A Prelude to Anarchy

Unless President Obama, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) of this nation goes on prime-time TV and makes an announcement similar to the following; the ambushing and killing of LEOs will continue to increase and spread across this nation. I'm reminded of an old Randolph Scott western I recently watched, titled; "A Lawless Street". What's happening here now, if not stopped, will certainly lead to a lawless nation; and ultimately all-out anarchy. This situation is unprecedented. A cop in one part of the nation is accused of and/or not found guilty of unnecessarily killing a Black person; and some black thugs thousands of miles away, randomly ambushes and murders a White cop; who may have on that very same day, rescued or saved a Black person from death or serious injury. It is absolutely inconceivable and astonishing that Commander-in Chief, Obama has not gone on prime time TV and made a statement similar to the following: "As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this nation; I'm greatly saddened and regretful that it has even become necessary for me to make a speech such as this. However, I want to make this absolutely clear. I will not tolerate LEOs' unnecessary killing of anyone; Black, White, or otherwise, period. Nor will I tolerate the ambushing and killing of LEOs. There are over six hundred thousand LEOs in this nation. And as in every society, race, and profession; and yes, even the ministry and politics; there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thankfully for this nation, the vast majority of LEOs are extraordinarily good, brave, compassionate, and professional people. So listen up and listen carefully. I've directed the Attorney General to closely monitor the judicial process and outcome of controversial killings by LEOs; and the ambushing of LEOs. My bottom line is that in either case; those found guilty in a court of law shall receive the maximum sentence allowed by existing law. And one final warning; if a LEO is found not guilty, I will not tolerate any rioting and lawless behavior in response. And if necessary; I shall authorize deployment of National Guard Troops. And I would expect Governors and Mayors to unleash the full force of their law enforcement capabilities to stifle any such incidents; and to arrest and prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law; period"!

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  • You're absolutely right; that's the point I was making; and calling him out for not doing his job in that respect.

  • There are two stories here. One is that they have no knowledge of our Christen God. I believe  they have broken Souls.

    The other story is, thru anger of what they see day in and day out. They have forgotten to ask to walk in Christ light, so they can release that anger so it does damage their soul and their honor.   

  • Gee, it edit feature seems missing on this topic. Wonder why?

  • "This is very necessary to carry out across the nation. This has brought about anger when an officer breaks down a door and shoots an old man trying to save his family and then for the System to say... we are sorry it was the wrong address etc. that has to stop first. No one feels safe when this happens and it is never corrected. And it is never right to kill anyone citizens or police "PERIOD"!"

    I am compelled to dsagree. There are times when killing police or citizens is unfortunately correct. But it is never right to murder citizens or police. There is a differance.

  • Obama is trying to create the perfect reason to declare martial law.  His followers the BLM and others are being used to make this happen.

  • I think a couple of you may have slightly misinterpreted my blog due solely to my failure to clarify its intent. It's submission is my way of calling attention to his failure to do what a competent and respected person of unquestionable integrity would have done in this case. However, of course if he had behaved like such a person during the past seven and a half years; this cop-killing would not be occurring in the first place. He set the tone for it by publically criticizing  policemen without having first examined the facts surrounding their involvement in an incident. But now he has lost his credibility as a leader; therefore, un-biased minded men and women of integrity don't even want to hear anything he has to say. I immediately switch to a sports or movie channel when he appears on a TV news network. I can no longer stand the sight of him or his voice. He wasted the opportunity to become the most uniting president in history; and turned out to be the overall worst in history.

  • ..."So listen (shut) up and listen carefully. I've directed the Attorney General to closely monitor (control) the judicial process and outcome (targeting of white males) of controversial killings (of selected minority thugs) by LEOs; and the ambushing of LEOs. (by same selected minority thugs)"...

  • A very good response to how this government should be reacting. Unfortunately, someone is working very very hard to maintain a state of confusion about how law enforcement should be reacting when in a deadly confrontation.

    Watch and study this Egyption Coup de tat  with Erdegan it could very well have been a false flag event created by him and some of his cronies with a eye on martial law to gain dictatorial powers . A tactic that may have been a trial run for up and coming events in this country.

  • Okay... I think I got your point! Yes, anytime we have only one person to analyze something it could be manipulated... we are to be judged by 12 of our peers!

  • Jea9

    I have reread this several times and come up with the same understanding. Which specific part are you seeing that would suggest "intimidation"?

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