UPDATE - Court releases shocking video of vote cheater stuffing ballots! You got to watch this! 

A Federal judge valiantly invalidated a primary election only days before the highly anticipated election. Ballot stuffing obvious intervention in democracy violates the will of the people and taints our voting system. It's worrisome to see our nation's democratic principles violated by cheating and vote hijacking!  

This ruling sets a strong precedent by allowing judges to protect the will of the people from democracy cheaters. A shocking and significant turn has shaken Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the nation.

A Superior Court Judge bravely intervened to fix the city's Democratic mayoral primary's major problems. The ruling came days before Bridgeport's November 7 election, a shocking turn of events. This unexpected surprise has intensified a hotly contested election rife with absentee ballot abuse.

Conservative candidate Mayor Joe Ganim won the September 12 primary election with overwhelming grassroots backing. Ganim won a close election by 251 votes out of 8,173 despite significant opposition due to his conservative ideals. This victory shows conservative values' resilience and Ganim's followers' tenacity. His victory was secured by smart absentee ballot use.

However, what happened next would captivate the city and even spread beyond its borders, highlighting the dangers of uncontrolled liberal policies, and maybe setting a precedent for future elections that undermine democratic norms.

A devastating video of a political cheater secretly stuffing bundles of documents into an absentee ballot drop box was the turning point. The disturbing video stunned the community, revealing profound fears about voting integrity.

Superior Court Judge William Clark bravely ruled despite the unsettling charges. He discovered a staggering number of mishandled absentee ballots, casting doubt on the primary's results. Judge Clark stated in a forceful ruling the court firm and ruling for the people and against Vote Hijackers.

In an unexpected move, Judge Clark ordered a new election, nullifying the September 12 primary results. This courageous move emphasizes the importance of democratic integrity and voting counts. Justice wins and those who subvert the will of the people lose.

Judge Clark's ruling sends a message “no one is above the law and voters' voices matter”. This ruling helps restore faith in our election system and upholds our nation's founding principles.

The decision was a huge victory for the fight for truth and righteousness throughout. A brave campaign member obtained the critical surveillance film, which changed his just cause. Bill Bloss, his lawyer, noted the video evidence's influence on the judge's decision.

After the verdict, 'The unavoidable truth is that the videos speak for themselves.' The films proved widespread and serious absentee ballot misconduct. It certainly influenced the judge's decision, in my opinion.

Many conservative and supporters praised this verdict as a victory for democracy and Bridgeport's industrious residents. "Our unwavering campaign has consistently championed the imperative of upholding the integrity of our sacred democratic process."

In a disheartening turn of events, Mayor Ganim plans to talk with his legal team about appealing the verdict. It is depressing to see another liberal politician reject a fair and just ruling. Mayor Ganim appears willing to waste taxpayer resources on a useless attempt to reverse a verdict that clearly follows justice and accountability. Our elected leaders should put constituents first. He fiercely exhorted Bridgeport's loyal citizens to vote in the next general election despite unscrupulous legal attempts.

Judge Clark has worked hard to restore justice and integrity to the democratic process, but the primary election remains undecided. Both parties' lawyers have stressed the importance of staging another primary, which will depend on next week's general election. If Mayor Ganim, the liberal candidate, wins, another lengthy primary will exacerbate the legal conflict. If conservative champion John Gomes wins the general election, this never-ending lawsuit saga will finish.

Conservatives worry that a prospective new primary's unpredictable timetable allows for manipulation and compromises our voting process. Some estimate it will be four weeks, while others say it may take a year. Conservatives value democracy, so election officials must act quickly to prepare for a fair and transparent primary. Judge Clark bravely ordered the parties and election officials to meet within 10 days to ensure fairness and openness in our voting process. To preserve our democratic system, this directive encourages healthy discourse over the primary's scheduling.

Connecticut Secretary of State Stephanie Thomas praised Judge Clark's decision, emphasizing the need to protect election integrity. She also demanded rigorous drop box surveillance, a Connecticut electoral Court, and significant voter education to strengthen the electoral system and prevent ballot mishandling.

The startling Bridgeport mayoral primary reversal shows how important a strong judicial system is to democratic processes. It emphasizes the need for openness, accountability, and fair elections to ensure that the people's voice is heard and respected.

Patriotic Americans nationwide are watching this vital judicial struggle as Bridgeport anxiously awaits its outcome. This case will determine the future of democracy in our beloved state.

Final Word: Do not underestimate what has just happened! Stare decisis means “to stand by things decided” in Latin. When a court faces a legal argument, if a previous court has ruled on the same or a closely related issue, then the court will make their decision in alignment with the previous court's decision.  By upholding the decisions of past courts, we maintain the integrity of our judicial system and respect the rule of law.

What this crucially signifies for all voters is if this ruling is upheld, it empowers a Federal Judge to rightfully and dutifully overturn and invalidate any election that is marred by blatant and brazen fraud, the insertion of fraudulent ballots, and the hijacking of votes.

When, inevitably, if this occurs in the 2024 election, a vigilant federal judge will undoubtedly scrutinize the preceding election and make a just decision to overturn and nullify any irregularities that may have occurred.

What if this decision by Superior Court Judge William Clark has been in place before the 2020 election? The outcome would have been much different, don’t you think? 

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    WOW! Caught in the act! 

    • Never stopped them before, but maybe we still have a few good men inside the judicial system.

  • The decision by this judge may be courageous... but it also demonstrates just how arbitrary the law has become...  When undisputable Evidence of criminal conduct proves fraud the system continues to question the need for new elections...

    Stare decisis or the law of the court...not the statute passed by the State Legislature is now considered settled law... an Ass knows better... Such legal theory has given a single judge a superior role OVER the Legislature and Governor... with the power to strike down statutory authority... this must stop.

    The fact that video evidence of election fraud (ballot stuffing) was present and overt... was not enough to call for new elections speaks volumes.  The courts are still adjudicating this issue, demonstrating just how corrupt the system has become... Lawyers FEED OFF SUCH IRRESPONSIBLE and unethical conduct, by forcing EXPENSIVE and lengthy legal contests to prove what is obvious... election fraud took place.

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