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Is AOC A Piece Of Sh*t?

11152685890?profile=RESIZE_400x Do we have to take a quiz to anwser this question?

Ok, lets try:

Is AOC A Piece Of Sh*t? 

  • a. Yes
  • b. I'm not going to insult sh*t
  • c. All of the above! 

My choice was: [C] all of the above! 

Yours?  Anwser below in the comment section. 


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1 Reply · Reply by Steve Eichler on Monday

Stop CIA !

We the People. We oppose all wars and military conflicts. Our aim is to abolish the CIA and Military-Industrial Deep State. We stand for our principles firmly.
Do you know that the CIA plays key role in purchasing weapons for wars all over the globe?

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1 Reply · Reply by USA 4ME on Saturday