Trump Death Spin

The idea has been planted, the dog-whistle sounded and the code-talking points released! Dems prepare for a possible Trump win but it appears the liberals are not going to take any chances. Is there a mysterious Epstein or JFK plan in the works? G*d I hope not!

Why is the left NOT talking about if Biden dies? Bidens mental capacities are diminishing, he has had 2 brain surgeries and suffers for a severe sleep disorder while Trump is in excellent physical condition, but it is Trump the left is asking about his premature death!

Why is that?

Concerns arise over media speculation on Trump's ‘hypothetical demise’ in 2024. In a stunning display of predictive programming, a recent event has left many questioning the true intentions behind the media's narrative. The peculiar circumstances surrounding this incident have undoubtedly raised eyebrows and sparked a wave of skepticism among those who refuse to blindly accept the mainstream agenda.

In a stunning twist, the notoriously left-leaning publication Business Insider has shockingly released an article that has raised serious doubts about their true intentions. Entitled "The Consequences of a Tragic Demise: Examining the Hypothetical Fallout if Donald Trump Passes Away During the 2024 Presidential Race," this thought-provoking piece delves into the potential ramifications of the untimely death of the esteemed former president. In a thought-provoking piece penned by Sonam Sheth, the potential consequences of President Trump's demise prior to the 2024 election are meticulously examined. Sheth astutely emphasizes the significance of age, as the Republican frontrunner inches closer to the ripe age of 78.

In the unfortunate event of a potential nomination vacancy, one can't help but ponder the various strategies fellow Republicans might employ to secure the coveted position. The political landscape would undoubtedly be rife with speculation and intrigue as ambitious conservatives position themselves to seize the opportunity.

Conspicuously overlooked in the article is a glaring omission: a thorough examination of the predicament surrounding Joe Biden, who, at the ripe age of 81, surpasses his opponent by three years and grapples with mounting apprehensions regarding his physical and cognitive capabilities. The eyebrow-raising article on Trump has certainly caught the attention of many, with its meticulous attention to detail.

However, it is worth noting Sheth did touch upon the age-related concerns surrounding Biden in a separate piece. The glaring absence of a parallel headline has raised eyebrows, leading to suspicions about the underlying agenda driving this biased coverage. This speculative piece conveniently aligns with the prevailing trend of intensifying anti-Trump rhetoric has permeated the media and Democratic circles. As the Biden administration continues to face a sharp decline in approval ratings, astute observers have raised concerns about the timing of this article's release. It is not unreasonable to question whether there is a deliberate attempt to shift public focus away from the numerous challenges plaguing the current administration.

The rampant speculation on social media regarding the Business Insider article is indicative of a concerning trend. Many astute users have raised the possibility this piece may be nothing more than a calculated form of predictive programming. It is a well-known tactic employed by those in power to manipulate public opinion by surreptitiously introducing certain scenarios.

This raises serious questions about the true intentions behind such articles and the potential impact they may have on shaping public discourse. The explosive controversy surrounding this article arises amidst a backdrop of incendiary remarks made by influential Democrats.

The radical and alarming remarks made by Representative Dan Goldman of New York have sent shockwaves throughout the conservative community. In a stunning display of hostility and disregard for democratic principles, Goldman brazenly suggested President Trump should be "eliminated" prior to the 2024 election. Such inflammatory rhetoric not only undermines the very essence of our political system, but also reveals a deeply troubling mindset within the ranks of the liberal establishment. It is imperative we condemn and reject these dangerous calls for violence, as they have no place in our society.

In a stunning display of hyperbole, former Senator Claire McCaskill has shamelessly compared President Trump to infamous dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Such outrageous and baseless claims only serve to further divide our nation and undermine the credibility of those who engage in such reckless rhetoric. It is deeply troubling to witness the depths to which some individuals are willing to sink in their desperate attempts to vilify and delegitimize a duly elected leader.

Rather than engaging in thoughtful and constructive dialogue, McCaskill's inflammatory remarks only serve to perpetuate a toxic political climate hinders progress and unity.

Final Word: The liberal super-structure is rattling in fear that just maybe Trump may pull-off a win if so then what? Are they going to Epstein him or JFK him? What type pf people are these who cannot and will not accept what the people want? If they are ‘for democracy’ they must be for disappointment and appointment. If the people speaks then all parties must respect the people voice……that is unless the Dems believe the people can never be right with out them? Hummmm?


