Time To Replace Jesus With Sexual Filth?  

12404501872?profile=RESIZE_584xEaster has been the long-time celebration of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, but now the enlightened Progressives have a better idea, dump Jesus, and replace him with something more uplifting, enlightened and evolved! Democrats Declare Easter Sunday as 'Transgender Visibility Day'.  

As if the Easter bunny and other pagan misrepresentations aren’t bad enough now the tolerant open-minded Progressives want to throw Jesus under the bus and replace the King Of Kings with a degenerate open display of sexual sickness, but it doesn’t stop there.

In the name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (D.I.E.) they demand a proud deviant march while parading their sexual sickness throughout America, Fairfax Country being the field test.

The decision to designate Easter Sunday 2024 as "Transgender Visibility Day" in Fairfax County, Virginia, has sparked a heated debate and garnered strong opposition from Christian communities. The decision made by the Fairfax County School Board has generated allegations of prioritizing an alternative agenda over one of Christianity's most revered holidays.

The School Board of Fairfax County has consistently demonstrated a demand for D.I.E. by designating specific months to celebrate the LGBT community. In doing so, they have allocated a significant portion of the academic calendar to recognizing and embracing deviant identities. However, the decision to schedule Transgender Visibility Day on Easter Sunday has sparked strong criticism from individuals who view it as a direct challenge to their religious convictions.

The Reverend Emma Chattin, Executive Director of the Transgender Education Association, praised the board's decision, highlighting the significance of visibility for transgender individuals, especially transgender women of color who experience multiple forms of discrimination. Chattin emphasized the important obstacles faced by trans individuals when it comes to safety, housing, employment, and healthcare, underscoring the need for increased visibility in their advocacy efforts.

However, critics, like Fairfax local Stephanie Lundquist-Arora, argue  the board's decision diminishes the importance of Easter and excludes Christians, who consider it a fundamental aspect of their faith. Lundquist-Arora implies  the board's decision to repurpose Easter may indicate a lack of regard for Christian traditions and beliefs in their agenda.

The decision, backed by all nine Democrats on the board, brought attention to the fact  Patrick Herrity, the only Republican member, was not present during the vote. Board member James Walkinshaw expressed hope for a future where such statements would be universally supported, regardless of political affiliation, demonstrating a dedication to promoting inclusivity and equality.

Supervisor Dalia Palchik, representing the Providence district of the county, supported the decision by highlighting concerning statistics regarding the mental health challenges experienced by transgender students. Palchik highlighted the importance of providing support for transgender individuals, emphasizing the significant mental health challenges they face, including high rates of depression and suicidal thoughts within the LGBT community.

…………(wonder why)

The ongoing debate over the recognition of Easter Sunday as Transgender Visibility Day highlights the larger societal discussions surrounding religious freedom, LGBTQ+ rights, and the responsibility of public institutions to foster inclusivity. As Fairfax County grapples with these intricate matters, the decision has sparked conversations about finding a harmonious equilibrium between honoring religious traditions and championing the rights and visibility of marginalized communities. 🤢

Final Word: This is just a test, to gauge the response of good people and how far the enlightened Progressive can torture the community with their perversion.

In MHO this is nothing less than soiled perversion using inclusion as a dirty cloak trying to disguise their discrepant grimy sexual deviance while rubbing the nose of the good people of the community in their rancid filth. As always, darkness still demands Jesus be forgotten, replaced, and killed once and for all!


What do you think? 

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  • "PASTOR" EMMA seems to have forgotten the torturous "journey" OUR SAVIOR Suffered carrying the cross to HIS final breath on the Cross on this pervert filled earth.  THANK GOD for What they saw when they rolled back the stone.

  • TOTALLY SICK!!!!!!!

  • Um, trans day is always march 31. Easter isn't.

  • Dee has made this documentary available to our members. It is extremely informative and very disturbing as well. It certainly explains a lot of the strange behavior we’ve seen here on planet Earth.



    New World Order - Communism by the Backdoor
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    • ADMIN

      Love it! 

    • Watch this documentary or download it and watch it a little at a time. Spread it around.



  • Yes, I see all of this perverted folks, and I just remember what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah. God hated sexual perversion then and still does today. Gay Lesbian activity God calls this a abomination. And if I remember correctly this the only sin God called a abomination. We must remember God hates the Sin But he loves the sinner. I believe that God is calling them repentance. I just wish that the community wouldn't be so flagrant in my face with this sin . 

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