A call to arms so to speak.....

While we all have, at some point, shared news stories and/or written blogs - the truth is, we have had little success twisting the figurative arms of Congress to begin observing the Oath of Office they all swore to.

Please do not get me wrong, there are people on the Hill like Senator Cruz who require no arm twisting - he is, without doubt, "on our side". There are others like him, but none to the same degree...

I understand, it takes an enormous amount of time to craft an effective letter - much less get it sent out to the people that need to hear it...

But what is at stake here? I submit our very freedom is at stake, the National Security of the Nation we all live in!

This morning I read the GOP has declined to impeach because they are afraid this will "rally" the Democrats who support Mr. Obama - yet I also read this morning that Senator Feinstein continues to be outraged at this latest "scandal" of Mr. Obama's - the release of five (5) TOP taliban commanders from GITMO without Congressional approval. Many Democrats have joined her in voicing their outrage - but not all of them.

I read from last week where Judge Napolitano stated this act by Mr. Obama is deserving of a sentence of 10-to-life... what he failed to say was a normal citizen would be so charged and under the current tyrannical oligarchy our Congress has allowed to continue - likely nothing will be done.

I firmly believe we need to "stiffen their spine" by an overwhelming public response to this. Each and every one of us has now has a target painted on the back's of our children, spouse and ourselves by this act. With this administrations's ROE's ("Rules of Engagement") our Soldiers, Marines, Sailor's and Airmen are at extreme risk - as Mr. Obama's ROE's are far too restrictive for any sort of Combat Zone and place Troops lives at stake. Do some research and discover how many have died or been maimed in the past few years compared to previous administrations years...

While there have been many things Mr. Obama has done that constitute crimes - this particular crime is at an entirely new level. It's called treason.

Consider what Article III, Section 3 has to say:

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

Then consider the facts at hand;

1. Mr obama "aided" terrorists (the taliban) by returning five (5) of their TOP generals...

2. Mr obama "adhered" to this sworn enemy by submitting to their demands - returning to us a deserter - possibly by some accounts, a collaborator and sworn jihadist. Their "comfort" is in now knowing what they have to do to get what they want. This was a blatant subversion of existing, in fact historical, U.S. policy dealing with terrorists and their organizations.

3. Mr obama is "levying war" against the American people and every Soldier in Uniform by permitting five (5) of the most dangerous men on the planet to return to their vocation - and the taliban (and others) have now come out publicly announcing they know now what they must do (abduct Americans) to get what they want.....

The taliban has confirmed that accusation in a public announcement... several times now in Arabic media and US media. In the Arabic media - other terrorist organizations are chiming in with the same thoughts... but US media is not covering what is being said in the Arabic media...

These three things meet all the requirements of a charge of treason. To meet the remaining requirement requires public input. It requires each and every one of us demanding Congress act and remove this entire administration on charges of treason or misprision of treason. RINO's and DINO's alike must be held accountable to their Oath of Office. The Tea Party folks in Congress have been attempting to gain traction for awhile now and get shot down at every opportunity the opposition can find... 

Citizens can change that equation by public pressure.

Senator Cruz said that only by overwhelming public pressure will Congress act - I ask everyone to act. The old folk idiom of "Strike while the iron is hot" holds a lot of truth at this juncture in time.

We are all human beings and as such, not one of us "thinks" exactly like another. While we often think and believe similar things - in this instance I believe we have an opportunity unlike any other opportunity Mr. Obama has given us..  An opportunity I pray all will agree with and act by writing our elected in such numbers they have no choice but to do the will of the people.

The "iron" is white-hot on the Hill right now........

I propose we give Congress a few million more than "two (2)" witnesses.......

This is no longer an issue of "impeachment" this is an issue of arresting on charges of treason, charges of high crimes and misdemeanors - and incarceration without bail until brought before a Court of Law.

For those Christians reading this please consider a few more things, these are my opinion, you are free to either consider it - or not;

In the Bible, there is absolutely no reference or statement made when "Armageddon" would arrive... none. I firmly believe there was a very important reason for this.

If we look back in the history of the world we observe there have been many instances where an individual "might" have been the anti-christ... but it turned out he was not.... Why? What happened to change that?

I have a belief others may find difficult to accept, yet I ask you consider it. These are the grounds to my belief:

GOD gave man a gift like no other. Not even the Angel's have this gift.

GOD gave man free will.

I believe it is by our free will we either allow evil to gain traction to the ultimate destruction we call "Armageddon" - or we stand against it and fight it with every fiber of our being. I believe this is the reason why GOD never gave mention to when "Armageddon" would come upon us. We have free will, a gift unlike any other given to GOD's creations.

In those past instances in history (of the world) good men, righteous men stood and said NO, we will not allow this to continue. Those posers were defeated.

Words have power.

I ask every person reading this to act. Write your elected today and demand this entire administration be removed on charges of treason against the People of the United States of America.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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