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    The left is out of options, all they can hope for is they can put Trump in jail! 

  • I just pray it won't happen, after all God is in charge

    • Yup G*d is in charge!

    • God gave mankind DOMINION OVER THE EARTH and the fulness therein... God works His will in the Earth through mankind.  When man rebels God's will goes unfulfilled and literally all HELL BREAKS OUT>

  • Sadly, Ilona is probably on the mark... most conservatives are not up to the task of saving our Republic and would balk at putting their jobs and lives at risk to support a dead President... even if they wholy supported his positions... there simply IS NO LEADERSHIP capable of mobilizing the masses for a proper redress to such a deed.

    America's conservative voice has been stifled and muffled to the point of capitulation to evil... the measure of courage necessary to deal with thugs and murderers is simply not in them.

    The World no longer needs to ask why 6 million Jews peacefully marched into the death camps of Nazi Germany.  The conservative in America is about to repeat history and it will not surprise me to watch as millions peacefully walk into FEMA Camps and surrender their weapons to the insanity on the left.  Delusional hope and misplaced trust in one's government can be and have been the ruin to many a Nation and people.  History certainly repeats itself

    • When Daniel's prayer went unanswered for 30 days, and finally the Angel showed up and said. "From the 1st time you prayed, your prayer was heard, but the battle was intense in bringing you the answer, so God sent the Archangel who defeated the 2nd heaven powers, principalities and rulers. So it is now. This nation still belongs to Him. Blood cries. Prophecy still speaks to our unfulfilled destiny. Trump still has royal blood and tbe inheritance of his Great-Aunt's Hebrides Revival Bible that he held up in front of the President's Church. That in itself was a prophetic act of calling God back to America. That Hebrides Revival was brought in by the fervent prayers of two old women. The best place to be is utterly helpless, as the Hebrews were. We are in the exact same place. They faced drowing with no way back. But God...showed up. Violent prayers availeth much....

      Plus, Dan.2:45 has yet to happen. 

    • Behold, I sent My messengers and ye would not receive them... Others came in My Name, and ye murdered them.  Now, I come with a strong arm, to judge the wicked and the oppressive. For, I am the Lord of Host, whom you seek. I shall suddenly appear before the Gate of Mercy, Sha'ar Harahamim, and that which man sought to seal, I shall open...

      Behold, I return to My Temple, to establish My Kingdom among My People... I am He that is and was, and shall be forever the Son of Righteousness, the Son of God. I am He who is the redeemer, the Son of the covenant maker in whom you delight. Behold, I shall sit in the Holy of Hollies, and ye, O' Israel, shall be My People, and I your God. Once more I shall hear your petitions, and sit in judgment before all...

      Who shall endure the Day of My return, and who will stand when I appear... saith the Lord? For I come as a refiner's fire and fullers' soap... to purify the sons of Levi and refine them as gold and silver. Once more, My People will bring offerings of righteousness to My Temple and I will receive them... Then, shall the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasing to Me, as in the days of old and the former years. For out of the fire I shall refine a Holy Nation and a Royal priesthood... a People after My Kind... after My Heart... saith, the Lord of lords.

      “Then you will draw near to Me and I to you in judgment... I will be swift in judgment to receive the witness against sorcerers, against adulterers, against those who swear falsely, against those who oppress the hired worker in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, against those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear Me, says the Lord of hosts.

      Behold, I have spoken, and shall it not be done... Let the righteous rejoice and the humble be exalted, for the Day of the Lord is near... Amen




    The left hates Trump so much they will stop at nothing to insure he never becomes President again. 

  • The America First team will undoubtedly question any scenario resulting in Pres. Trump's death.   Given the current climate and level of trust the MSM and our Government have civil war may be in the offing... if pres. Trump dies for almost any reason...  Medically, accidentally, or openly assassinated... his death is likely to result in hostile demonstrations or worse. 

    The death of Pres. Trump for almost any reason would result in massive anti-government demonstrations... It would trigger the Left's declaration of Martial Law and a purge of all opposition to their rule.  Sadly, the conservatives have brought America to this critical point in time... by consistently ignoring the Marxists and their Globalist ally's overreach, illegal manipulation of our elections, be and the rule of law.

    This situation is what happens when the government and MSM go rogue... openly fearful of being held accountable for their lawlessness and criminally complicit in election fraud.

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