What Will You Do When Trump Is Arrested?

maxresdefault.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400x(PatriotHQ) Democrats have been salivating for several years on the possibility of the arrest and public humiliation of President Donald J. Trump. No doubt they will parade his shaved prison head and mug shot through the media and gloat over their vicious victory.

Shall America stand by and do nothing? Have we become a land of cowards? 

Does America understand the kangaroo court which changed a possible misdemeanor to a felony will also call for the arrest of over 1,000 more Patriots for the January 6th demonstration within the next few weeks?

You got that right. Trump and thousands of Patriots could be subjected to:

  • Prison head shaves
  • Body cavity searches
  • Mug shots
  • Hand and feet cuffs
  • Group holding cell with general prison population.

And if Trump and fellow Patriots are included in the general prison population, then hardcore rape and possibility of being murdered.

No doubt the socialist left will dance in glee upon the news of Trump’s arrest and possible incarceration and arrest and incarceration of thousands of fellow Patriots.

They will beat their chests and declare: No One Is Above The Law! All the while the Biden and Clinton Crime Families enjoy freedom and luxury!

But it doesn’t end there!

Next over thousands more arrests will be made of suspected co-conspirators for the J6 issue.

Some will be Tea Party people, MAGA’s and retired family members many being charged with false crimes and make-believe offenses. Some will die in prison or be beaten into a crippled physical state, only to get a ‘I’m Sorry’ after their personal holocaust.

Think I’m kidding? Read this: Trump says he'll be arrested Tuesday while the DA investigates so called charges!

Get this: "Illegal leaks from a corrupt and highly political Manhattan district attorney's office, which has let violent crime set records and whose leader is funded by George Soros, of the leading Republican candidate and former president of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday of next week. It is suggested no crime being able to be proven and based on an old story has been debunked by many other prosecutors," Trump wrote.

"Protest, reclaim our nation!" "Trump"

A Trump spokesman informed NBC News Saturday morning  the George Soros-funded radical left Democrat prosecutor in Manhattan has decided to move his witch-hunt to the next level.

"President Trump is right to say he is innocent, and our legal system is being weaponized.

Twitter Founder Elon Musk, who dislikes Trump and will vote for Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2024, was surprised. "If this happens, Trump will win by a landslide," Musk tweeted.

Trump, the Republican president from 2017 to 2021, will run again in the GOP primaries in 2024.

"Our country is dying," Trump wrote." American dream dead! Far-left radicals stole our presidential election and our nation's heart. Criminals and communist thugs are allowed to kill and burn while loyal Americans are imprisoned. "Millions are crossing our open borders, many from prisons and mental facilities. Crime and inflation wreck everything."

Democrats on full attack mode! Trump's legal issues as he seeks the GOP nomination include the inquiry. Trump is also under investigation in Georgia for attempting to sway the 2020 election.

In a February Reuters/Ipsos poll, 43% of Republicans said they would vote for Trump for their party's nomination, compared to 31% for DeSantis, who has not declared his campaign.

"If the NYC DA charges President Trump, he will win even more," she added. "Republicans who cheer his persecution or do nothing will be shown to the public and mocked and punished by the base.

"We all love President Trump because he has never done anything wrong and always defended the American people. Republicans who think Democrats would halt this craziness after Trump are delusional."

Weaponized government and political persecution are new chapters in their playbook. The US's two-tiered justice system—or injustice system—is so sickening. Republicans had better unite and fight the Democrats' who have assaulted Trump, his administration, his supporters, and traditional values. If the Republicans do nothing then they must be next to taste the Democrats evil poison of false charges and baseless claims.  

In conclusion: What Will You Do When Trump Is Arrested? The world knows the Democratic Party has devolved into an evil and hateful cabal and will stop at nothing to cheat, steal, and destroy the righteous!

But the bigger question is: What Will You Do When Trump Is Arrested?

The worst of all answers is: NOTHING, thereby making you a coward and stain on freedom.

So, what will you do?  

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  • Someone, please inform the election prognosticators that the number of votes cast for any given candidate is not the deciding factor in our elections... Winners are determined by the vote totals credited to a candidate by election officials... those who count the votes declde who the winners are, not those who cast the votes.

    You would think after several decades of rigged elections that the GOP would have figured out what it takes to win and getting out the vote is not one of the ways to win... counting the proper number of ballots with votes for one's candidate is the way to win... misplace, destroy, and disqualifying the votes for one's opponents; while, manufacturing votes, and raising the dead to vote for one's candidate are all proven ways to win.

  • They will arrest him and he will be booked...  The charges used will be false and beyond any statute of limitation. Any motion to dismiss will be overruled...  and he may be held without bail, and convicted by a rigged jury and judge.  The Marxists are extremely fearful of what may happen if Pres. Trump has a second term. They may well attempt to deny him bail unless massive protests manage to frighten them into granting bail.  Look for a stacked jury to convict Trump... as the Marxists attempt to deny him the right to run for office.  However, I am unaware of any Constitutional restriction on felons running for office, including the office of president ... does anyone know where in the Constitdution, felons are disqualified as candidates for political office?  I can't seem to find it.

    What to do...

    First, we need leadership to organize peaceful and lawful assembly on a national basis...  we must ensure that we engage in misdemeanor, passive-aggressive acts of constitutional protest and assembly... the objective must be to mass millions...not thousands in the streets of NYC and the Capitol in DC... PREPARED TO REMAIN IN ASSEMBLY subject to our petition and demands for political reforms... NOT JUST THE RELEASE and dismissal of the charges for President Trump and any other political prisoners.  The following minimum demands should be submitted:

    1)  The immediate release of Pres. Trump and all political prisoners... held under false charges for their political opinions.

