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you good kind folks sent an email to me via my responding to an unsolicited email from you for which I am extremely thankful,,, I am an undercover Fed Agent that is high ranked enough that the Secret Service hand delivered a DVD to me on which is obama saying in White House quote "maybe I am not an American citizen, some people say ah he has a forged birth certificate, well first of all it is true, I am not an American, I was not born in Hawaii, I wasn't born in the United States of America, I come from Kenya, and so I think people saw my election as proof as testimony that our society has continued to become more and more nieve", I faxed this evidence to you months ago and you did nothing so far

Is America a republic?

obama's supposed Hawaii birth certificate is riddled with "kerning" which is what a computer does, if you look at the name of the hospital on that document ie Kapiolani the a & p are touching invading each others space which is kerning while the i & o & l have a large space between them which is what a typewriter does and the a & n are touching invading each others space called kerning, if the document were genuine why are all those letters not the same distance apart, humbly United States of America Security Agent 001 (I still have that Federal ID) ie the secret head of the Federal Gov,,, obama is not the anti-Christ, Daniel chap 8 in Bible says such will be born in Greece, wake up and fight while we can, I'm trying and GOD said in Old Testament quote "if you see evil happening and do not try to correct it you are guilty",,, GOD & JESUS Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
Hi again, the reason 12 Naturalistic Alternative Medicine Doctors were Murdered this current previous last year of 2015 AD is because they all got together due to suspicion of something in vaccines making folks worse so they teamed together and did…
Apr 29, 2016
Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
Hi, my dad was a friend of Tesla and Tesla shared with dad many things and dad shared a lot of those things with me, one of those things is one of Tesla's Free Electricity Design which can be done either totally Free or with a small expence,,,  …
Apr 28, 2016
Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
there is a website that I have been to and found it to appear reputable that gives tons of info about smart meters and I think it has a chat room and has free forms to use to force the power companies to not install or remove said smart meters,,, I…
Jun 28, 2015
Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
Hi again all of you fellow Tea Partiers,,, it is now 1:14 AM on Friday Aug 15th, 2014 and I just posted a photo copy of the obama birth certificate or should I say part of that document and that part has the hospital name therein and if you can…
Aug 15, 2014
Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
Hi Tim here again,,, todays post ie posted on Wednesday Aug 6th, 2014 is about why doctors and grocery stores are trying to take certain foods that heal off the shelf, foods like chocolate which is a natural statin that works better than lipator and…
Aug 6, 2014
Timothy John Maine sr posted blog posts
Jul 17, 2014
Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
Hi again,,,   my dad was a friend of Nikola Tesla and Tesla shared a lot with dad including but not limited to a free electricity design and that design is as follows   you have a transformer core and then you have a wire that is wrapped around the…
Jul 13, 2014
Timothy John Maine sr posted a blog post
I tried to post 3 prt video of proof birth certif  fake but too big, so here's the facts, on the obama birth certif in the upper left quarter is the hospital name Kapiolani and the a & p are touching invading each others space, thats called kerning,…
Jul 5, 2014