You Are A Terrorist, Just Ask Biden

marco-fotos-plateado-negro-cuadro-real.jpgBiden’s DHS has been authorized to pour tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into identifying "Extremists" based on online speech! What could go wrong? 

Have you ever dared to share your unfiltered thoughts on:

  • COVID-19, vaccinations,
  • Sanctity of our gun rights,
  • Outrageous LGBTQ policies,
  • Worrisome conflict in Ukraine?
  • And let's not forget the alarming invasion of our southern border, where countless unidentified individuals are swarming across our borders in the millions?

If so you are now a domestic terrorist!

In a deeply troubling turn of events  has ignited serious apprehensions regarding the preservation of free speech in our great nation, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has earmarked a staggering $20 million from the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (TVTP) grant program to support an initiative designed to detect potential instances of online "extremist" rhetoric within the American populace.

They are now authorized to:

  • Tap you smart phone, even when it is turned-off
  • Read your emails
  • Plant listening devises
  • Monitor your travel
  • Question your neighbors, family and friends
  • Read your snail mail
  • Read your Face Book and all your social media sites
  • Pretent to be an online friend to extract information on you
  • Interrogate your employer
  • Audit your bank records
  • Investigate your buying habits
  • Examine your medical records
  • ….and the list goes on and on.

This controversial decision has raised alarm bells among conservative individuals and defenders of civil liberties, who express deep concerns about its potential consequences. They worry  this move could pave the way for the silencing of opposing viewpoints and the erosion of our cherished freedom of speech.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently allocated a total of 34 grants to a diverse range of organizations, encompassing police departments, mental health providers, universities, churches, and school districts. These diligent individuals have been assigned the crucial responsibility of receiving training to effectively recognize and report online discourse  the government considers potentially extremist. The program, curiously overseen by the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), has the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) surprisingly entangled in its operations.

There is a mounting apprehension regarding the government's subjective definition of "extremist" speech and the potential ramifications it may have on individuals who dare to voice their dissenting opinions on various online platforms.

While it is undoubtedly crucial to address and prevent any form of violence, there is growing apprehension  the government's attention has veered away from foreign terrorist threats and is now disproportionately targeting American citizens. This shift in focus has sparked a heated debate among concerned individuals who fear  our nation's security efforts may be misdirected. The recent shift in this program's direction has sparked legitimate concerns among many

Nevertheless, critics contend  the parameters used to identify individuals as violent extremists or domestic terrorists may need to be broadened to encompass a wide array of viewpoints and convictions. These could potentially include stances on COVID-19, vaccinations, the preservation of gun rights, gender and LGBTQ policies, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, or immigration matters.

  • In a society which upholds democratic values, the cherished right to express a range of opinions and participate in robust discourse is of utmost importance. When government agencies take it upon themselves to closely monitor and categorize citizens based on their online speech, it establishes a concerning precedent warrants our attention.

Moreover, it is imperative to consider the potential dangers associated with this program, as it could potentially be exploited to selectively target particular political or ideological factions, resulting in unjust discrimination and the suppression of genuine political dialogue. In today's tumultuous times, it is of utmost importance to carefully navigate the delicate balance between effectively combating real threats to our nation's security and upholding the cherished values of freedom of speech and expression.

Final Word: Can we truly trust the Democrat-led government's commitment to safeguarding its citizens from the threat of terrorism? Is it truly plausible to accept the notion that President Trump, a man who has been relentlessly vilified by the media, is indeed the despicable criminal they have portrayed him to be? Has the government transformed into a cunning predator disguised as a harmless sheep? By penning this article, I have willingly positioned myself on a roster of individuals who cherish freedom, exercising their God-given right to express their thoughts openly, but also on the DHA Terrorist watch list!


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  • Defenders of Civil Liberties  "... worry this move could pave the way for the silencing of opposing viewpoints and the erosion of our cherished freedom of speech... "

    CP3 and FEMA agents have been assigned the crucial responsibility to recognize and report online discourse the government considers potentially extremist... using its own subjective analysis of the online discourse. The program is overseen by the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with no judicial or trained law-enforcement oversight...  What could go wrong here?

    The question arises... How is political dissent and speech proof of TERRORIST intent or action?  Additionally, what forms of speech will be defined as terrorism? Random selections of comments made online that contain political speech, complaints, or ideological differences involving government are legal and necessary to the informed rhetoric in a free nation... will they be categorized as terrorism?  References or statements made in the course of prolonged heated debate could later be construed as calls to violence or riot... when no such intent existed. Will speech alone be considered terrorism?

    However, without any physical plan or action to initiate violence... the voice of rage and disapproval is simply overheated rhetoric... the product of peaceful but frustrated individuals... blowing off steam. Statements, like drop dead or go hang yourself, may or may not be actionable or intended to be acted upon.  Even some of the best-written communications can be misconstrued or poorly framed... resulting in the mistaken intent of the writer.

    Finally, it takes decades of training and experience to analyze the intent of others... and even with all the training and experience the art of divining individual intent frequently arrives at the wrong conclusion.  When dealing with intent it is highly problematic to rely on written or spoken communications... such as those written exchanges found on the internet and social media.

    • Good post! A few questions for everyone: Where was FEMA in East Palestine Ohio? Did we miss the news clip about how the FEMA trucks full of supplies pulled up in town and passed out bread and clean drinking water to the families and children? Did we miss that?

      Where was FEMA in Maui Hawaii? Did we miss that broadcast as well? Where were the airdrops, the trucks of fresh clothing and temporary housing for the children and their pets?

      Yet the government calls us terrorists all the while denying emergency help to those in great need!

      Are the Hawaiians and the White folks in East Palestine unworthy of life saving help because their suffering faces are not usefull for frontpage stories?

    • Yep, the Marxist, big government totalitarians have been trying to get rid of that pesky "freedom of speech" protection for many decades, and it looks like bureaucracies such as the DHS, FEMA and enire DOJ have turned their attention and awesome power to the average citizens who just want to be left alone in quiet enjoyment of their God-given rights to life, liberty and property. But violence is definitely not the answer, since that makes us just like those who are utlizing it to intimidate and terrorize others. Pray for our country, and then do the next right thing by one's family and neighbors.

  • Of course the REPUBLICANS sit on their A$$E$ and do nothing. Wonder what the DEM have on them. I thought FREE SPEECH was a Constitutional right.

    • I agree! I resigned from the Republican Party over 16 years ago because they are disorganized, without purpose and not willing to fight. They are not even a counterbalance for the Democrats. Just look at the growth of the Democrat party the past 10 years! ....and in every sector!

      At this rate within 2 more election cycles the only placed you will be able to find a Republican is behind glass in a display case deep in a Museum! 

  • They consider us terrorists if are not obidient.

  • JOE IS A COMMUNIST HERO.........When "he" expires Lenin needs company in his tomb

  • Guess I'm guilty

  • What exactly is an extremist ? If believing in and supporting the United States Constitution and supporting Donald Trump makes me an extremist ! What does that make people who don't ? I don't know of an instance where Patriotic Conservitive Americans have rigged an election ? On the other hand ? So who are the real extremists ? That is the issue that concerns me most come 2024 if we make it that far !


    Wow, I complainted about catching the Chinese Flu (Covid) because I couldn't go to the shooting range with my new 9 MM auto while talking to an LGBTQ Illegal Alien about how much of our money is being burned up in Ukraine and it should go to securing the Mexican/US border!!!

    Think they're watching me? 

This reply was deleted.