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Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
"Hope & Change"…and Saving the Planet Barack Obama's original 2008 presidential campaign of “Hope and Change,” masterminded by campaign manager David Plouffe and chief strategist David Axelrod, was a triumph messaging, which quickly gathered immense…
Dec 16, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Next February, we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). You know, President Obama's trillion-dollar spending spree that was sold to the American people as a means to save our economy from the brink…
Oct 16, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Did you know that that there’s a competitive and contentious governor race going on in Virginia? The two contenders: the state Attorney General Republican Ken Cuccinelli vs. Democrat Terry McAuliffe, “whose controversial business dealings and past…
Sep 29, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
On Friday October 26, 2012, President Obama told a local Denver, Colorado news anchor that decisions made in the loan program office are “decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy, they have nothing to do with…
Jul 15, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
President Barack Obama's –– who promised to have, and claims to be, the most transparent administration in history –– “political appointees are using secret government email accounts to conduct official business,” The Associated Press found. This…
Jun 11, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
SPECIAL NOTE: This was first published at Townhall.com as "On Earth Day, Let's Waste More Money," and at the Heartland Institute on April 24, 2013, by Marita Noon –– my cohort in exposing President Obama's clean-energy dirt. However, considering…
May 11, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
A jaw-dropping revelation came to light in December 2011 by the Trib Total Media, yet it was ignored by the media and even missed by those of us watching the solar world unfold. China's major solar panel companies — whose low-cost products led some…
Apr 14, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Organizing for Action: Obama's Recycled Political Machine Pushing Climate Change, Raising Unlimited Cash from Special Interests, and Selling Access “Obama, who long cast himself as an ardent opponent of big money in politics” –– even scolding the…
Mar 24, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Citigroup, the Nation's Third-largest Bank Snagged the Largest Amount of Federal MoneyIn my opening of "Spreading the Wealth to Obama's Ultra-Rich Jobs Council" series I had stated, “the "Too-Big-to-Fail" Citigroup, a TARP recipient received $45…
Feb 23, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Photo From Penny Pritzker News Penny Pritzker, left, with former Federal ReserveChairman Paul Volcker, center, and President BarackObama, right, at a May 20, 2009 meeting of theEconomic Recovery Advisory Board President Obama’s Jobs Council Down:…
Feb 8, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Despite Harm to the Environment and the Economy, Fiscal Cliff Deal Fuels Continuing Corporate Welfare  The new year began with “fiscal cliff” midnight drama and fantasy, and the wind-production tax credit (PTC), despite its negative impact on our…
Jan 26, 2013
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
Benghazi isn’t the only White House cover up being exposed through leaked emails. State Department staffers aren’t the only career officials being blamed for President Obama’s inexperience, questionable judgment, and obvious cover up. A similar saga…
Nov 5, 2012
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
When he is confronted about the failed green-energy loan program, President Obama deflects blame—pointing to “career bureaucrats” in the Department of Energy (DOE) who supposedly approved the loans that have become an embarrassment to the White…
Nov 1, 2012
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
At the end of September, Marita Noon and I began to expose the various failures of Obama’s green-energy expenditures (mainly from the trillion dollar, 2009-stimulus package where over $90 billion was earmarked for "green") –– projects and firms that…
Oct 21, 2012
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
PART THREE, Special Report: Obama, the Green LoserObama's Green Jobs Promise: 355 Jobs and CountingOctober 15, 2012Continued from...Special Report Part Two: Obama, the Green Loser; Cronyism Inc. –– Obama Green Energy Investments: Troubled And,…
Oct 16, 2012
Christine Lakatos posted a blog post
My reflection of both the Republican and DemocraticNational Conventions, from Tampa to Charlotte, with even the fact-checkers having to be fact checked, has been focused on green: renewable energy and taxpayer money. Republican vice presidential…
Sep 21, 2012

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  • No problem!  They were all a great read and very informative.  I knew the corruption was in DC but had no idea it was that bad.  Thanks for opening my eyes!

  • Christine,

    Thanks for showing us all the corruption in Washington.  If they do this much with just Green Energy, just imagine what they have done in other sectors.  Keep up the good work!!!


  • Thank you for shining light on some of Obama's "other" dirty deals.  If it weren't for dedicated people like you, many of us would never hear about these things.  Keep up the good work!!!

This reply was deleted.