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Having done all STAND with the full Armor of God...resist the Devil and he must flee...

Ephesians 6:13

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  • Thank you, Lord, for your ever-present protection ... for Thy Arm of Intervention, for saving Pres. Trump's life. Yeah, we are forever grateful for thy providence in our time of need. Though the enemy seeks our life, although he comes in one way, he shall flee seven ways before the Hand of Thy protection. As a mother Hen gathers her young beneath her wings, Thou or Lord... cover Thy children with Thy protection and hold our enemy in derision.

    There is no weapon formed that can bear up against the will of God... having on the full Armor of God assures us of our victory... as the battle is His and the victory is ours. Therefore, we command the seas and say unto the mountains of adversity be thou removed and it shall come to pass. Faint not at the circumstance as God is more than enough to give us victory. Amen
  • Male Leadership And The Church…

    Men today are often challenged in unique ways… I can remember the days when ‘Father’ knew best and a wife didn’t seek to challenge the authority of her husband. Children were taught to respect their fathers and men were pillars of strength in the Church… What has happened?

    The feminization of the Church and community… has challenged the traditional and scriptural place of men. Pastors and community leaders have too often denigrated the role of males, labeling them as overtly oppressive or worse… unfit to lead. The fact is that no man wants to hear that he is not WANTED or NEEDED.

    God ordained man’s role in the earth and that role has not changed… He was given dominion over the earth and in this role, he is to be the head of the family of mankind and the steward of God’s earthly creation. This role places a great burden upon man and as such he needs the support of the Church and the community at large… The last thing man needs is to have his authority adversely challenged by his ‘Helper’, woman and the Body of Christ.

    Today we see the male figure ridiculed by society… beginning in the home where his authority is now ‘questioned’ and extending into every facet of this life: education, work, the Body of Christ, and in the present social order, man is challenged and often denigrated. Little boys are taught that they need to get in touch with their feminine side; public schools are failing their needs and today we see girls excelling, often leaving their male counterparts far behind. Admissions to undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools are now dominated by female applicants. The next generation in America will see vast changes to the roles ‘gender’ plays within the social structure and leadership of mankind.

    God is not pleased with the rearrangement of gender roles… beginning in the Garden, when Adam gave heed to Eve’s enticement to ‘Eat’, we find God’s purpose and order for male and female being confused and distorted. It now appears that the Church has engaged a world view for gender roles and now looks more and more to women, as the dominant force within the Body of Christ. Is this God’s Plan?

    What saith the Scripture… concerning Nations and a people who are LEAD by Women and Children? Isaiah 3:12 clearly declares: "As for my people, children are their oppressors, and WOMEN rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths."

    The current social order in the West… has elevated the role of Children and Women until they now rule over the House of Man. 80% of all Divorces are filed by women. Why? Have men changed so much or have women? The culture and laws of the land are now designed to give greater social support to women and single-parent families…with women as heads of households.

    Is this man’s doing or is some other force working on the earth? Who is tempting Eve today, promising her power and her own headship, to become the dominant authority on earth? All things remain the same there is nothing new under the son.

    Father should know best… and father should be the ‘UNQUESTIONABlE’ head of the family in a Christian household… This simply is not the case in many Christian households today. The roles of male and female are being overtly perverted in the world.. Will the Church rise to the occasion, to reassert man’s role as the ‘Head of Woman? (1 Cor 11:3) Or, will the doctrine of mutual submission continue to pervert the headship of man? The order in the earth as established by God in the beginning was to reflect the order in heaven… will the Church support this order, with man as the head of woman and his house? Who sits upon the Beast and where is the seat of apostasy today? (See Rev 17:1-17)

    I leave you with this scripture and these words to ponder: "For God put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Rev 17:17) Today this scripture is fulfilled.
  • A Prayer For The Righteous In America: Dear Heavenly Father we come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ to Your favor for the Patriot movment in the USA... too, ask that You restore America's Faith and provide anew her Hope that today will be a better day...

    We speak to the spirit of Marxism... to commend it too loose its hold on the hearts and minds of the Nation and its citizens... restore the wall of separation between the righteous and the wicked... rebuild our foundation in the Word of God... the source of our security, life, liberty, and prosperity.

    Sweep clean the streets ... vanquish the Marxists and unbelievers from our halls of justice... our citadels of commerce and government. Return O'Lord our faith in Christ... let us yet be that light set upon a Hill that Great City of Glory and the Earthly seat of Christ. Move now to inspire the resistance to the spirit of the world... and their revolution... revolt... against Thy will and Word.

