We Have A Powerful Tool, It’s Up To You To Use It!

I am putting together a short video, next couple of days about our messages. Just like we did on the FIRE GARLAND and other Pink Slips projects. 

This is nothing short of war and the Patriot Command Center has a tool to let your voice be heard!

As you know we have built a remarkable tool which allows us to send thousands of messages deep into the swamp! In other words directly to the desks of our representatives in Congress, and the best part is - you can send these powerful messages anonymously!

These messages can encompass a wide range of issues and concerns, you choose!

  • PINK SLIPS (We the People Fire...)
  • DEMAND FOR ACTION (Secure the border, Responsible Schooling, Impeach, Support, Pass, Lower Taxes, and more)
  • ALERTS - Informing them of what's coming their way (e.g., Trump's election, protecting Second Amendment rights, and more)

However, for this project to be truly impactful, we need your help. This can't work if only a handful of people are sending these messages. We need you to come up with creative message ideas, and also, to invite your friends to join in.

Together, we can become real-life "Armchair Generals" by using 'The Machine,' our administration tools, to ensure the Swamp hears our voices.

Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Share your ideas - What message should be sent to Congress?
  2. We will select the most popular idea to represent your cause.
  3. Invite your friends to join and encourage them to send their messages too.

Imagine the impact we can make when we flood the Swamp with our powerful messages.

The great part is these thousands of messages will cost you nothing but if the swamp gets away with their shenanigans it could cost you everything!

Think of it! ALL 435 Members of the House, ALL 100 Senators and The White House = 536 messages, but it doesn’t stop there! You can send your message bundles twice! 536 + 536 = 1,072!

(BTW – These are not emails that go into the spam file! They are powerful messages sent to your representatives! Yikes!

The next step is yours!

What message should we send next?


Remember, We Are The Resistance!

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    I sent the Pink Slips to Congress tried to fire Merril Garland and I know this added to the swamp pressure.

    So, Steve, come up with something we need to say and I'll sign! 

    • WHO has a MILITARY CEMETARY in your town or near by.....That is the topic for my first email to CONGRESS...........Abunch of crooked opportunists infest congress.......Did OUR DEAD SOLDIERS know they were defending such unappreciative scum???  So reps and Senators --IS there a routine you need to abrubtly correct FOR OUR DEAD WARRIORS AND OUR COUNTRY????

  • We can send powerful messages to the Swamp on issues like this one! 


  • ALL politics is local in that all of the creatures of the Washington DC swamp have migrated from our local neighborhoods into positions of increasing power and influence. If we can properly vet those whose spirit is righteous then we can prevent many of them from rising to such a level. General Michael Flynn has used the term "Local Action = National Impact" to illustrate this dynamic and there are no better ways than face-to-face contact and personally written correspondence to know a person by how they respond. The only feedback that really matters are election results and how these elected servant leaders comport themselves in their local jurisdictions. Electronic communications are great for general distribution of information and discursive discourse, but anyone who has been a victim of credit card fraud or fake news knows that they are woefully inadequate in determing the accuracy and Truth that they may contain. We must recognize that every "resistance" movement against big government tyranny in history has been fought pro bono, by unpaid, patriotic volunteers in their own local communities and by confronting those who seek to compromise our God-given liberties in their local jurisdictions.

    • Couldn't agree more! So we can pressure the Swamp and the locals! I like it! 

    • Yep, and if McCaul is one of the "white hat, good guys" from Texas then we need more of them, and fewer of the local political climbers who are only after the power, prestige and wealth that higher office brings. Have to admit though, he's been in Congress for almost 20 years and we know how corrupting the Washington DC swamp can be, and even the good guys are not immune to those temptations.

  • Seriously... End Local Rule in DC and return the management of the DC Government to the House... Then, appoint hardcore, rightwing conservatives to key offices in DC... Mayor, Chief of Police, Prosecutors, and Judges in DC ... Stop the left from using DC's jurisdictional authority to control the Capitol with Marxist ideology.

    One can then go after the corruption in DC and through it the entire system... End local Rule.  The US Constitution gives Congress the authority to manage DC's government... that was not by accident. 

    Our founding fathers understood the balance of power needed to run a complex Republic and the need for its Capitol to reflect CONSTITUTIONAL majority rule... through control of the seat of government

    • One doesn't return to the Apple Barrel that feeds its patrons with rotten fruit... corrupt government.  Select and promote the new DC Managment from the many qualified and moral men and women found in our Nation.  Avoid like the plague DC figures as candidates for a new government in DC.

    • 10/4 on that! 

  • Prepare an example 'Pro Qup Warrento' case to be widely circulated and duplicated...  Include, all the necessary filing documents, evidence, and supporting affidavits for a Pro Quo Warrento case to challenge Pres—Biden's right to hold his office.

    Gather all of the best and latest evidence of material election fraud and conspiracy to rig the 2020 Elections.  Prepare draft filings by State and federal district courts. Solicit local law firms, and law schools, to prepare and file pro-bono cases ... hundreds, if not thousands, of such cases in as many courts as possible.

    Then press the courts and the Media to have the cases heard... to rule on the facts and the law... not to be summarily dismissed for administrative or presumptive standing, etc. 

    Just an idea... novice legal theory.

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