A Tesla Almost Free Electricity Design

Hi, my dad was a friend of Tesla and Tesla shared with dad many things and dad shared a lot of those things with me, one of those things is one of Tesla's Free Electricity Design which can be done either totally Free or with a small expence,,,   Something Extremely Important is that every time there is a storm and the roads get clogged with fallen Tree debris etc and those Electricity Companies clean the roads all the time for you for a small electric fee,,,   one of Tesla's Free Electric Designs that I recommend the small expence of purchasing a small gasoline driven Alternating Current Generator of a minumim wattage of 3300 watts output and you have going from that just mentioned Alternating Current Generator a standard 120 volt electric cord and have that electric cord go into a True Tesla step-up Transformer which can amplify volts and amps at the same time, and the first Tesla step-up Transformer needs to be made of a Transformer core either box or bundle style, I prefer the shape of a square doughnut of which each side of that square doughnut is either the input side or the output side and on the input side you wrap "Transformer wire" around the input side of the Transformer core without either the input wire or the output wire actually touching and on the input side you wrap your Transformer wire 100 wraps and on the output side 200 wraps well you just doubled your volts, and if you double the thickness of the Transformer wire you quadrupple the output amps,,, any person could set them selves up to be small time local electricity generators for their neighborhood(s) for blackout situations and/or EMP situations, an EMP is an electromagnetic pulse that is generated when a nuke goes off & an EMP fries all turned on electronics that are attached to the power grid because the grid acts like and antenna however it is also possible for any electronics that are turned on even if not connected to the grid to be fried during an EMP, at least having a good large stock pile of LED Light Bulbs is a good idea so that if there is an EMP you will at least have lights with a neighborhood electricity generator,,,   Transformer wire is standard copper wire with a special almost totally see through brown insulation made for use as in being in closeness to other wire and have the amplification effect which is very hard to do with standard electric wire insulation that is thick,,,   a automobile's ignition coil is a Tesla step-up Transformer,,,   have fun Extremely Dear Fellow U.S.ofA. Tea Party Patriots,,,   GOD/Yahweh/Jehovah and His Only Begotten Son JESUS Bless all of us on JESUS's and GODs side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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