    Expose the hand of the Communists behind the cultural revolution and its parallel efforts to subvert our Godly culture and Government. We know the enemy... we understand the enemy's tactics and strategic goal... Cause the People to arise and vanquish both, from their homes, and town squares. Restore our forefathers' vision of the New World and its ORDER in America.
    Let our people drink once more from the well of liberty from the Fountain of Thy Word.. that we and our heritage may be secure in our future... We categorically reject sin and the arm of Marxism and its unrighteous armies. Amen.
  • In this season of the latter rain, let it pour O'Lord... Let not Prayer become a work of labor in the flesh... Instead, let the Spirit move freely among the congregation of the Lord in praise and worship... in supplication and intercession...

    For Thy House O' Lord shall be called the House of Prayer... Let every man, woman, and child come before the Lord in prayer... that the will of the Lord may serve the needy and uplift the downtrodden... In prayer, we find strength and the courage necessary to face the adversary in the field... in our homes, and in government. A family that prays together stays together.

    God's children are an army of prayer warriors... they set loose His Spirit to do His will in the earth... they turn the heads of state to embrace Godly Order... Governments can not serve the will of God or God's Children without prayer. Yeah, let the mountains echo with the sound of prayer, that the halls of government may rule according to God's will.

    Examine now thy purpose O' Man... will ye serve God or Mammon... or will silence the wicked seek to subvert God's Kingdom... too, quell the prayer of His House and in the lives of His Children. Know that I seek a people who pray without ceasing... in season and out, in times of trouble and during periods of -joy... when sowing and when reaping, in the rainy season and the dry places... LET YOUR PRAYERS BE A CONSTANT channel of communication with Me saith, the Lord of the Sabbath. Amen
  • Heavenly Father... we thank Thee for Thy providence and intervention in favor of liberty in our Supreme Court... and its deference to liberty and Thy will regarding immunity for our President(s)... we now ask that You free the political prisoners of lawfare... the J-6 incarcerated, and the Trump administration and political allies jailed by an out of control and unconstitutional abuse of power by those on the left... Send Thy Spirit to move the judges and officers of the court needed to set them all free and fully restore their losses.

    Move quickly to release Steve Bannon and the remaining lawfare victims from their incarceration and restore their losses... that the people may know who holds power in Thy creation. Father, help Pres. Trump to begin today... to select Godly men and women of faith, those capable of acting to restore our government to its Constitutional roots. Prepare plans to ID and dismiss the criminal elements presently holding high office, replacing them with moral and ethical individuals, grounded in the Judeo-Christian exercise of government. Prepare a righteous multituded for the serious task of major government reformation... for, elimination of those elements in government that must be removed to restore Constitutional order and its restraints on the Federal Government. Father, restore the balance of power between the People, and the State... government.

    We pray Thy protection over those righeous men and women in government and those you are prepairing for leadership as agents of reform... that they may rapidly take charge of the government and return Constitutional order in the Union ... that our Constitutional Republic may survive. Amen.
  • Let's invite all of our friends and family to pray once daily... for the Nation and its government... that it may yet hold the promise of God's salvation and blessing. Pray at 9 am Central Daylight time.
    • COL, I AGREE!
  • Let us pray... Heavenly Father, the world is in turmoil, and the winds of despair are everywhere... Our nation's soverignty is under attack by our leadership.. let us not faint before the building storm and approaching tribulation... Rather, let us rejoice at the challenge and stand firm in Thy Armor knowing that the things to come will reveal Your Glory unto an unbelieving world For God is not mocked... we stand firm O' Lord knowing You are more than capable of saving the righteous from the sword.

    Let the wicked be warned and the righteous affirmed... God's law, His Word shall command the day... therefore speak out in the way, in thy prayers... call upon God, command ye the works of His hands and send the wicked running for shelter.

    King James Bible:

    "Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me." Quote: Is 45-11

    The phrase "concerning the work of my hands" appears in the Bible, specifically in Isaiah. In this context, it is a statement from God, inviting people to ask about the future and giving them authority to command Him regarding His creation. Let the informed note we have God's authority to command the execution of HIs Word as it applies to the circumstances before us.

    Father, we thank thee that You instruct us in the application of Thy Word on the Earth... that Thy armory of the Word is available for its application according to Thy timing and will... that we can command Thy word and It will be done on the Earth, as it is in Heaven. Amen.
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Government is the sum of man's social interaction... the righteous build righteous governments, the wicked tyranny

It is not the form of government that is to be revered or feared… it is its administration.  Scripture teaches us that when the Righteous Rule the people prosper and are freest. However, when evil sits in the citadels of power the people suffer violence and poverty… Every evil work abounds.It is God’s Natural law… that drives the engines of liberty and secures our freedom … It is not the arbitrary and pernicious laws of mankind that keep us free.   God endowed mankind with the innate ability to…

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