CORONAVIRUS BAILOUT OUTSIDE THEIR ENUMERATED POWERSI just read an article that correctly points out how congress is once again violating the Constitution, and destroying our nation by doing so ( They passed a $2.7 trillion bill on a voice vote with only one person objecting (Thomas Massey of Kentucky), the only one I see as not being a part of the deep state New World Order Socialist Party conspiracy to overthrow the Republic and establish their global dictatorship. President Trump, unfortunately, supports this, I believe in hopes he can win the support of people who hate him and seek daily to remove him from office. The only way Trump can get their support is to totally surrender to their evil plan. I am sure there are some in government who don't really support the deep state but want to be part of the in-crowd and fear rejection, or worse, if they don't go along quietly.Designating the coronavirus as a "national emergency" gives tyrants the opening they want to suspend all provisions of the Constitution and begin the coup they desire. Some in the federal government have called for martial law, the suspension of Habeus Corpus and speedy trial provisions, more gun control, and gun confiscation while states, like Virginia, have already taken steps to implement the tyranny our founders fought a war to throw off. We the People are in a serious bind that we cannot just "ride out". The powers listed in Ephesians 6:12 are in control of government and the answer is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 of the Holy Bible. Repentance, humility before God, and prayer are the only solution to our current situation. I believe that President Trump is trying his best to thwart the plans satan and his minions have but he is fighting an uphill battle against a well-entrenched enemy that has had 70 years or more to prepare their forces to repel him. We the People MUST affirm and voice our support of Trump but must also use 2 Chronicles 7:14 to enlist the help of Almighty God to stop the monstrous plan being enacted against us. Our founders prayed to and honored God in their fight and won because He was with them. We must do the same if we are to win this battle.If the forces of darkness gain what they lust for it will take generations, if ever, to change the nation back to its origin. The federal government controls things they aren't authorized by the Constitution to have a voice in much less control, like education for one and health care for another. We the People have to openly oppose this tyrannical takeover but enlisting the help of Almighty God is the most important factor if we are to succeed. I have already started battling in both the physical and spiritual realms but many more are needed to succeed in this battle. God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if 5 "righteous men" could be found but there weren't any so the towns were destroyed. I don't know how many America needs but I am asking everyone who reads this to join in the battle and to share it with everyone they know and enlist them to help. hillary clinton said "it takes a village to raise a child" but her village is not my village. I believe it will take a nation to win this battle against the forces of darkness and appeal to others to join in. I hope to see our nation restored to what God and our founders established, will you help?Bob RussellClaremore, OklahomaApril 1, 2020
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