skynews-tucker-carlson-vladimir-putin_6447253.jpg?20240207110216&profile=RESIZE_584xIn a world gone mad should the inmates dictate rules to others?

In a move that has ignited heated discussions about press freedom and diplomatic relations, European Union lawmakers are advocating for sanctions against American journalist Tucker Carlson due to his choice to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson asserts  his aim was not to support Russian interests, but rather to offer perspective on the Ukraine war and challenge what he sees as biased Western media narratives. He stands firm in his commitment to journalistic integrity, emphasizing his responsibility to provide unbiased information to the American public, irrespective of their political leanings.

The interview, which has been confirmed by the Kremlin, has sparked criticism from notable EU figures, such as former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who currently serves in the European Parliament. Verhofstadt has strongly criticized Putin, accusing him of war crimes, and has urged for sanctions against Carlson for giving a platform to the Russian leader.

Verhofstadt comments underscore the increasing divide regarding journalistic ethics and political affiliations. He asserts  Carlson's interview with Putin may potentially involve supporting a regime accused of war crimes, which could justify imposing sanctions.

This stance has gained the support of other EU officials, including former Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, who criticizes Carlson for spreading propaganda on behalf of a controversial regime. Paet suggests  Carlson's portrayal of Putin and criticism of Ukraine could potentially lead to sanctions, such as a travel ban to EU countries.

The possibility of EU sanctions against an American journalist has sparked worries about the state of press freedom and the significance of media in global affairs. Detractors claim  penalizing Carlson for conducting an interview establishes a concerning precedent and undermines the values of free speech and unbiased journalism.

Even individuals from various backgrounds have expressed their opinions on the controversy. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, cautioned against alienating the American public by imposing sanctions on Carlson, highlighting his role as a respected journalist.

As the debate heats up, there are still unanswered questions about the boundaries of journalistic freedom and the complex relationship between media, politics, and diplomacy. Should Carlson be given the opportunity to interview Putin, or do his actions justify imposing sanctions? The answer could have significant implications for the future of journalism and international discourse.

Final Word: When is it ever inappropriate to inquire, attentively listen, and share the discoveries with the international community. As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, I am committed to gathering information objectively and presenting it in a fair and balanced manner. Tucker Carlson's approach to journalism is ethical and within journalistic standards, yet the world is in a tirade!  It is worth noting Dorothy Thompson, an American journalist, not only read the infamous book Mein Kampf but also had the opportunity to interview Hitler without facing any significant criticism from the international community.

Now, Carlson must face consequences for excellent journalism?

What am I not understanding?

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    Steve, you have it backwards! Tucker should punish the world! 

  • SPEAKING ONLY for the Actions of OUR M.S.M. : They have obscured important actions by D.C. to keep "WE THE SHEEPLE" as UNINFORMED and Ignorant as ever regarding anything that is related to OUR FREEDOM. YES, VLAD may have committed previous atrocities, BUT just MAYBE as an "OLD MORTAL" his Eyes are Open and he saw UKRAINE'S laboratories and certain other involvement as threatening to Russia and Carlson wanted to draw peoples attention to that in connection to Zelensky's probable affinity to and with  Klaus Schwab's W.E.F. because Reportedly Klaus and his fellow megalomaniacs want ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.......I.M.H.O.

  • Why? What is wrong with trying to get into the head of our adversary? We could learn a lot from an interview tat last for a while, facial expressions, body language tell a lot! 

  • Trump/Carlson Ticket? 

    Will Tucker Carlson be Trump's VP? Don Jr says… - Hindustan Times

    • Don't think so....I believe Carlson isn't interested, they can't clean him up, he will not get a haircut, he isn't giving up his lifestyle. 

  • The satan loving globalists don't want anything but their narrative being revealed and Tucker Carlson will tell the whole story, especially the truth, and they don't want any information they don't approve coming out!!!!!  Putin has said in the past that Ukraine was up to no good but it was squashed by the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists and their international allies!!!!!  I don't remember what Putin's complaint was but he was concerned about Ukranian action against Russian border areas!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed the globalist is against anyone or nation that do not support the One World Order agenda. Now Tucker is in their crosshairs.

  • Will Zelensky put Tucker on a Kill list?

    • TheRe was a matter well concealed before this lead slinging fracas began.  There were "reportedly" some labs in "ZELENKRAINE" that were "REPORTEDLY" doing of ALL THINGS-! ! !- GAIN OF FUNCTION STUFF.  Now surely that wasn't what triggered Vlad's invasion.  Surely our Dems knew nothing of such a "SINO Monopolized thing" and surely Tuck and Vlad never touched on that.  If so, Tuck only scribbles words. That VERHOFSTADT should mind his own business.


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