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The Morgues are overflowing with dead young people, but why?

According to the National Library of Medicine the "typical" fentanyl overdose victim was 32.5 +/- 6.7 years of age (range, 19 to 57 years), male (78%, compared with 22% female), and Caucasian (50%, compared with 29% Hispanic, 20% Black, and 0.9% Asian)

In some areas the deaths are skyrocketing, such is the case in King County. The office of the medical examiner in King County is being inundated with people who have overdosed on fentanyl.

"As the number of deaths caused by fentanyl continues to rise, the Medical Examiner's Office is now facing the challenge of determining where to store the growing number of bodies. It is obvious the coolers they use have a limited capacity, but  capacity is consistently being exceeded despite the fact  it has not been increased "According to KTTH, Seattle-King County Public Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan made the following statement last week.

Khan, who delivered his remarks during a meeting of the Board of Health, stated deaths caused by fentanyl have wreaked havoc on the city of Seattle and have developed into an increasingly severe epidemic over the course of the past few years.

After, he went on to say  he believes the ultimate fentanyl death toll in the city will be approximately twice as high as it was three years ago.

"In the coming weeks, when the final review of fatal overdoses will be completed, I fear the year 2022 will set another heartbreaking record for the number of fatal overdoses  occurred in King County. When compared to just three years ago, the number of lives will be lost due to this in 2019 will more than double."

The facts are, when our census count gets high, we have options for temporary morgue surge capacity, including storing decedents on autopsy gurneys and partnering with funeral homes, according to a spokesperson for public health. "We have options for temporary morgue surge capacity," "We are looking into options have a longer time frame for adding more capacity."

Why these deaths? No doubt there are mental illness issues, but the vast majority of the fentanyl deaths seem unrelated to mental disorders but something else is going on.

Look at it this way. The deaths are at an all-time tragic level but those who don’t die are mentally and physically impaired, but they are not being counted! Permanent damage is being done to our young people who survive, but what is being done about it?

Some people claim this is the result of easy access to this horrible drug, but this doesn’t explain why so many want to take the killer drug in the first place.

In comparative it’s easy to say: Guns kill people, but everyone secretly knows it is the person who pulled the trigger who does the killing.

Tobacco kills people, but everybody knows it’s the person using tobacco is killing themselves.

Cars kill people, but many secretly know it’s the drunk drinker or the reckless driver who kills people.

In the same way many claim it’s the fentanyl which kills people, but secretly they know it’s the person who takes a killer drug who killed themselves.

But why are people knowingly using killer drugs? It’s not just the easy supply of the killer drug but the person chooses to use the killer drug, but why are people killing themselves?

Are you willing to give your opinion?

…. then maybe this subject is just to harsh to deal with so you’ll quietly sit on the sidelines while our young people choose death over life.

Shall we find out?

Your opinion please!

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  • Because there's a lot more fentanyl than there ever was Covid and under this administration there will be no end to it. 

  • Too many of the younger generation have no respect for themselves, nor society in general, so the turn to drugs as an escape. Others have a sense of "immortality" and take drugs, just to get a sense of "what" it feels like, thinking "nothing can happen" if I just try it. Some do it, on a dare; they don't want to be perceived as "chicken"!

    • All those are likely causes of escapism.  That's what drugs are, I think.  They're an escape from reality.  I have NEVER liked to use ANYTHING that alters my mind. 

  • I think it is more than that......


    • G*d has been booted out of schools!

    • We are evolved apes, not humans made by G*d!

    • White people are evil!

    • Breeders must be silenced!

    • Conservatives are racists!

    • Republicans want to steal your rights.

    • Climate Change will kill all of us!

    • You are a white supremacist if you disagree!

    • Your taxes must go up to pay for those who don't work!

    • Homeless people have more rights than you! 

    • Children can have sex changes without parent knowledge!

    • 3rd grade students must see drag shows!

    • If you are not Gay, you will pay!

    • Normal speech is now hate speech!

    Who wouldn’t take drugs after these attacks!


    • ADMIN

      Wow! What a list! But you forgot one: If you use a gasoline powerd car you are an Earth Murderer! 

  • I have no idea why young people would choose to use any mind-altering drug, much less this one.  I've wondered that for years. Perhaps it is a dimension of suicide. Can it be that they are not aware of the dangers of fentanyl???  That's a stretch. But I do think legalizing drugs is a poor answer to a huge problem. I personally, have to believe the powers that be have no motivation to stop this. Parents, those who do care, are at a loss on this issue as well. Not enough parents do care in my view, and it seems easier for them to attempt to ignore the issue.  The culture itself is anti-family...NOT A HELP.  Again, I think we have focused on the symptoms of a very sick society and NOT the disease itself.   


    "Caucasian 50%" perfect way to eleminate whitie! 

  • As Americans and patriots, we are in the crosshairs. The current regime does NOT want us. They are and have been tenacious and patient about taking the country over turning it into simply another landmass to add to their control. It's ugly and cruel and indeed not the Constitutional Republic the founders set up. If Americans don't act they will completely succeed.  They've made tremendous strides.

    • ADMIN

      The article says most of the deaths are whites. So, why would the libtards what to stop white people form killing themselves when they are doing everything they can to ignore, stop and destroy the white community! 


    It's obvious that our own Government is backing the elitest who's goal is to diminish the population of the world and also push socialism. 

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