathroom with grown-ass men. Target an evil institution who wants to sodomize America.  

  • What amazes me is the stupidity and veracity of these corporate nit wits to push americans into compliance on their sick and evil agendas.

  • Yep, GO WOKE GO BROKE!!!

  • Why any normal, patriotic American would go to a target store is a mystery.  Target has decided it will cater to the mentally ill, twisted minds of purveyors of perversion.  

  • There is not one single thing that I need from Target that I can't get somewhere else cheaper. I go maybe twice a year just to see what they have. I don't consider Target a necessity and I don't really think anyone else does either. Target is skating on thin ice.

    • I need one thing from Target, an apology

  • We need to go back to the 60's when we knew how to take care of these sickos.

  • I have shopped at Target a total of 3x, once due to a gift card. Their ideology of LGBTQ was known at the beginning when they opened. Johnny Walker Whiskey is Woke also, as is Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

    Johnnie Walker decides to compete in the Woke Olympics

    Ben & Jerry's and the Pitfalls of “Woke Capitalism” - AEI

    May they all fall into the pit of hell for their evil.

  • If only america could stop shopping and stick to it. I bet all of us could go for at least a year without buying a single thing at Target, or at any store who puts their stupid politics on their shelves. Brake them financially and start supporting the few still existing local businesses. 

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