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Jim Mullen posted a blog post
The hate Trump coalition is a hate America cabalBy Jim MullenThe sudden and generally unexpected defeat of Bill Clinton’s wife, dealt a staggering blow to the far left, and spawned a fringe-element coalition of anti-American extremists unrivaled in…
Jan 27, 2018
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
Illegal ImmigrationJim MullenAssume someone broke into your home and your urgent call to the authorities was met with derision and disinterest. Imagine them telling you, that unless they were physically harming you, authorities had more pressing…
Dec 12, 2017
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
Obamacare: An American nightmareBy Jim MullenBarack Obama, the New Democrat Party, and other progressive Marxists designed Obamacare as a series of income redistribution and social justice programs administered by an all-powerful federal government.…
Nov 11, 2017
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
Acts by lunatics must never result in loss of liberty for free men By Jim MullenPredictably, after the last appalling act by an evil lunatic on unarmed citizens, the corrupt media and leftwing politicians are ablaze with emotional fear mongering,…
Oct 25, 2017
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
Fascists and all their lowly comrades, marching under the flag of anti-fascists, abhor this country and everything for which it stands and every free concept on which it was founded.Leftists blather uncontrollably about hate speech, President Trump,…
Aug 30, 2017
Jim Mullen posted blog posts
Jan 19, 2017
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
By Jim MullenWatching a child covering both ears, teeth clinched and eyes tightly closed, repeatedly screaming, “I can’t hear you” over something they find objectionable; like an adult forcing them to face truth and reality, is somewhat amusing and…
Jan 13, 2017
Jim Mullen posted blog posts
Nov 27, 2016
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
Hillary’s Qualification - Marrying Bill ClintonBy Jim MullenAnother Hollywood-produced, Democrat convention is history. Directed superbly by the main-stream media, this fiasco of smoke and mirrors left a nightmarish image to haunt Americans through…
Aug 8, 2016
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
By Jim Mullen "The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good" -- George Washington The anti-Second Amendment Marxist, Barack Obama, relies upon attacks by…
Jul 12, 2016
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
Global warming; biggest scam in historyBy Jim MullenAmerican children are under an all-out blitz by the corrupt, government-run educational system.  It’s a continuation of an effort to indoctrinate young people at every age to a nonexistent…
May 3, 2016
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
By Jim MullenThe American electoral process, especially on the federal level, has always been something less than genteel. From the earliest days of our founding, political office seekers attacked each other unmercifully, and acted more like unruly,…
Apr 15, 2016
Jim Mullen posted a blog post
By Jim Mullen If one had to use one word to describe the entire Obama administration it would be anarchy; a word by which fascists live.Much of traditional America recoils in horror at the utter chaos and devastation befalling this nation in the…
Jan 28, 2016