nashville-shooting-index-1.jpg?quality=75&strip=all&profile=RESIZE_400x(PatriotHQ) Nashville Christian school shooting murdered six, including three 9-year-olds , horrible in every way!

To make matters worse why is there a threat of Antifa-driven trans-terrorism?

Can someone explain this?

Confused! Audrey Hale a individual who chose to become a trans-gender person brought death to the Covenant School! This Nashville Christian school killing three children and three adults and the suspect seems to be not bad enough but talking about it carries penalties!


Get this. Twitter banned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-Ga.) congressional account for posting about the "Trans Day of Vengeance" march.

After posting a rally poster, Greene's congressional account was limited.

Greene said on Tuesday:  Antifa was planning a "Trans Day of Revenge." Twitter blocked Greene until she erased the offending message.

After fixing it, Greene posted another congressional update. "Today, my Congress Twitter account was shut off," the post claimed. "…. how is talking about the "Trans Day of Vengeance" a day after a mass massacre by a transgender person "violent speech"?

Greene stated: “I condemned the violence and requested a DOJ investigation in the Tweet.”

WHAT? After post, Congress suspended Greene's account for seven days.

Twitter: Twitter's trust and safety chief Ella Irwin tweeted the company was removing the poster due to concerns it could incite violence. "We had to have our platform automatically search for and delete more than 5,000 tweets and retweets of this ['Trans Day of Vengeance'] poster," Irwin stated. "Vengeance" is violent protest. Peaceful protests are okay." Irwin said the platform "simply limited the material" and "not put any strikes on anyone."

Greene: "This is a lie," Greene tweeted. "My Congressional account was taken away for 7 days because I alerted people about Antifa, who were planned a violent event called "Trans Day of Vengeance" the day after a trans shooter killed a bunch of kids." Restore my account immediately."

"In the wake of a transgender gunman targeting a Christian school and killing kids, every American should recognize the threat of Antifa-driven trans-terrorism," Greene wrote on her personal account an hour earlier. Twitter shouldn't hide political violence calls."

Did you ever suppose the "complaints" might be from "Trans Day of Vengeance" supporters who didn't want a lasting record of their appeals for murder and revenge following the Tennessee shooting?

In conclusion. America is mentally Fxcked up! But besides the usual libtard-rants how can anyone look at this horrible event on the murder of three children and three adults as an excuse to sponsor a day of vengeance? Against whom? For what reason? …and how can success of such a dark and terrorist event be measured?

Also, when a sitting Congress person denounces such an even their Twitter account gets blocked.

Is it now illegal to complain against evil?

I really want to know your thoughts!

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  • They are crazy, I mean mentally I'll on the left, as in lunatic! We need to start calling them who and what they are really....not what they want us to call them. Evil bunch wanting communism and doing everything to get there. They are sacrificing children by removing their testicles and their breasts telling them they can change their sex, they can be animals if the6 choose, man can have babies, gay men are breast feeding their adopted babies.......they are NUTS! Call them out, say it as is, this isn't normal! We need to be in thei4 face with all this,no more getting always with lunacy. Now they are saying 2+2=4 is racist........they are crazy, belong in a mental institution.

    • ADMIN

      .......they are crazy, belong in a mental institution. I agree, but unfortunaly they are then elected to office! Yikes! 

  • Yep, and we need to continue praying for these poor, deluded souls who apparently do not understand that vengeance is in the Lord's purview. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be ready to protect ourselves and families from them when they organize their "mostly peaceful" protests. It's probaby better to stay away from them as much as possible, as they are certain to look for someone else to blame for the chaos and carnage that they cause themselves.

    • ADMIN

      Yup, America is sliding under Divine discipline and the innocent always suffers with the guilty. 

    • Let's be clear God doesn't punish the righteous ... the innocent.  God's judgment is righteous even though we may not understand it.

      God has said: There is none righteous, no, not one: there is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are altogether become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one"  Quote: (Psalm 14. or Psalms 53.).".

    • Yes, theres a difference between punishment and suffering. When my family escaped from Nazi Germany they were not punished but they suffered. 


    • Exactly...

    • Apparently Steve has learned that difference like many of us, as I still remember the stories told by some of my family elders who had escaped Eastern Europe around the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. And that suffering was to the benefit of those who came after, but where can we go if our beloved home in our relatively free, constitutional republic has been compromised by the same evil ideology?

    • Well said RickMik...

    • There is nowhere else to go, we are it, the last bastion of freedom in the world! I have traveled wide and far and came from communism, this is it, us, nothing else, if we allow what our founders secured for us to vanish....then we deserve the suffering that comes from the totalitarian regime that will follow.

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