Due to the ongoing blatant unethical abuse of our current citizenship law, it is absolutely urgent that criteria for U.S. citizenship be expeditiously amended. According to the current law, a child born to a non-U.S. citizen inside the borders of this country, automatically/by default becomes an American Citizen, and immune from deportation. What a golden opportunity such a wide open loophole provides for foreigners to circumvent the law!! Mexicans are by far the primary abusers because of the close proximity of our unsecured border with Mexico. If implemented, the recommended amendment would indisputably close that loophole, and negate the intent and assumption of illegal immigrants that because their American-born children are immune from deportation, most Americans would argue it hateful, cruel and inhumane to separate them from their children. This amendment would mandate that deported illegal immigrants take their children with them. The recommended amendment is very plain and simple, but would be viable, efficient and effective: [Children born to a mother, who is an undocumented/illegal immigrant, shall not by default become an American citizen at time of birth, nor will such child be considered for citizenship]. This change would effectively deter women, some who are already pregnant when they illegally enter this country, from making a conscious decision to come here. I doubt that any sane common-sense person of integrity would find anything insensitive, inhumane or racist about such an amendment.
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  • Excellent points Phil. We must get the word out in every way possible to our elected officials, and to those considering running for office, that we will not vote for anyone who does not pledge to adopt the TeaParty's list of core values and goals. Those values and goals should be consistently articulated via political ads and rallies. I have already recommended to the party's headquarters that border security be added to the list. I shall also recommend that closing the citizenship loophole be included. Let’s keep the pressure on to convince elected officials and those considering running for office that we are serious.
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