America, Do Not Shut Yo’ Mouth to Liberal Verbal Arsonists?

By Kevin Fobbs

America is on the razor’s edge of moral and legal insurrection created by Antifa and other liberal anarchists.  They have used verbal arson to target millions of law-abiding Americans, who they claim are perpetrators of systemic and systematic destruction of black American life and safety.  They have drawn a line and will condemn every one of the 63 million Trump voters who are white or black and their children and grandchildren with this vicious lie.  The truth does not matter to these anarchists. These innocent Americans are told to just “Shut Yo’ Mouth!”


The truth does matter.  The anarchists and their liberal make-believe media apologists want all police officers, law and order supporters, and every white Trump supporter to stand accused, be convicted and have their Constitutional protections stripped away by millions of social media firing squads. 


 America is not just a collection of ethnicities and races.  It is a family created by the nation’s founders to establish a more perfect union.  Not a union to be vaporized by feared actions of Antifa anarchists or destroyed by incendiary race mongering rhetoric uttered by riotous criminals who rob, loot and even murder. They seek to contaminate America’s laws and cremate the nation’s order.  Their battle cry is, “Shut Yo’ Mouth!” or be condemned!


Truth does matter and it must be used to decimate and destroy the unabridged, unfiltered, liberal-infused toxic lies used to polarize America. Do Not “Shut Yo’ Mouth!”


Here is the truth:

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Valley City, OH

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Is America a republic?

Absolutely and without a shadow of doubt!!

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 America is on the razor’s edge of moral and legal insurrection created by Antifa and other liberal anarchists.  They have used verbal arson to target millions of law-abiding Americans, who they claim are perpetrators of systemic and systematic…
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  • I support those who support my Constitution
  • ( I had a few too many characters on the first comment posting.) Cy Mallinson 1311 Manor St. Kalamazoo, MI 49006-2143 269-342-0410 cmallinson 

  • Hello Kevin – Defunding of abortion murder must accompany a defunding of the Far Left in every aspect. Please look this over about the CST. This is the only way to get the Federal Government under control. If you are inclined to do so call me. My phone number is at the end. Thanks. Cy.



    A States-based system to pay for Federal

    expenditures that ends the Federal Government’s

    power to tax and borrow money

    The States of the USA, and the People, have granted the U.S. Federal Government, through Congress, the power to tax, borrow and

    create money. (Article I, Section 8, Paragraphs 1, 2, and 5 of the U.S. Constitution plus the 16th Amendment. The "Big Four.") The Federal Government has monopoly control over its own financing. Has this monopoly control worked out well?

    On December 31, 2000, the U.S. National Debt was $5.662 trillion. December 31, 2008, $10.700 trillion. December 31, 2011, $14.025 trillion. And, despite the November 2010 election results, $15.785 trillion on June 19, 2012. A 279% increase in less than eleven years, six months. ((Source: www. Debt to the Penny (Daily History/Search.))

    It can arguably be said that these taxation, borrowing and money creation powers, have been seriously and shamefully misused.

    Changes need to be made to end this misuse. However, the needed changes go far beyond electing more responsible congressional and Presidential representation, as necessary as these steps may be.

    The misuse, and potential for continued future misuse, will not be curtailed until the monopoly financing control created by the Big Four to pay for Federal expenditures is replaced by a States-based system. The CONSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TAX (the CST, www. should be that States-based system.

    In summary the CST will do the following:

    1. The power to lay and collect Taxes, Imposts and Excises will be repealed from Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution along with the 16th Amendment. The power to lay and collect Duties will remain with Congress.
    2. Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 2, authorizing Congress’ power to borrow will also be repealed.
    3. Once Congress sets the Federal Budget each year, the dollar amount of the Budget will be divided among the States by a formula that is fair to all States. This five-part formula is explained in the HOW IT WORKS section of the website.
    4. It will then be up to the People of each State, and state and local officials, to decide how their State will pay its mandatory share of the Budget. This is similar to Article VIII of the Articles of Confederation.

    With the power to raise money through taxation, borrowing in the credit markets and through the Federal Reserve ended, Congress will have a powerful incentive to prepare yearly budgets that are well within the bounds of what the Constitution will allow. The States and People will be very skeptical about paying for anything beyond providing for the "common defence" stated in the Preamble to the Constitution. The Founding Fathers intended such non-defense expenditures be handled and financed at the state or local levels. GSA Las Vegas outings and more should become closed history, never to return. Think about this fully, and you will correctly conclude that the CST is the only way to end the Federal overspending problem.

    Please read the website. Give it some time to "mentally digest." If you like the CST, spread the word about it among the people you know. Questions can be submitted through the website or to me at the following contact information.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Cy Mallins

    Welcome to the Constitutional Support Tax website!
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  • Hi Kevin,

    patriotic welcome



    Please check out the following links to help you navigate the site, use the features available for posting and to adjust your settings:


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