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Fr. James Rosselli posted a blog post
For the second time in a row, the Texas Family and Protective Services agency has              been party to what has come to be called "mednapping:" seizing a child from its                   parents, apparently without any cause beyond the…
Oct 28, 2014
Fr. James Rosselli commented on Rafael Brom's blog post Some conservatives are still in blind love with Communist KGB dictator, pretender, fake Christian and crook Putin:
"Dr. Browning reveals a fashionable bias against Israel and toward Islamism.
It's interesting how the Tea Party discussions are becoming infested with propagandists for all the people we're against, and against all the people we're for, pretending to…"
May 2, 2014
Fr. James Rosselli commented on Rafael Brom's blog post Some conservatives are still in blind love with Communist KGB dictator, pretender, fake Christian and crook Putin:
"No, that isn't how it is.
First, Mr. Putin is not a Communist. He has rejected his Bolshevik past.
Second, he is not a "KGB dictator." There is ni more KGB. The national police agency that replaced it more resembles our FBI than the old KGB.
May 2, 2014

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  • Did you know Bishop John Sheets SJ when he was at Notre Dame?

  • Thank you Fr. Rosselli - God Bless.

  • Hi Father, You made me feel so much better,better about the future. Liberty was not won easily and I am sure that our re-enforcing the premise of those liberties will not be smooth sailing. You'er right Father, America is us having a cookout or a party ,not being afraid that we might say the political incorrect statement.America is my church expressing Her opinion on doctrine and knowing that government at least here in America would always respect our views. I still find it hard to believe that my church ,the Roman Catholic church was totally ignorred during the "forenight" walks and demostration in D.C. I thought American press was above being controled and now I am so mad...sad but also angry. We must return to our values ,not for me or even for you but for the children,my grand neices and nephews. Oh well that my thoughts ,Glad you jioned us and I am super glad I got to meet you thru the letters

    Dottie S

  • Hi Father Rosselli, I don't know if I am glad you joined the Tea Party. I know you must feel some of the discust that I was and still am about the road this country is taking. I never thought I would live to see this day when we would question if our sitting president was really an American citizen .No one could have even suggested to me that Catholics or Christianty wuold ever come under attack. I have tried to welcome all cultures in my lifetime but never would I have thought that in Michigan,USA there would "ever" be an open hostile crowd against Christians where the "police" would do nothing against the young punks ( these poor kids, to be taught at such a young age to hate ). While I am glad you took the iniative to join the Tea Party ,I am also sad that there has to be such an organization like this in our country. While I am glad that the Christians are finally standing up for Christ and the Catholic in particular ,I am so scared of what lies ahead and I can only hope and pray that God will embrace our efforts and guide us thru the future. Welcome

    Dottie Steward 

  • Hi Fr James,

    patriotic welcome



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