    2)  The immediate passage and ratification of A "Recall Amendment"... by Congress and the requisite number of states.  The Amendment must call for the removal of all current elected and appointed federal officials subject to new elections.  Elections are to be held within 180 days from the date of ratification.  The recall amendment must bar all current sitting members of the federal government (elected and appointed) from holding any public office again.  New Appointments are to be made as soon as such appointments can be confirmed. Temporary appointments can be made without congress per current regulations.

    3)  The immediate passage of a "Term Limits Amendment"... by Congress and the requisite number of states... one term, 6yrs, with 1/3rd of the government standing for election and appointment every 2yrs.  Bar all currently sitting members of the federal government from holding elected or appointed federal office ever again. 

    However, we currently have no leadership or organization capable of organizing such an effort.. or able to fund such an undertaking. No agents or agencies are willing to muster, organize, or pick up the fees for the bonds and other requirements needed to hold lawful assembly... We are simply on our own, as individuals and small groups.  As such, we can expect to be isolated, marginalized, and rounded up... Labeled insurrectionists or terrorists and jailed... probably without bail, and subjected to the same treatment we permitted to be foisted upon the January 6 protestors. I doubt we find many GOP leaders willing to brace such a challenge and without sound leadership, the numbers needed will not materialize. We simply do not have the wherewithal to plan, fund, and organize a campaign for reform and relief with workable TIME TABLES, and objectives. 

    We are not losing America we have lost America... whenever a former president can be arrested on trumped-up charges and threatened with prison in an attempt to keep him from running again, we no longer have a fair and impartial justice system.  Most individuals can't afford to be arrested, pay for bail, and an attorney, or lose their source of income.  

    Individual protests and fractured efforts are simply not going to work... we need major funding and serious legal and organizational support... if we are to take back America. Local prosecutors need to turn the latest Democrat abuses of the law around.  They need to arrest Democrats (BLM and ANTIFA  AGENTS) by the thousands for their crimes...Every state republican AG needs to issue arrest warrants for election fraud, riot, assault, and resisting arrest for all those who can be identified as part of Antifa or BLM's illegal assemblies, arson, assault,  and public riot. They need to reexamine the hours of video evidence of serious felony criminal acts by Democrat activists and charge them.

    If the GOP will not lead the response or help in this matter... We must start a new political party as we have NO PARTY.  All of this is way beyond my pay grade and financial ability to organize... where are the George Washingtons, James Madisons, Benjamin Franklins, and Reagans of today?  Where are the captains and giants of industry... don't they know they are next... the purge is starting will those with the power and ability rise to the occasion and demand local rebuttal... will our GOP Governors and State legislatures declare a state of emergency and raise the state militia to defend against the threat by the democrats to jail ligitimate political protest?

    We shall see... but I seriously doubt the GOP or any major Republican effort will follow...  If there is little to no kickback on the coming event lookout, as all hell will follow.  This just may be a dry run.... a test to see if the Marxists can begin their purge of dissident political opposition.

  • I hope America doesn't just sits back and does nothing. Enough is enough! I'm as mad as hell and I won't get over it! 

    • I agree, but given the fact the left is waiting for us to act like them is a trap! They can burn cities, but we can not. They can trash Washington DC, we can not. In both these examples we can not allow our sleves to do or be similar to them. However, we can make their worst nightmare come true, ELECTION DONALD TRUMP AS PREIDENT. and not stop there. Also fire all the Dems in the House and Senate and replace them with true conservatives. 

      "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve"

      This is us voting on election day! RESOLVED!

    • Isoroku Yamamoto "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." -- Isoroku Yamamoto

      I fear we are not the nation we were in 1941... We are no longer devoted Christians... our culture, work ethic, and moral underpinnings were not what they are today...  We are a racially divided, morally corrupted, and institutionally deficient nation. Our government is at war with its base and we are being invaded by third-world indigents.

      in 1941 the welfare state did not exist... families were the core of our communities and the Church was the refuge for social justice and charity.  None of that applies today.  Our families have been under constant attack since 1941 ... 30% of our households are single-parent homes.

      Drug abuse, sexual deviance, and debauchery are everywhere... criminal activity is out of control and our public schools are failing us.  

      I fear we are no longer capable of fielding a moral majority or even a solid moral minority in defense of our homeland... we are in real trouble.  The legacy of the greatest generation needs to be reevaluated against reality.

    • I agree... no violence.  However, peaceful labor strikes, demonstrations, and sitins...denial of service, and other minor misdemeanor activities can be used to shut down large segments of our economy and government without violence or calls for overthrowing the government.

      We are not interested in the establishment of a new government... We ask only ask for the return to Constitutional Government as intended by our founding fathers and dictated in our founding documents.


    Trump is saying 'he will be arrested' If he is not then we are glad but if he is, I will be very, very angry at the Democrats. I won't do something stupid, but I will register as many voters as possible to vote out the dems. This will be a starting point! 

    • What good is voting when those counting the votes are willing to do whatever it takes to have their candidate win?  Voting took us to where we are today.

    • Smack on. What good has voting done recently? Not much. We need to fix the voting system to ensure that the silent majority of Americans is counted properly. If we win elections and only if we win them, will voting make sense again because votes will reflect what we all know is the true majority in the US. Until we get there, voting is kind of useless.

  • Let's not get ahead of ourselves! He hasn't been arrested, and if it should happen, we all know what will follow......his supporters will stand with him to the bitter end, and he deserves it, he was the best president this country has seen in over 150 years! This is nothing more than trying to make sure he cannot run for the WH. They are scared to death of him.....so they must try to destroy him!

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